Thursday, May 10, 2018

Trade Show Solutions

Have you ever walked around a trade show?  There are so many different kinds out there featuring anything from boats to plants.  I wonder how they get everything set up and ready for viewing.  Does it take years of planing or a super huge budget?  Can just anyone have one ot do you need special permits?  Is there somewhere that allows enough space for your occasion.   What about equipment and rentals or even how do you go about getting product or sponsors to attend? 
While I do not have any of these answers, I do know that there are trade show and convention general contracting services that can offer show organizers and exhibitors unique and cost effective solutions.

There are actually a service where you will experience the best of “both worlds” – A General Service Contractor with leading industry resources nationwide, AND a partner who will provide the personal attention that you deserve and it currently serves more than 300 events nationwide to take most of the worry or stress from you during the whole experience. 

You also get house graphics department makes the design process easy and offers all the technology that you have come to expect. Online Exhibitor Kits, Web-Based Graphic Approvals, Real Time Shipment Tracking, Same Day Floor-plan Changes and so much more!

The trade show decorating companies reduce cost by paying for your event, not everyone elses and they stock only the equipment that customers need, not the extravagant inventory & layers of management Mega Shows require.

May 18 is National Cheese Souffle Day and a Recipe

Jarlsberg® Cheese, the nationally recognized premium brand of cheese, invites you and your family to whip up a gourmet meal that is simple, elegant and scrumptious. May 18 is National Souffle Day – so why not celebrate in style with this incredible, easy-to-use recipe from Jarlsberg® Cheese?


Depending on what ingredients you use, the Soufflé can be served both as a savory main dish or sweetened as a dessert. Here we’ve combined this French classic with a tangy lemon vinaigrette and a fresh tomato and watermelon salad which makes it perfect as an appetizer or main course, preferably enjoyed outdoors on one of those warm summer evenings.



1 cup milk

2 dried bay leaves

2 shallots, finely chopped

4 small ramekins

Baking paper

1 cup butter

4 tbsp. plain flour


1 pinch cayenne pepper

1 tbsp. Dijon mustard

1 cup grated Jarlsberg® cheese

5 eggs with the whites and yolks separated

Jarlsberg® cheese for the topping



1 cup tomatoes

1 cup hazelnuts, roasted

1 lime

1 orange

2 cups olive oil



Pre-heat the oven to 400 °F. In a pan, heat the milk, bay leaves and shallot until boiling. Remove the pan from the heat and let the contents rest for 20 minutes. Grease the inside of the ovenproof ramekins.

The soufflé mixture will rise quite high, so don’t overfill the ramekins. Melt the butter in a pan and stir in the flour.

Cook, stirring, for 1 min.

Strain the rested milk mixture, and gradually whisk it into the butter and flour mixture.

Cook over a low heat, stirring constantly, until the mixture thickens.

Remove from the heat. Stir in mustard, salt, cayenne pepper and grated Jarlsberg® cheese. Then stir the egg yolks into the mixture. Whisk the egg whites until stiff and gently fold them into the mixture, a little at a time. Divide the mixture between the greased ramekins.

Sprinkle a little extra Jarlsberg® cheese on top, if desired. Bake on the bottom shelf of the oven for 20-25 minutes until the soufflés are golden and well risen. They should be slightly soft in the middle. Slice the tomatoes and melon.

Make the vinaigrette by whisking the juice of the lime and the orange together with the oil and mixing well. Add salt and pepper to taste. Serve the soufflés immediately after they are taken out of the oven.

Serve with the tomato and watermelon salad garnished with roasted hazelnuts and with the vinaigrette.

I received complimentary product.

Fobbles Portable Fog & Bubble Machine Giveaway

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1 winner will receive a New consumer model of the Fobbles Portable Fog & Bubble Machine Plus All Accessories!

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Generous Love by Becky Kopitzke Review

Generous Love: Discover the Joy of Living "Others First"
by Becky Kopitzke

A Fresh, Down-to-Earth Look on Living and Loving Well

If asked, most of us want to make a difference, to live and love generously. But we get caught in the crazy rush of household routines, work demands, cranky attitudes, difficult people, exhaustion, worry, and pride, and once again we fail to love the people around us at all--let alone well. We too easily default to focusing more on self than on others, on receiving more than giving, in ways we don't even recognize. We dream of reaching out. We just . . . forget. Or don't have the energy.

Using relatable stories, discussion questions, and careful application of God's Word, author and speaker Becky Kopitzke gives you the inspiration and practical tips and ideas you need to see the opportunities around you, to reach out, to live generously, and to love others bravely and selflessly. To bless and be blessed is to actualize the joy of Christ--and to propel love forward.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's  Review-  I love the saying that is cost nothing to be kind, and I also love the debate of that saying.  The book kicks you in the pants and gets the reader to open their eyes to the world that is currently being torn.  If you believe in what the author is saying and take her wisdom as your guide, this book will help and possibly change your outlook on giving even when it seems hard or not worth it. 

Blind Betrayal by Nancy Mehl Review

Blind Betrayal (Defenders of Justice #3)
by Nancy Mehl

U.S. Marshal Casey Quinn is tasked with escorting a reporter to testify before a grand jury regarding a missing environmentalist. At first, the assignment seems routine. But when it becomes dangerously clear that there's more to the story than anyone knows, Casey and two other marshals--one a man from her past--will have to do whatever it takes to survive.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review-  A fun read that takes you out of the world for a few hours or so.  While it should have been read in order from book one, it does provide a great bit of romantic suspense.  I can see the build up and while the ending was not a major amazing moment, this still provded me with enough of a story to make it worth reading. 

Possessing the Gates of the Enemy by Cindy Jacobs Review

Possessing the Gates of the Enemy: A Training Manual for Militant Intercession
by Cindy Jacobs 

Landmark Text Now Revised and Updated for a New Generation

Practical, personal, biblical, and motivational, this bestselling book has been a go-to, definitive guide to intercessory prayer for years. Fully revised and updated, with an in-depth study guide, the fourth edition of this classic text offers new and vital insights on prayer and spiritual warfare. With compassion, strategic thinking, encouragement, and time-tested advice, international prayer leader Cindy Jacobs equips you to be an effective prayer warrior, covering essential topics and answering questions such as:
· What is the purpose of intercession?
· How do you know someone needs your prayers?
· How do you pray?
· Do your prayers really battle the enemy and thwart his plans?
· What are the "gates" of the enemy?
· And more!

Whether you are a beginner or an expert intercessor, this training manual has everything you need to pray effectively--and possess the gates of the enemy.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review-  The author gives you the tools needed to pray and explains everything to get the reader closer to the right track.  The outcome of rating this book will be based on the readers faith and feelings about the topic.  For some people this may seem out of place or unneeded, while for others this can be life changing.  

Find Rest by Shaunti Feldhahn Review

Find Rest: A Women's Devotional For Lasting Peace In A Busy Life by Shaunti Feldhahn
In today’s do-it-all world, women are busier and more tired than ever juggling the roles of mom, executive, volunteer, student, wife, friend, and everything in between. We’ve all been there – feeling frenzied and desperate as we try to keep it all together.

Some days it feels like we’re managing everything well, but more often than not, it feels like everything is managing us. It is easy to become emotionally, physically, and spiritually exhausted. But it doesn’t have to be that way. It is possible to experience a life of peace and find rest for your soul – even with life’s demands.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review-  The book is perfect for the mom that needs peace and a good time out.  If you get up just a little earlier in the morning and take a few minutes of reflection with God, this book is going to get the spiritual juices flowing.   Of course you can carve out any free time possible to work with this book as long as you can really devote and trust God.  I would recommend this to a woman who loves the faith and spiritual connection with God and seeks rest. 

Unexpected by Christine Caine Review

Unexpected: Leave Fear Behind, Move Forward in Faith, Embrace the Adventure
Is it possible to have peace in an uncertain world? To not only expect the unexpected but embrace it?

Most of us want to have life under control. But God wants us to anticipate the unexpected with a faith deeply rooted in his goodness. He wants us to know that because he is in control, we don’t have to be.

In Unexpected, beloved author Christine Caine helps us walk into the life God has for us—unknowns and all. Using dramatic examples from her own journey, Christine offers real-life strategies and biblical inspiration to help us move from fear and worry about ourselves to hope and trust in God. As we learn new ways to manage disappointment, strengthen our hearts, and build our faith, we can enjoy a new adventure with God that is more fulfilling than any day we spend trying to anticipate what will happen next.

Stepping into our God-given destiny means stepping into the unknown, but we can embrace that calling because God knows it already. Nothing in our lives takes God by surprise. So even in the midst of personal upheaval, relational challenges, financial stresses, family transitions, career disappointments, and chaotic world affairs, we can expect God to be good and do good. What other expectation do we need to have? Listen to God’s dare to trust him in every unknown of your life today.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review-  The author expresses and shares faith in a way that inspires, heals and opens minds to God.  It is a book clearly made for believers of God and is laced with faith that will immerse the spirit and awaken the connection with the word. 

Choose Books for Dad this Father's Day from Mango Media

Beer School: A Crash Course in Craft Beer by Jonny Garrett and Brad Evans, $17.95

An insider's guide to craft beer, the world's greatest drink! Since its invention 6,000 years ago, beer has come a long way. The legends of the craft beer industry have made sure everyone's within reach of great beer. But, how do you make sure you get your hands on the right brew?

Can you learn how to make beer? Welcome to Beer School, brought to you by the heroes of the Craft Beer Channel, a guide to everything you need to know about the wide and wonderful beers of the world. In Beer School, we define and detail the finest artisan crafts, including ales, lagers, porters, stouts, and IPA beers. Plus, with the lowdown on everything from hop varieties and barrel aging, to serving temperatures and glassware, Beer School helps you learn how to make beer and get the best from every sip.

Cassandra's Review-  Great for beer loving dads that may want to learn a bit more about the art of craft beer.

Answers to Questions You’ve Never Asked: Explaining the What If in Science, Geography and the Absurd by Joseph Pisenti, $19.95

When you take the most absurd parts of history, science, economics and geography, you end up with a pretty confusing picture of humanity. Why do we have borders? What’s the furthest you can get from the ocean? How do you qualify as a country? Why did Vikings wear those silly helmets? These are just a few of the strange questions that bounce around the head of YouTube sensation Joseph Pisenti, aka RealLifeLore. In his channel, Pisenti presents illogical truths in a logical manner. In his debut book, Pisenti builds on this nonsensical humor of the universe with in-depth analysis of empires, economies, and ecosystems as he helps answer the ridiculous.

Why, you ask? Because someone has to. Using line drawings, graphs and charts, Pisenti not only details the absurd, but he also provides explanations on why things are…and why they aren’t. He answered questions like: Where can I move to so that I’m never tempted by McDonalds again? How far into the Pacific does Trump’s wall stretch? If Plato came back to life, what would he think of modern democracy? Who decides what countries are allowed to participate in the Olympics? And so much more. Witty, thought-provoking and occasionally snarky, Answers to Questions You’ve Never Asked is for anyone who beams with curiosity and has a belly-button.

Cassandra's Review- The book will pass time and provoke thought, but it might not get to all of life's answers.  While it may not touch the surface of what you would even begin to think about needed answers to, but that is the fun of learning and what makes this a great gift for dads with some free time. 

GUTS: Find Your Greatness, Beat the Odds, Live From Passion by Sam Bracken, $18.95

Do you want to understand the important difference between head, heart, and gut and where each fits into better decision-making? Are you ready to enjoy a purpose driven life and all of the joy and contentment it can bring? GUTS will help you find that purpose driven life that is yours to live with joy, passion and success. Now, more than ever, is the time to go for the gusto, to find your own Duckworth grit. In his book GUTS, Sam Bracken explains why we all need to dig deep and do soul searching to see what lights the fire within that brings forth our very best.

When we say something takes guts, we usually mean it takes courage to do it. It takes guts to go skydiving or to run a marathon or to try out for the school play. Look back at the great personalities who made a difference in the pages of history. What did they all have in common? Determination and tenacity. In short, GUTS! Science now tells us that lots of talented individuals produce great stuff, but very few produce a lot of great stuff—and even fewer produce a lot of great stuff over a long career. What do these few highly productive people have in common? Grit and grace and a large helping of self-belief. To be a true leader, you have to start with yourself. Are you ready to do some soul searching and learn the secrets to guts, self-empowerment, a purpose driven life, and grit and grace?

Cassandra's Review-  The book is more of a kick in the pants to get your dad back on track.  It would be a great gift for someone who needs change but has a hard outlook on making it happen. The author clearly wants to guide and help in a positive way and that will show when reading the chapters.  It has encouragement and can really bring forth some needed change. 

Power Your Life With the Positive: Life Lessons and Secrets for Success From Luminaries and Everyday Heroes by Cyrus Webb, $16.95

Drawing on his relationships with industry insiders and those in front of and behind the camera in the entertainment industry, author Cyrus Webb has compiled Power Your Life With the Positive, a compendium of encouragement. This book is filled with stories of amazing life turnarounds from real people, showing the importance of optimism in an often negative world. Power Your Life With the Positive is pure inspiration that will lift hearts, open minds, and create a movement of pass-it-on positivity and happiness.

In these times of economic uncertainty, civic strife, and political turmoil, it’s more important than ever to offer people hope and ideas on how to believe that the best is yet to come. The notables featured in Webb’s book faced their own fears, believed enough in their goals and dreams to pursue them, and reaped rewards by sticking to their guns and not allowing their own doubts—or the doubts of others—to stop them.

Those featured in this book include: Grammy award-winning singer/actress Stephanie Mills, Paul T. Scheuring (creator of Fox’s Prison Break), LeVar Burton (Reading Rainbow/Roots/Star Trek: The Next Generation), Jeryl Prescott (The Walking Dead/Birth of a Nation), Peter Engel (Executive Producer of Saved By the Bell), Antonique Smith (Notorious/Fox’s Shots Fired), Actor Darrin Dewitt Henson (Soul Food, the TV show/book/movie Stomp the Yard), John Schneider (Dukes of Hazzard/Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots), actor Dan Bucatinsky (Scandal and 24), and many more.

Cassandra's Review-  I feel like as far as a gift for dads, this book would lift the spirits and provide a positive experience while reading it.   It would be a nice gesture of hope and would be great for the dad who might be feeling down. 

I received complimentary copies.

Gift Reading this Father's Day June 17th

The Life Harley-Davidson
The Life Harley-Davidson
Author: Darwin Holmstrom

If you've felt the unabashed freedom that comes with a motorcycle, then you know the Harley lifestyle. The Life Harley-Davidson takes a deep look at all aspect of the life that comes with these bikes.

From the moment we first saw riders experiencing the joy and the freedom that can only be found riding a powerful motorcycle down an open road, many of us have been hooked on the life Harley-Davidson. The Life: Harley-Davidson celebrates that freedom.

The Life Harley-Davidson covers all aspects of the Harley lifestyle, profiling celebrity Harley fans like Elvis Presley, Hunter S. Thompson, Peter Fonda, and Arnold Schwartzenegger. All the iconic machines are here, too, like the Sporster, Electra Glide, and Fat Boy. The book also explores all the major types of custom Harleys, like Bobbers, Choppers, and Cafe racers.

This is about more than just motorcycles, though. It’s about community, gear, and tattoos. It’s about B movies, like The Wild One, The Wild Angels, and Wild Hogs. And, of course, television’s Sons of Anarchy, a program that ignited interest in the life Harley-Davidson among a younger generation of rebels. Chapters cover the one percenter outlaw club scene, focusing on international clubs like the Hells Angels, Outlaws, Pagans, and Dragons.

Cassandra's Review-  Perfect for the Harley lover and a great gift for any dad that has ever thought about riding the open road.  The book covers a range of topics that are sure to please the rebel dads out there.
The All New Illustrated Guide to Everything Sold in Hardware Stores
The All New Illustrated Guide to Everything Sold in Hardware Stores
Author: Steve Ettlinger
Author: Phil Schmidt

The All New Illustrated Guide to Everything Sold in Hardware Stores is an updated edition of the everyone’s favorite hardware shopping guide and reference book. 

There's nothing more frustrating than making multiple trips to the hardware store because you purchased the wrong item. Those double--or even triple-trips to the big box store are a thing of the past with The All New Illustrated Guide to Everything Sold in Hardware Stores. You'll learn the difference between drywall screws and deck screws; between faucet washers and neoprene O-rings; and between red wire nuts and blue wire nuts. And that's before we even get to understanding nail gauges and drill bit sizes!

Looking through the range of products at home stores can be downright bewildering, but with this handy guide you'll know exactly what you're looking for and why. The next time you talk to a hardware store clerk, rather than asking for "screws about 2 inches long", you'll be able to ask for a #3 gauge 2-1/4-inch-long panhead screws with SAE 5/16" flat washers.

The All New Illustrated Guide to Everything Sold in Hardware Stores is filled with color photos that let you see in lifesize scale what different screws and nails and washers and bolts are called, accompanied by brief descriptions of their recommended uses--so you'll be able to ask for them with accuracy and use them with precision.

Cassandra's Review-  Packed with most of what you need to learn in order to accomplish a trip to the hardware store.  What I mean is that there are terms and pictures to help even the novice dad to be able to tinker with finding the right tools for projects.  It is a resource that can help even before you get into the store and makes asking or looking for the right tool a lot easier.  

Kebabs 75 Recipes for Grilling
Author: Sabrina Baksh
Author: Derrick Riches

It's time to put a new spin on this classic backyard grilling staple with some advice from the experts in Kebabs. These grillers traveled the planet and found the best skewered meals it had to offer.

Everyone loves grilling up kebabs, but it’s easy to fall into the mushroom, pepper, chicken/beef rut. In Kebabs, Derrick Riches and Sabrina Baksh take this quick and easy grilling method for a brand new spin.

They traveled the backroads of the Barbecue Belt and studied street-food stalls where skewered, grilled foods are most famous, like Greece, Turkey and the Middle East, India, and even Japan (yakitori) and France (brochettes).

There are ample recipes for beef, chicken, fish and seafood, vegetables, and even fruit, plus vegan substitutions are included for meat recipes. Kebabs includes plenty of technique guidance, too. Are metal or wood skewers better for grilling? Do you really need to soak wooden skewers before cooking?

Not to mention a myriad of rubs, sauces, and mops that make kebabs optimally flavorful and moist, Kebabs makes backyard grilling more globally adventuresome, and flavorful, than it's been before -- all with minimal prep time and effort.

Cassandra's Review- The book makes you crave kebabs and this is filled with ideas.  The ingredients seem simple enough to find at a local store.  If you have a dad that enjoys the art of making kebabs this is going to be a great gift. Perhaps you can even put together a little basket of ingredients or buy a grill as an add on gift.
Black & Decker The Complete Outdoor Builder - Updated Edition
Black & Decker The Complete Outdoor Builder - Updated Edition
From Arbors to Walkways 150 DIY Projects

Find more than 150 projects for building custom decks, patios, fences, sheds, and more!

From building a new deck to creating a garden pathway, the great outdoors is the most popular place for homeowners to showcase their creativity and skill. With more than 150 outdoor building projects shown with step-by-step photography, Complete Outdoor Builder has a project for anyone, guaranteed to improve your yard. This updated and redesigned book with a handsome hardcover is sure to find a permanent place on the shelf of anyone who wants to create and maintain a beautiful outdoor living space.

The Complete Outdoor Builder includes a wide range of projects and appeals to all skill levels. Building decks and patios are among the most popular categories for outdoor construction, and you'll find all the techniques and skills--as well as complete lists of tools and materials required--to design and build your own. Complete Outdoor Builder also offers plans and revamped photography for more than a dozen designs that you can replicate or use as inspiration for a custom project. Designed, built, and photographed by professionals, the fun projects in this book also have the stamp of approval from Black & Decker(r), the most trusted name in DIY tools and equipment. Roll up your sleeves; it's time to build something great.

Cassandra's Review-  Projects are something most dads love to take on.  Now some dads have the skill level to DIY anything but some might not and this book is perfect for both.  It has ideas that may seem hard to figure out, but with the right tools and time they can be achieved.  The projects can even be shared with the family to create memories as well.

Lastly if you have a dad that like the outdoors and spending time with the kids, check out this.
Ranger Rick Kids' Guide to Hiking
Ranger Rick Kids' Guide to Hiking
All you need to know about having fun while hiking
Author: Helen Olsson

Ranger Rick Kids’ Guide to Hiking shows you everything you need to know to have the most amazing hiking experiences! The book includes a real working compass that will help you find your way.

Hiking is more than just a walk in the woods. Every outing is an adventure, and you never know what a hike will bring. By reading this book, you’ll learn where to go to hike, when to go, what to wear, and what to bring with you. You’ll also learn how to take care of nature and how to stay safe while on the trail. But best of all, this book shows you how you can have the most fun while hiking.

For some kids, hiking itself might be adventure enough. But you can also bring along a nature journal or create land art. Bring a special hiking buddy with you—one who knows lots of good jokes, riddles, and games to pass the time. You can hike with your pooch, and believe it or not, you can even hike with llamas!

The more you know about hiking, the more fun you can have on your adventures. So read the tips in this book at home before you go, and then head for the great outdoors and use the compass to help you find your way. Happy hiking!

Cassandra's Review- It is a basic book with a cool compass that really works.  The book is perfect for a hiking adventure and will teach your kids safety and other great information for spending time outdoors. 

I received complimentary copies.

A Memory a Day for Moms A Five-Year Inspirational Journal Review

A Memory a Day for Moms
A Five-Year Inspirational Journal
By Thomas Nelson Gift Books

Just one simple thought a day to preserve five years of memories with your children—finally, a record book that is doable! A Memory a Day for Moms,a beautiful five-year journal with carefully curated questions and writing prompts, offers you just that. Jot down a single thought, memory, or prayer, and build a treasured keepsake day by day.

Mothers in all stages of life will find something to love about A Memory a Day for Moms, as it allows you to reflect on and record your children’s growth and your own journey as a mom. Whether you are knee-deep with littles or navigating the tricky waters of high school and beyond, prompts such as “My child said the funniest thing today!” “My hope for my child is,” and “Lately we’ve been enjoying _____ together” will always resonate.

This luxurious journal makes a beautiful gift for a birthday or baby shower, or as a special treat for yourself. With spacious lines and a prettily designed interior, you will love coming back to A Memory a Day for Moms day after day.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review-  The journal is a page of line where you can write your thoughts on the topic provided and at the bottom there is some reflections.  I find that there could have been writing prompts in which the reader could have had a seperate journal and utilized the book, but it would be a good gift for someone with time.  A new parent does not always have to strength in the day to reflect.   The book will take devotion but after five years I am sure it would make a wonderful keepsake. 

Ever Faithful By David Jeremiah Review

Ever Faithful
A 365-Day Devotional
By David Jeremiah

With Dr. David Jeremiah, experience how a clearer understanding of God's nature and love for you can impact your faith. Ever Faithful, a 365-day devotional, invites you into an intimate, daily relationship with the God who knows you, loves you, and has a plan for your life.

Countless believers look at their faith as a choice they made once, but Dr. David Jeremiah, founder of Turning Point Ministries, understands that your faith is not static--it is a living, breathing relationship with God! Ever Faithful brings you to the daily choice of turning toward the Lord to respond to His invitation of intimacy and love.

Each day includes a Scripture, a short devotional from Dr. David Jeremiah, and an insightful question to help you reflect on God's love and care throughout the day.

The deluxe, padded Leathersoft hardcover format with a ribbon marker makes a beautiful package and a wonderful gift.

Today is the perfect time to start growing closer to the Lord. Why wait? Spend the next year with the Lord, who is Ever Faithful.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review-   I think that this makes a great book because it offers hope and strength in times of possible need. I feel that while it may not be right for everyone because it is faith based and you do have to really believe in the word of God to understand as well as put forth effort to make a positive change with it, some people do not want to open that door.

Spring Into Drawing with Quarto Books

Pocket Art: Portrait Drawing
Pocket Art: Portrait Drawing
 The Quick Guide to Mastering Technique and Style
Author: Joanna Henly

The instructions are quick visual exercises in Pocket Art: Portrait Drawing, the first book in the new Pocket Art series.

This lively, graphic approach to explaining concepts will have you looking and learning with step-by-step illustrations and expert tips straight from London-based artist Joanna Henly (aka Miss Led). This compact 112-page book is just right for carrying in a backpack or pocket for when you’re learning on the go.

Henly begins by guiding you through your initial setup, then moves on to "Understanding the Face." She takes you through every detail of capturing facial features and expressions, and mastering the rendering of hair and skin. Her exercises demonstrate and reinforce everything you learn as you go along.

Cassandra's Review-  If you are a beginner this book can be a bit hard to focus on just one thing.  The instructions are there but they are so many different things to learn and the art is amazing but recreating it is a bit of a challenge.  
Drawing Wild Animals
Essential Techniques and Fascinating Facts for the Curious Artist

Featuring the delightful and informative illustrations of artist Oana Befort and the inspiring expertise of conservation educator Maggie Reinbold, Drawing Wild Animals guides artists at all skill levels as they learn about, observe, and draw animals in a whole new light.

To feed your curiosity, you’ll learn the characteristics, behaviors and, habitats of animals from categories like predators, grazers, and marsupials. To nurture the artist, you'll get step-by-step instructions that show how to develop each animal from simple shapes into richly detailed drawings. Armed with a deeper understanding of animals, you’ll be better able to capture their stunning beauty and enchanting attributes in your artwork.

Cassandra's Review-  Of course the animals are really nice in this book and it takes a lot of time to create them, but it is fun if you have patience.  I think that as far as the instructions and challenge this book would be good for any level of artist or someone who just loves to draw.  
Pencil Drawing: Cats
An easy step-by-step guide for learning to draw cats and kittens

With its intuitive design and approachable instruction, Pencil Drawing: Cats is the perfect resource for new artists learning the basics of pencil drawing before moving on to more complex drawing subjects. Filled with tips and techniques on the drawing fundamentals, including an introduction to tools and materials, arranging a composition, using the grid method, and practicing gesture drawing, Pencil Drawing: Cats is designed to appeal to the absolute beginner with its easy-to-follow, step-by-step projects and approachable design. There are also full-color photographs for easy reference as you learn to draw different breeds, such as the Russian Blue, Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest Cat, Siamese Cat, and the household tabby.

Cassandra's Review- The cats in the book are hard to draw.  I feel like there could have been more step by step guidance to help out because the details and techniques are a lot harder than expected.   The book was very cute and fun to look at.
Drawing School: Fundamentals for the Beginner
Drawing School: Fundamentals for the Beginner
A comprehensive drawing course

Structured like a traditional drawing class, Drawing School: Fundamentals for the Beginner covers the concepts all serious beginning artists need in order to master basic drawing skills, including form, space, depth, proportion, composition, perspective, and more. To start the exploration, California State University art professor Jim Dowdalls demonstrates how to use the different types of drawing tools, including how to hold a pencil, how to use supports, and how to make a variety of marks and strokes. Artists will discover helpful information for understanding value and learning to create a value scale, as well as how to build value in their drawings using various techniques.
Throughout this educational book, myriad step-by-step exercises and drawing projects encourage artists to put their newfound knowledge to use and practice the concepts and techniques demonstrated. With the skills and techniques they acquire in this comprehensive yet affordable drawing course, beginning artists will be ready to take their artwork to the next level. Filled with beautiful artwork that will inspire budding artists to continue to build and grow their craft, Drawing School: Fundamentals for the Beginner is the perfect place to start a mastery of fine art.

Cassandra's Review-  With both visual and informative pages this book is so powerful as a tool to help your new artist.   I think that older teens really enjoyed this one with me as well because of the amount of knowledge included and this is the kind of book that you could easily spend the day reading and then use for reference all of the time.  

I received complimentary copies.  

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