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Delayed Justice By Cara Putman Review

She had long given up the desire to be loved. Now she only needed to be heard.

Jaime Nichols went to law school to find the voice she never had as a child, and her determination to protect girls and women in the path of harm drives her in ways both spoken and unspoken. As Jaime, now a criminal defense attorney, prepares to press charges against someone who wronged her long ago, she must face not only her demons but also the unimaginable forces that protect the powerful man who tore her childhood apart.

Chandler Bolton, a retired veteran, is tasked with helping a young victim who must testify in court—and along with his therapy dog, Aslan, he’s up for the task. When he first meets Jaime, all brains, beauty, and brashness, he can’t help but be intrigued. As Chandler works to break through the wall Jaime has built around herself, the two of them discover that they may have more to offer one another than they ever could have guessed—and that together, they may be able to help this endangered child.

This thrilling installment of the Hidden Justice series explores the healing power of resolution and the weight of words given voice. And as Jaime pursues delayed justice of her own, she unearths eternal truths that will change the course of her life.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review- First off as a book three it is can hold its own as a standalone.  There is drama and enough storyline to keep you wanting to continue on with the more drawn out chapters.  The character styles are there and well written.  I feel like overall if you are interested in this kind of book and are old enough to understand it without someone having to read it and break it down for you, this is going to be a good read. 

The Mothers Manual By Liu Yang Review

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The Mother’s Manual is a practical handbook on parenting children from birth to 5 years old. There has been a great deal of research into the importance of bonding and nurturing children in their early years. Now there is more evidence on the understanding of children’s brainwave pattern and why they behave the way they behave.

The Mother’s Manual provides everything you need including tips and tools that you can apply in your life as a parent to deal with some common issues that crop up in those early critical years. It gives you simple strategies to help you raise a happy and healthy child, realise their full potential and enable you to be a proud, well balanced and fulfilled parent.

Whether you are a parent or planning to have children, you can start practising some of the skills in this book and perfect them before your baby arrives, especially as new habits take time to establish.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review-  The book does not have a lot of clarified sections and chapters blend in, so if you need to quick look something up, it would not be easy to find.  The tips and information are helpful but random, and some of it is just stories placed in between.  Overall a good source of random facts.

Just Add Color to your next Party

Just Add Color to your next Party! Your Next Outdoor Party Will Be 10x More Fun With Color! The Just Add Color Mega Pak includes everything you need to add colorful powder games, color dances, color crafts, color photos and color experiences to your next party.

Every party is more fun with color...birthday parties, half-birthday parties, church parties, team banquets, surprise parties, graduation parties, gender reveal parties to name a few. 

Simply put, The Just Add Color Mega Pak gives you color, tools and a how-to guide to make your next party 10 Times More Fun.

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I received complimentary product.

Cassandra's review-  I am going to tell you that this is a huge mess and I mean big, it gets color on everything and in the air and on the grass and on the cars so be careful where you throw your "party" .  Is it fun? Yes.  Is it hard to clean up?  Mostly yes, but if you do this like in the woods or somewhere no one cares about getting mess all over, then you are only cleaning up yourself and everything you brought with you.  So unless you can not fathom being covered in color this may be a huge party success.  At first I had no idea why I was receiving bags of 5 lb  cornstarch colored powder each, but after reading all about this and seeing the games that could be done with it, I would say that any children would have a ball, also you have to supervise your kids because even though this is non toxic it really does get everywhere.  I would probably only throw this party once in a lifetime, but more flexible people would probably do it way more often. 

Reusable Mesh Produce Bags GIVEAWAY .@SGM_Home

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SGM Reusable Mesh Produce Bags : Pack of 12 Washable Drawstring Storage Pouches In 3 Sizes – Multipurpose See Through Bags w/Tare Weight Tag For Grocery Shopping, Toy Organization, Gym Shoe

12 Multipurpose Mesh Bags For An Organized Fridge And Household!

Do you want to keep your garden produce fresh for longer? Do you want to be able to transport your groceries with ease and safety?

SGM presents you with the machine washable and reusable mesh bags that come in packs of 12. Each pack includes the following sizes:

3 small mesh produce bags (12 x 8 inches)
6 medium mesh produce bags (12 x 14 inches)
3 large mesh produce bags (12 x 17 inches)

Cassandra's Review- I like the many uses and sizes of the better qulaity material that these mesh bags provide.

I received complimentary product.

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UNTAMED Jailbreak Playset from WowWee #TheUNTAMED

Fingerlings Untamed - Jailbreak Playset with exclusive T-Rex "Infrared"
Jailbreak Playset featuring Infrared T-Rex [$24.99]: What happens when the UNTAMED get a little too… ferocious? You give them a time-out in the UNTAMED Jailbreak Playset! This cage comes with Infrared, an exclusive T-Rex with eyes that glow and a fierce desire to escape. Pull the lever if you dare!
Fingerlings Untamed - Jailbreak Playset with exclusive T-Rex "Infrared"
I received complimentary product.

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Cassandra's Review-  Fun and exciting for all younger ages to enjoy.  The kids really like the eye effects and being able to carry a dino in a cage.