Sunday, March 17, 2019

Ultimate Soap Carving Review

Ultimate Soap Carving
Easy, Oddly Satisfying Techniques for Creating Beautiful Designs--40+ Step-by-Step Tutorials
Ultimate Soap Carving
In Ultimate Soap Carving, Makiko Sone—founder of the Mizutama.Soap YouTube channel—shares her secrets for designing and hand carving a variety of beautiful soap designs by cutting, shredding, shaping, sculpting, and other oddly satisfying techniques that ASMR fans will love.

Inside, you'll find:
Essential Supplies: Discover which knives and soaps work best for carving.
Key Techniques: Learn how to prepare soap for carving, hold a knife correctly, and make grooves, incisions, triangles, waves, and other basic cuts through eleven designs in eight step-by-step lessons. You’ll also find easy recipes for making soap and other products using shavings and cuttings.
Thirty Step-by-Step Projects: Find instructions and templates for carving super-cute animals, exquisite flowers, fun fashions, sweet accessories, and more.
Packed with guidance and inspiration, Ultimate Soap Carving will teach you everything you need to carve your own stunning soap designs.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review-  The ideas are great and the designs are so wonderful, but it would take me months to create even the easiest of the ideas. While I might try something similar with wax  or another medium because soap is kind of hard to work with.  The book is going to be perfect for learning and trying the art of soap carving. 

Unique STEAM Toy Budsies Custom Stuffed Animal .@BudsiesToys

I know this Spring parents will be looking for fun toys to keep their kids busy all summer long. Many parents say they want to buy educational toys that their kids can play with over and over again. I want to introduce  Budsies - custom stuffed animals made from kids' artwork. It's a great STEAM toy, because unlike other toys and stuffed animals, a child uses his or her imagination to create and draw their very own character, and then they see that creation come to life as a toy that they can play with for years to come. 
Custom unique gift stuffed animal

Budsies® is a South Florida-based company that brings artwork to life. Budsies are beautiful custom-sewn stuffed animals created from any drawing or photo. 

I received complimentary product,

Cassandra's Review- Made well and a great size for hugging or spending the day with or even a bedtime buddy.  The colors are beautiful and kids love it.   This would be a great gift for any age.