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The Recovery Village Ridgefield Feature

Support can come in many forms, but who is there when you need it the most?  Some people have no idea that there are resources available to help out in a time of need.  Let me introduce you to the new Washington drug and alcohol rehab center, The Recovery Village Ridgefield which offers comprehensive addiction treatment led by specialists with heart and knowledge that will be able to guide you on a path to recovery. 
Ridgefield Recovery Center
Their expertise is grounded in formal education, paired with years of experience in treating drug and alcohol abuse and co-occurring mental disorders. All of their licensed therapists are master’s level or higher, and most have earned special certification in addiction treatment.

At The Recovery Village Ridgefield, they have a simple philosophy: A healthy recovery begins with comfort. You’ll enjoy top-of-the-line amenities, a safe setting and ample privacy which is a huge plus when you have to deal with so many stressful things already.  Recovery is not easy, quitting an addiction whether it is sugar or drugs is very hard and if you  had a place where you felt safe while people were helping and not judging you, this might reduce the chance of a relapse or worse.

Never be afraid to get help. 


The Recovery Village of Columbus Feature

I am featuring The Recovery Village of Columbus that is located in Ohio.  It is drug and alcohol rehab center, The Recovery Village Columbus, offers comprehensive addiction treatment led by specialists with heart and know how.
The Recovery Village Columbus
Most families have a member or two that have strayed off the path of a productive life and some people may have even experience addiction themselves.

The Columbus Ohio drug rehab and alcohol detox center provides a full continuum of care. And that rehabilitation doesn’t stop when you leave the facility. What starts their creates a ripple effect of lasting results so you can enjoy a life of sobriety.

Your recovery starts with a simple phone call. Intake coordinators are ready to guide you toward lasting growth with personalized treatment and caring professionals every step of the way.

At The Recovery Village Columbus, they have a simple philosophy: A healthy recovery begins with comfort. You’ll enjoy top-of-the-line amenities, a safe setting and ample privacy.

If you or someone you know is struggling, I would hope that you would be able to find help in a place that would care and respect you, during the healing process.

Maybe this is the place?


You’ve Survived the Move . Now What? By Julie Etter

You’ve Survived the Move . . . Now What?
Written By Julie Etter

The house hunting is done, the boxes are all in, and you are in your new home! All is perfect, right? It will be, but may not be just yet! In reality, the next chapter has just begun, and you want to write it carefully. Settling into your new house can be an exciting experience, but don't overlook the necessary steps to make it "HOME." Here are a few quick steps to making that house a home to ensure everyone is on board with setting up the space to best accommodate your family.
Let the children have a say in some d├ęcor—perhaps it's a paint color for their room, or input on the wall where the couch will be positioned. Your children’s involvement will add a delightful personal touch. It's now HOME.

Offer some consistency. Yes, it's a new house and fresh start, but did you have a staple painting in the last eating area? Was the snack cabinet set up a certain way? You will find there are natural things you do for your set-up (e.g., glasses go in the cabinet above the dishwasher), but don't overlook the chance to create consistency in areas that are seemingly insignificant to you because they offer familiarity to the children.

Be efficient and get settled as soon as possible. This is easier said than done. You are exhausted from the move. Oh, and you still have jobs and a family to take care of. However, the sooner the house is settled (you know, the "main" stuff . . . your box of high school trophies that has followed you for years can stay unpacked), the sooner the kids will acclimate. Children are resilient; the sooner they can depend on stability in their surroundings, the sooner they can get comfortable.

Have a party! Big or small. Celebrate the new home. Regardless of why you moved and if this home is bigger, smaller, better or worse, it's yours! Celebrate new beginnings. Also, make a specific point of paying attention to the things your kids point out to guests—you will find they will be very open while giving a tour. Take note of the positives you can further accentuate or the "negatives" you could improve based on their perception.

Finally, and most importantly, give yourself a pat on the back. You are on the other end of the move and despite the late nights, details, and boxes, you are in. Your kids know how hard you worked; time to enjoy with them . . . after you give yourself another cup of coffee!!

Julie Etter is a professional, national award-winning realtor and former middle-school teacher based in Wrentham, MA. She is the author of Lily and Andrew Are Moving (Hardcover, $14.95; Kindle, $11.99), published by JT Publications, LLC. For more information, visit

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