Thursday, April 26, 2018

TrustyPup and goDog Feature

 TrustyPup gives pet parents the best of all worlds:
innovative products, stylish designs, environmental responsibility and affordability all in one place. The products are rigorously tested to ensure they're safe for pets and come with a satisfaction guarantee.
goDog™ is a fun lovin' brand from Worldwise featuring toys for dogs of all breeds and sizes. Durable plush toys with Chew Guard Technology™, goDog Retrieval toys and innovative new RhinoPlay™ toys are all a part of the fun goDog line! 

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Mother's Day Pet Products that are Reducing their Carbon "Paw" Print

Why not pamper your pets and yourself this Mother's Day with this selection of Earth friendly gifts.

Innovative cat products, stylish designs environmental responsibility and affordability all in one place. Products are rigorously tested to ensure they are safe for pets and come with satisfaction guarantee.

SmartyKat Skitter Critters

Filling is made of recycled bottles, which have kept the equivalent of over 200,000 plastic water bottles OUT of the landfill, last year alone!
As a certified organic product, they use no pesticides or fertilizers that could contaminate the  the environment – it’s better for your cat, your family and the earth.

Three principles form the foundation of everything they do: pet safety, customer satisfaction, and environmental responsibility 
 Petlink’s Scratcher Choice+
Made from recycled cardboard so you’ll love it because its eco-friendly, but your cats will love it because it is actually impregnated with catnip!

Petlinks Supreme Soother Pet Bed:In addition to being soft and cozy, it is extremely eco-friendly. 

Each bed is filled with over a pound of reclaimed foam and recycled plastic water bottles.
In the last year, the sales of these beds have kept over 250 lbs of foam and the equivalent of over 17,000 plastic water bottles from being thrown in a landfill!

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Parent Chat 4 to 9 14 Day FREE Trial and Teen Wise PRIZE PACK Giveaway

Parent Chat 4 to 9'Parent Chat 4 to 9' is a platform for parents of 4th through 9th graders that provides advice, content, and support to help navigate, transition, and thrive through those challenging milestone years.   Its members enjoy viewing new weekly topic (Parent Chat VLOG) and book chapter summary (Teen Wise VLOG) videos, participating in weekly giveaways and monthly contests, engaging in direct conversation with Celeste (Personal Parent Chat), sharing victories and celebrations (Proud Parent Corner), and contributing in forums that encourage respectful commentary.

Claim your 
View videos, enter giveaways, compete in contests, participate in forums, access exclusive offers, and engage in unlimited personal, one-on-one chats with Celeste to determine if 'Parent Chat 4 to 9' is a right fit for you BEFORE you make a decision.

About Teen Wise .  .  .

Teen Wise main products are two books titled, Teen Wise and Teen Wise WORKBOOK. Teen Wise also creates programs and projects that provides preteens, teenagers, parents, and educators with the opportunity to participate.

'Parent Chat Live' was a facebook live video show that provided information for parents that directly related to preteens and teenagers and the challenges of parenting them. Focus was on teaching parents new ways to connect and communicate better with their child or teen. Celebrating victories and milestone achievements were also acknowledged.

Those videos have been integrated here on Parent Chat 4 to 9, along with new products and services. Videos #1 through #7 in the 'Parent Chat VLOG' section are derived from the original 'Parent Chat Live' show.  Fresh content solely created for 'Parent Chat 4 to 9' begins in Video #8.

Plus the  Teen Wise Shop offers Teen Wise Books, Videos, and Logo Merchandise for purchase.  Please note that ALL orders include TAX and FREE SHIPPING! ! !
A 'FREE Webinar' is also available for interested visitors to grasp the content, approaches, and ideas firsthand, prior to signing up for a FREE trial.

 Ms. Celeste M. Gonalves is the author of Teen Wise and Teen Wise WORKBOOK. She is also the founder of Teen Wise, LLC.

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Cassandra's Review- I think that both books offer a great balance of learning and educational fun for younger children.  Anyone can really benefit from taking the time to work with them.  I really enjoyed how much fun the kids had with the bonus swag.   I think that the author choose a really insightful way to bring her lessons and that they are easy to understand.

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Tampa Personal Injury Attorney is There to Help

I would like to talk with you today about a Tampa personal injury attorney  as far as what they are and what they can do.   Let us start out with what you should be looking for when choosing a personal injury lawyer.  When choosing a personal injury lawyer experience matters. An auto accident attorney may promote themself as a personal injury lawyer, yet the practice of personal injury law may actually make up only a small portion of their experience. It takes years of consistent practice in the area of personal injury to become fully knowledgeable in this area of law. I found this answer out along with a few others on this particular firms site. 
What is Negligence? Negligence is the failure to use reasonable care, that is, when you do something that a reasonably careful person wouldn’t do under the circumstances. Reasonable care on the part of a professional, like a doctor or lawyer, is recognized as acceptable if it follows the standards of practice in that profession. If you or a loved one has sustained personal injury from the negligence actions of another, call the personal injury attorneys at Kinney, Fernandez, and Boire.

The timing of hiring a personal injury attorney is important. Too long of a delay can cause irreparable harm to a personal injury accident case and prevent an attorney from taking on a case. However, don’t assume that too much time has passed before consulting with an experienced lawyer. A personal injury attorney should always take your call, ask relevant questions and make an honest assessment of your case so that you can have confidence in the advice you receive.

If you need help with any of the following and live in the tampa area, perhaps this attorney would be the right option.
Animal Attacks
Automobile Related Accidents
Felony Criminal Defense
Hospital Nursing Home Abuse
Insurance Disputes
Misdemeanor Criminal Defense
Motorcycle – Bicycle Accident
Negligence Traumatic Injury
Product Liability
Slip & Fall
Trucking Accidents
Wrongful Death

Now let me introduce you to the personal injury lawyers of Kinney, Fernandez & Boire because they have more than 50 years of combined experience. The legal team at KFB Law makes your problem their problem. With personal injury offices across Tampa, They are all there to guide you through the legal process, minimize the disruption in your life, and completely handle each and every aspect of your accident case from start to finish.