Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Consolidate your spring debt in time for Easter fun with Mountain Ridge

Check out these great tips from all over the internet that I have compiled to help you on your journey to save money for Easter and the coming holidays.  This is a sponsored post thanks to Mountain Ridge. 

I know that with Easter coming you might want to be able to afford the cool things like decorations and dinner with the whole family.  Maybe even buying a new car or home for spring.   Unfortunately money is not always readily availble and times can can get really tight.

 I am not an expert on finance but I was able to scour the internet to find some of these amazing tips to help you get started with debt consolidation.  Also thank you to the experts for the great tips.  
Art by JVM original (My kid)

Tip #1
Work on improving your credit score before consolidating your credit to reduce your interest rate. Pay off smaller credit card balances completely, but keep the accounts open. This will lower your utilization rate, which is good for your credit rating. Cut up the cards so you are not tempted to drive up the balances again. – Doug Hoyes, Co-founder

Tip #2
Balance the competing objectives of increasing your monthly cash flow and paying off your debt sooner. Make your payments as large as you can afford and the term of your loan as short as you reasonably can.– Ian Martin, Kitchener & Stratford Offices

Tip #3
While a variable rate mortgage may carry a lower rate, consider a fixed rate mortgage. In most cases you’ll still significantly lower your monthly payments, but will have the financial security of knowing your payment won’t rise if interest rates increase. – Julie Wildman

Tip #4
If you are only making minimum payments against your credit card balances today, debt consolidation may not be your best solution. Compare the repayment periods and costs with other debt relief alternatives. – Alison Petrie, Oshawa Office

Tip #5
Once you consolidate your debt, don’t incur any new debt. Debt consolidation often fails because people continue to use credit to make ends meet, racking up new debt on top of old debt. – Doug Hoyes, Co-founder

Tip #6
Start with a list of your debts and set some repayment goals. Ask yourself how quickly you would like to eliminate your debt. Debt consolidation on its own doesn’t eliminate debt, it just transfers your balances to a new, hopefully lower interest rate, loan. This may help you pay off debt sooner. – Scott Schaefer, Kitchener & Stratford Offices

Tip #7
Talk to your bank or credit union about a personal term loan. Term loans usually come with lower interest rates than most credit card rates. In exchange for this lower interest rate, know that you are committing to a fixed monthly debt payment. – Jason Quinney, Brampton, North York and Vaughan Offices

Tip #8
Begin by taking advantage of any low-interest rate balance transfer programs offered by your credit card company. Know that there may be a limit on how many months the low interest rate will apply. Watch out for balance transfer fees that may eat up any potential interest savings. – Howard Hayes, Cambridge & Brantford Offices

Once again thank you to all the experts and I hope you have a very happy Easter.  

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Let's talk Divorce

In my life I have had to endure other people getting divorced and it is never fun to be a part of.  I watched my friend go through their parents divorce when we were just kids and to this day I remember how bad it was.   Most people do not realize exactly what the kids go through and how heartbreaking it is for them.   Why would some people just stop loving each other or cheat?  What goes through someone's mind before they end all of the love and loyalty?   I really do not have an answer to these questions, but if you think of anything please leave me a comment below.

I do not think religious reasons are a good enough excuse to stay in a terrible marriage and at the same time I do not think that depending on the reasoning it would be a good resolution.  My own parents have been abusive and intolerable most of my life, not only to me and my siblings but to each other, they always get verbal and physical even now that they are much older.  I bring up the religious aspect because that is the excuse they give us all these years for not getting a divorce.  Apparently it is more frowned upon then actually witnessing or being a part of the drama.    Luckily in life there are places like Quinn & Lynch, P.A. where families can get some help and guidance.
Art By JVM My Kid

The subject of infidelity or even just falling out of love can also be heartbreaking and I have even heard of divorces that do not even require a reason it can just be that someone no longer wants to be married.  In my opinion people do not bother to really take the time to commit to one another before starting a life together and getting married and that is probably why most of them fail.  It can also be abuse, drugs, or really many other valid reasons.

I have seen children act out or become distant in the whole process and I think that parents need to really try more for the kids by letting them know upfront what is happening and why. I am not saying to have a battle royal in front of them or to verbally bash the other parent during talks.  I mean that they should not leave them in the dark and just uproot them as needed to make the adults more comfortable.

Lastly, I would like to say that if you are in a bad marriage and you feel threaten in any way, do not stay. There are always ways to get help and even though it may be the hardest first step and even though if you have kids, they might not understand. You have to get out because your life is worth so much more and your children deserve better.  Do not be afraid to speak up and never wait the extra day hoping that things can get better.

This is a sponsored post.