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Post-it Bulletin/Dry Erase Board Review

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Post-it Bulletin Dry Erase Board
Post-it Memo Board creates the ultimate communication center. Design combines long-lasting adhesive surface with a superior dry-erase board. Write a quick message or post a document without pins, tacks, or tape. Mount quickly and easily to smooth surfaces or fabric walls using Command Adhesive. Superior dry-erase surface wipes clean again and again.

I received complimentary product. 

Cassandra's review-  I like the smooth and easy to use surface, the overall product is similar to the others out there of its kind and yet has a better quality look as well as feel.  I like to be able to create daily notes without wasting a lot of extra paper and this product provides a way for me to do that. The only downside is if you have a little one that loves to erase your memos.  Of course you can place this out of reach. 

Go Organically Fruit Snacks Crafts for Earth Day

You know what they say: “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” This rings even truer as we approach Earth Day and think of ways to teach our kids about keeping items out of landfills. For us, it’s the perfect excuse to get creative and give new life to everyday objects by turning them into upcycled crafts. Check out our step-by-step instructions for making this awesome DIY dreamcatcher, then read on for additional super-simple craft ideas using household items like paper tubes, coffee cans and plastic water bottles. What better way to celebrate Mother Earth?

DIY Dreamcatcher

Originating in Native American culture, dreamcatchers are believed to offer protection to little ones by “catching” bad dreams in mid-air while they sleep. With a web-covered hoop to snare nightmares, dreamcatchers traditionally feature natural decorative accents like feathers and wooden beads. Try your hand at making your own upcycled dreamcatcher with our easy tutorial!

What You’ll Need:

A piece of decorative fabric from an old shirt, shawl, scarf or table runner
Embroidery hoop
Sharp scissors
Wooden or plastic beads with a 1/8” hole or larger
Feathers and/or ribbons
Safety pins

What You’ll Do:

1.    Dig through your closets to find an interesting old T-shirt, shawl, scarf or table runner that you no longer use. Look for an eye-catching graphic or interesting material that’s lacy or crocheted. Cut your fabric so that it’s slightly wider than the embroidery hoop, and at least twice as tall.

2.    Unscrew the top of your embroidery hoop and separate the two hoops. Drape your fabric over the inner hoop, lining it up so that plenty of extra fabric hangs down at the bottom.

3.    Place the outer hoop on top and press down into place, adjusting the fabric and pulling it tight. Once you’re happy with the fabric placement, tighten the top screw.

4.    Take your scissors and cut the fabric hanging from the bottom of the hoop into long, thin, vertical strips. Trim any excess fabric from around the rest of the hoop.

5.    String beads onto the ends of your fabric strips and knot them in place. Use safety pins to attach feathers and ribbons onto your fabric strips at random places for an eclectic effect. Loop a longer piece of ribbon through the hardware at the top and hang with pride!

Repurposed Household Items

Why toss these everyday objects when you can turn them into useful, kid-friendly crafts?

Paper Towel/Toilet Paper Tubes

·         Birdfeeder: Spread peanut butter on the outside of the tube using a butter knife. Roll the tube in loose birdseed, covering it completely. Slip your birdfeeder onto a tree branch, then compost tube once birds are finished snacking.

·         Wrapping Paper Cuffs: Prevent rolls of wrapping paper from unraveling with paper tube “cuffs.” Simply slit tubes lengthwise with a pair of scissors and slip over either end of your wrapping paper roll to keep it contained.

·         Cord Corral: Roll up power cords and stuff them inside decorated tubes for a cute storage option that will prevent cords from tangling.

Coffee Cans

·         Pencil holder: Remove the lid and label from an empty coffee can. Cover the entire outside with colorful duct tape in a fun pattern. Fill with pens, pencils and highlighters for an instant desktop accessory.

·         Bank: Remove the label from an empty coffee can and paint the outside a bright color. Add a dollar sign with stick-on gems. Cut an opening in the lid to use as a coin slot.

·         Planter: To make a rustic-looking planter, wrap the outside of an empty coffee can with a sheet of burlap and glue in place. Tie a simple raffia ribbon around the center and fill with dried flowers.

Plastic Water Bottles

·         Sensory Bottle: Calm rowdy kiddos with a mixture of water, glitter glue and loose glitter inside a plastic water bottle. Just add the ingredients, put on the cap, and let kids shake the bottle like a snow globe for an instant dose of zen.

·         Bowling Pins: Fill 10 plastic water bottles with two inches of water or a bit of sand at the bottom, then put the caps back on. Arrange your “pins” on the floor and let kids roll a ball to knock ’em down.

·         Penguin Pal: Fill an empty clear water bottle with cotton balls, then use foam sheets or sturdy construction paper to add the wings, head and feet. Don’t forget the googly eyes!

 Go Organically Organic Fruit Snacks. Made with real fruit, our gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free kids snacks are a great choice for your on-the-go life.

I received complimentary product.

Who is Adrian Rubin and what is Tech?

Of course in this day and age many of you are already reading this on a device connected somehow to the internet.  Others might be reading this as a print out from one of your closest friends or a family member and that is great.   If you have ever listened to the radio or played a video game on a TV, you have already encountered tech.   How about software, video games, cell phones, the internet and computer programming?  Yes.  Well tech can have different meanings such as:

Tech as defined through dictionary dot com


1. technical: The engineers sat together exchanging tech talk.

2. technology: the tech industry.


3. a technician: He's a tech for a film crew.

4. technology: She has a good grasp of computer tech.

Moving forward we now know what tech means, but now I would like to introduce to you a man named Adrian Rubin.  He is brilliant and a real asset to the tech world.

 From his biography I can tell you that had an interest in technology for as long as he could remember. He was intrigued by software, video games, cell phones, the internet and computer programming. He attended college and eventually earned his Masters degree. He enjoyed his field of work until something happened that changed his life. Adrian discovered the Internet of Things.  He received an excellent opportunity to work for a prominent technological research firm due to some of his research that had been published. This was when he became involved in testing the analytics and security required for IoT applications.

Adrian refers to the Internet of Things as the fourth industrial revolution. He feels this technology is capable of permanently disrupting the current technological environment. He believes artificial intelligence will become common practice in the future. He envisions a world where automation takes much of the burden off mankind. He is continuing his research yet every question he answers leads to ten more. The more he learns the more he wants to know. He believes the capabilities of technology will advance more quickly as time passes. That what is considered improbable or even impossible now will become a commonality in the future.

One of Adrian’s greatest strengths is he never gives up. He does not believe there is a question without an answer or a problem without a solid solution. As he continues to find some of the solutions to push technology forward he is always thinking about what is possible next.


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