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The Rogue Warrior by Cindy Roland Anderson
The Rogue Warrior: Navy SEAL Romances 2.0 by [Anderson, Cindy Roland]

His job was to protect her, not fall in love with her.

When Logan Steele is hired to protect an archery champion who is being stalked, the former SEAL automatically assumes his client is a man. Then he meets Weslee Campbell, a beautiful woman with the prettiest light blue eyes he’s ever looked into, and he knows his life is about to change forever. That is, if his fear doesn’t get the best of him. For a man who has faced enemy insurgents, rescued innocent people in the line of fire, and piloted a helicopter without experience to save his SEAL team, he shouldn’t be afraid of anything…yet meeting a pretty girl with a heart of gold has him questioning if he’s brave enough to fall in love.

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Polaner Fruit & Maple Premium Fruit Spread Review .@Polanerspreads

 Polaner Fruit & Maple premium fruit spread is sweetened with golden delicate Maple Grove Farms® pure maple syrup and is available in four luscious flavors: Strawberry, Raspberry, Peach and Blueberry.

Polaner Fruit & Maple pairs the fresh taste of fruit with the delicate sweetness of pure maple syrup and each variety contains four ingredients or less (except for Peach, which has five ingredients), the first two of which are fruit and pure maple syrup. Polaner Fruit & Maple has no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial flavors and no artificial colors. This premium line of fruit and maple spreads is also gluten free and kosher.

I received complimentary product.

Cassandra's Review-  Thick, sweet and beautiful this taste is so good that you only need the tiniest bit of it on your food to get the flavor and enjoy.  I would love to try all of the flavors.   I think this is a perfect edition to holiday meals and I think the kids like it the most on pancakes and biscuits. 

The Pocket Guide to Dog Tricks By Kyra Sundance Review

The Pocket Guide to Dog Tricks By Kyra Sundance

From the author of 101 Dog Tricks, an international bestseller in 18 languages with over a half million copies sold, comes The Pocket Guide to Dog Tricks—a pocket-sized edition for impromptu training sessions.

Who says your dog can't learn new tricks? The Pocket Guide to Dog Tricks gives you all the instruction you'll need to get your pup in shape. This handy pocket guide features step-by-step instructions with easy-to-follow color photos.

Tricks range from simple classics like Sit, Shake Hands, Fetch, and Roll Over, to extraordinary ones like Tidy Up Your Toys into the Toybox, and Get a Soda from the Fridge. Millions of people have found success with Kyra Sundance's step-by-step techniques—and you will too.

Trick training will help you bond with your dog and integrate him or her into your family. Tricks keep your dog mentally and physically active and help to establish paths of communication between you.

This convenient guide is perfect for traveling, a trip to the dog park, or to keep in a bag for impromptu training.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review-  If you have time and a lot of patience plus a dog that is willing to learn, this book is going to be super fun to read and try.   Even if you just want some great ideas for a pet fair fun, this has great illustrations as well as very easy to follow directions. 

Jesus Calling for Christmas By Sarah Young Review

Jesus Calling for Christmas
By Sarah Young
Are your holidays too hectic? Take a few minutes to savor the season with this beautiful Christmas edition of Jesus Calling®devotions, a perfect gift that includes 50 short selections along with festive and breathtaking imagery.

Jesus Calling® for Christmas is a compilation of 50 seasonally appropriate devotions from Sarah Young's best selling brand. In addition to the heartwarming devotions, enjoy the Christmas story from the Bible, Old Testament prophecies about the birth of Jesus, and exquisite images.

Whether a self-purchase to enhance your observation of Advent and the birth of the Christ child or a natural gift for friends and loved ones, Jesus Calling® for Christmas will prove an annual treasure for celebrating the season.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's review-  I think that people will most like the more traditional faith based comfort that this book provides.  I did not feel like it was too over the top and I really enjoy the various selections that were chosen to be included.  I think that older readers might want this as a gift and to share it will little ones in a more easy to understand way. It is compact enough to take on a medium sized bag for on the go and short enough to read in sections if you want to spend more time with it. 

The Christmas Remedy By Cindy Woodsmall Review

The Christmas Remedy: An Amish Christmas Romance

When an Old Order Amish woman takes a job at a small-town pharmacy struggling to survive in a world of "big box" stores, her motive is to help her Plain community. But the advent of the holiday season brings an unusual mystery to the surface--and possibly love.

Twenty-four-year-old Holly Zook lives a unique life for a young Amish woman. Years ago, her bishop allowed her to continue her education and become the lead technician for Greene's Pharmacy, an old-timey drugstore that looks out for the Amish community--a group largely without secure healthcare plans. She knows she can't marry and hold onto her professional job. She's Amish, and she can only have one or the other, so she spurns love and works toward addressing treatable diseases--like the one that claimed her father's life.

As long as Holly continues to avoid Joshua Smucker, the one man who draws her like a warm hearth in winter, she should be fine. When something unexpected threatens Greene's Pharmacy, Holly and Joshua must work together to unravel what's happened and find the "missing" patient before the Board of Pharmacy shuts them down. As the snows of December arrive, with Christmas in the air, will Holly succumb to the generous spirit of the season?

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review-  I think the book has a good flow and is very much like most Amish romances that are sweet with a few hints of major dramas to follow.  The writing style makes this a great snuggle up by the fire kind of more cozy read for older adults. 

Time To Parent By Julie Morgenstern Review

TIME TO PARENT lays out the first-ever job description for parents by defining the role and providing a framework for success, Julie eliminates the uncertainty and ambiguity that leads most parents to feel the job never gets done despite working at it non-stop.

Author Julie Morgenstern is known for her ability to make the overwhelming simple and actionable. Here are just some tips Julie shares in the book:

*The Holy Grail* -- Answering the previously impossible question: “exactly how much of my time do my kids need in order to feel loved and secure?”

Introducing the catchy acronyms at the heart of her parenting job description-- empowering parents to do their P.A.R.T. while also taking care of the S.E.L.F.

Eradicating the paralysis that comes from parenting perfection through her simple tool: Max-Min-Mod
Immediately actionable tips for helping parents toggle between the eight different aspects of the job of parenting--just as Mr. Rogers represented when he put on his sneakers and zipped up his cardigan at the start of each episode!

Addressing the role technology plays in stymying parents’ best efforts to relate to their kids.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review-  A enjoyed all of the great information and helpful tips included in this guide.  I feel like the author selected some really good points and they can be expanded in discussions after reading the book as well.   The split sections make it easier to follow and find what you want to browse should you not have time to read the who thing. 


WHEN A CHILD HAS DIABETES With its friendly, approachable style, this comprehensive and supportive guide will help parents and children learn the hands-on skills needed for at-home diabetes care so they can all live happy, healthy lives. Hospital For Sick Children, Denis Daneman, Shaun Barrett, Jennifer Harrington, Toronto
Updated edition of one of the most highly respected resources on juvenile diabetes, from the Diabetes Team at the world-renowned Hospital for Sick Children.

For the parents and caregivers of over 15,000 children diagnosed with diabetes every year, the key to successful diabetes management is to learn as much as possible about juvenile diabetes. Armed with this knowledge, they will be able to improve quality of life for both their children and themselves. This new edition offers the latest medical expertise, based on current research and standards for diagnosis, and features an even more user-friendly format, case studies, charts and Q&A sections.

A must-have for anyone caring for a child with diabetes, When a Child Has Diabetes covers the causes of diabetes, current and evolving treatments, blood glucose management, meal planning, associated conditions, strategies for adjustment and much more. With its friendly, approachable style, this comprehensive and supportive guide will help parents and children learn the hands-on skills needed for at-home diabetes care so they can all live happy, healthy lives. 

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review-  The book is great and covers topics with Q&A.  It also features facts that will help guide and and your child to a better way to help as well as understand diabetes.  

The Skin Slipper

 The Skin Slipper, a soft, silicone applicator that slips over two fingers to apply topical products. Eczema is extremely common and affects millions. For those with eczema, applying creams with highly active ingredients are an everyday practice. In order to treat eczema effectively, these pricey topical products need to be perfectly dosed and carefully applied to the affected area, but these active ingredients can be irritating to unaffected skin, such as fingers or hands. Plus the Skin Slipper, is an affordable and re-usable solution that:

- Keeps topical medications or creams, topical hormones and other actives off fingertips and anywhere else it transfers

- Provides precise application via a small well, allowing products to spread smoothly, and evenly — eliminating waste and extending the use of the product

Topical eczema treatments can sometimes run expensive, so sufferers often want to stretch the use of their products, while simultaneously avoiding irritation on the rest of their skin.

I received complimentary product.

Cassandra's Review- I think this is a great product that is small enough for on the go and can easily be washed.  It has multiple uses and can be quickly placed on.