Saturday, January 20, 2018

Stronger than the Struggle By Havilah Cunnington Review

Stronger than the Struggle
Uncomplicating Your Spiritual Battle
By Havilah Cunnington
"Why do I still struggle if I'm faithfully following God?"

We all face challenges. On any given day, the problems of real life can take our breaths away. Our marriages, finances, relationships, and health are regular struggles, and that's just the beginning. Doesn't the Bible say the war has already been won? So why do we still battle?

In a down-to-earth, let’s-get-real approach, popular Bible teacher Havilah Cunnington cuts through the confusion and shows us how to

Discern whether we’re dealing with battles within ourselves, resistance from God, or genuine fights with the Devil.

Throw off misconceptions about spiritual warfare, and understand what Jesus really said about our spiritual authority and the certainty we have in him.

Ask the right questions and build a realistic battle plan to win one day at a time.

With humor and honesty, Cunnington lays out practical tools to thrive in the face of hardship, enabling us to walk forward in the confidence that, because of Jesus, we really are stronger than the struggle.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review-  The book is going to be hit or miss depending on your beliefs.  If you love and know God this is going to be a really wonderful read.  If you have faith and believe, this book is going to give you so much spiritual love, guidance and value.  You do have to take time to read it and value what you think is right in the wording of the author. 

The Crooked Path By Irma Joubert Review

The Crooked Path
By Irma Joubert
From the bestselling author of The Girl From the Train, comes another compelling coming of age story of delayed love, loss, and reconciliation in WWII-era South Africa.

Lettie has always felt different from and overshadowed by the women around her– this friend is richer, that friend is more beautiful, those friends are closer. Still, she doesn’t let this hold her back. She works hard to apply her mind, trying to compensate for her perceived lack of beauty with diligent academic work and a successful career as a doctor. She learns to treasure her friendships, but she still wonders if any man will ever return her interest.

Marco’s experience in the second world war have robbed him of love and health. When winters in his native Italy prove dangerous to his health even after the war has ended, he moves to South Africa to be with his brother, husband to one of Lettie’s best friends. Marco is Lettie’s first patient, and their relationship grows as she aids him on the road back to restored health.

In the company of beloved characters from The Child of the River, Marco and Lettie find a happiness that neither of them thought possible. With that joy comes pain and loss, but Lettie learns that life—while perhaps a crooked path—is always a journey worth taking. 

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review-  A sweet and sometimes sour romance in an older era, that will have fans of the genre reading late into the night.   It is written with a wisp of creative character with settings that will easily please the reader. 

Breaking Cover by Michele Rigby Assad Review

Breaking Cover: My Secret Life in the CIA and What It Taught Me about What's Worth Fighting for
by Michele Rigby Assad
The CIA is looking for walking contradictions. Recruiters seek people who can keep a secret, yet pull classified information out of others; who love their country, but are willing to leave it behind to head into dangerous places; who live double lives, but can be trusted with some of the nation's most highly sensitive tasks.

Michele Rigby Assad was one of those people.

As a CIA agent, Michele soon found that working undercover was an all-encompassing job. The threats were real. The mission was a perilous one. Trained as a counterterrorism expert, Michele spent over a decade in the agency--a woman leading some of the most highly skilled operatives on the planet, secretly serving in some the most treacherous areas of the Middle East. But deep inside, Michele wondered: Could she really do this job? Was she in the right place at the right time, or had she misunderstood what she thought was God's calling on her life? Did she have what it would take to survive?

The answer came when Michele faced a life-or-death choice--one that had secretly been the plan for her all along.

In Breaking Cover, Michele has at last been cleared to drop cover and tell her story: one of incredible struggle; of thwarted plans and expectations; and most of all, of discovering a faith greater than all her fears.

Cassandra's Review Q&A-

- What did you like about the book and why?  I like the openness and willingness of the author to share about secrets that most people would not especially working for the CIA. 

- What did you not like about the book and why?  The book is centered around God which is perfect for faith based readers, so while I enjoyed it, some may not. 

- What did you learn?  The author was and still is very strong in her mind and spirit. 

- To whom would you recommend this book and why?  Someone who has a thirst for knowledge of the inner working of things far greater then they could imagine. 

I received a complimentary copy.

Spice Islands Spices

Spice Islands is a 75 year old premium line of seasons that ensures that the highest quality flavors are always added to your dishes.

  Not all spices are created equal and Spice Islands Spice Islands® premium spices and seasonings adhere to strict specifications to ensure high volatile oil levels, meaning a higher quality and more flavorful product.

  From cultivating long term relationships with farmers throughout the world, to handpicking many of the spices, to maintaining traditions of drying many of the herbs and spices in the sun - tender care is put into each harvest to ensure the highest quality product. 

I received complimentary product.

Some standouts from the Spice Islands® line up sourced from all over the world include:

Pumpkin Pie Spice – A warmly sweet blend of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, allspice, mace and cloves, Spice Islands® pumpkin pie spice captures the quintessential flavor of pumpkin pie. Not only does it give pumpkin pie a premium twist, but it can also be added to pancakes, apples or to make delicious seasonal drinks.  (See Pumpkin Pie recipe, below.)

Dill Weed—Spice Islands® Dill Weed looks different than others as we wait until the plant blooms before harvesting. This is when the plant reaches its peak in flavor and why you’ll see little yellow flower buds in each bottle

Bay Leaves—Spice Islands® sources a unique genus of Bay Leaf with a vibrant look and even more vibrant flavor than other burnt bay leaves in the market

Cumin— Spice Islands® cryogenically freezes Cumin Seed before milling to capture every bit of flavor for the finished product

Garlic Powder—Spice Islands® grinds Garlic to a true powder to release more flavor, unlike many Garlic Powders on the market that are really granulated and add grit to recipes, Spice Islands® Garlic Powder has the consistency of flour and incorporates easily into recipes

Saigon Cinnamon—Sourced from a different region than other cinnamons on the market, Spice Islands® Saigon Cinnamon has a red-hot candy flavor rather than the subtle woody flavor of traditional cinnamon

Turmeric—A hot trending spice due to its many great qualities, Turmeric is from the Ginger family and can be added to diets in numerous ways, including sprinkled on eggs, added to shakes, or as the star of our Golden Milk Latte recipe

These spices join the full line that includes Black and White Pepper, Capsicums, Rosemary, Thyme, Marjoram, Sage, Oregano, Basil, Parsley and more.