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The Lemonade Stand Cookbook By Kathy Strahs Review #LemonadeStandCookbook GIVEAWAY


Lemonade stands have become big business. Kids have been running them for decades, whether to raise money for a new bike, for a charitable cause, or simply to conquer boredom. Inspired by dozens of kid entrepreneurs from all over the country, Kathy Strahs pours her expertise as a food writer, entrepreneur and mother of two into the ultimate guide to setting up one’s own lemonade stand. Step-by-step illustrations and full-color photographs of each recipe (lemonades and snacks) and many creative crafts make each page easy and fun for budding entrepreneurs.


LOL (Lemon-Orange-Limeade)
Watermelon Agua Fresca
Polka Dot Blondies
Chocolate-Dipped Marshmallow Pops
Sunflower Crunch Balls
Hayley's Flower Pencils
Friendship Bracelets
Finger knit Scarves

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Kathy Strahs is the award-winning author of The Lemonade Stand Cookbook, The 8×8 Cookbook, and The Ultimate Panini Press Cookbook, and the voice behind blogs PaniniHappy.  com,, and SunnyDaysGoodFood.  com.

A former marketer with an MBA from Stanford, Kathy founded Burnt Cheese Press, a food-focused independent publishing company, in 2015. Its first release, The 8×8 Cookbook, received the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) Gold Award for Best First Book-Nonfiction.Kathy has spoken at many BlogHer Food and TechMunch conferences, and has judged numerous cooking competitions. She lives with her husband and two children in the Silicon Valley.

Facebook: Kathy Strahs
Twitter: @KathyStrahs
Instagram: kathystrahs
Pinterest: Kathy Strahs | Panini Happy

I recevied a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review-  Even if you do not want your kids to sell things, this book is filled with recipes and crafts that your whole family will enjoy and are super kid friendly.   It would be perfect for party planning as well.  You can also prepare everything on a super tight budget.  

I really enjoy the easy to see photo that explain the directions as well as how easy it is for younger kids to read and follow which means more time having fun and not frustrating the children.  

Photography Interview with Matthew David Parker

Photography Interview with Matthew David Parker

I want to thank Matthew for taking time to stop by the blog today for a Q&A!

1. What is the best time of day to take a photo?

The best time of day to take photos will depend on the sunlight. Lighting can change the atmosphere of any photograph, and natural lighting can change quickly throughout the day. Typically, just before sunrise and just after sunset are the best times for outdoor photography, as this is when the light is the least harsh. These two hours of the day are known as the “golden hours” in photography. Conversely, at midday, when the sun is directly overhead and the light is the harshest, is the worst time to shoot.

2. Do you have a tip for preventing lighting glare?

Glare is caused by a phenomenon known as “lens flare.” If light, from the sun or an artificial light, hits the front of camera lens you will almost always get flare. There are two types of flare, with the first being “specular flare” that looks like streaks or circular blobs or the image. The other type of flare is called “veiling flare.” This is where light sneaks into the darker, or shadow areas, of a photograph. Veiling flare is usually more subtle than specular flare, and typically happens when a subject has too much backlight, such as shooting into the sun.

The only way to avoid flare is too prevent direct light from hitting the camera leans. Outdoors, use a lens shade and don’t shoot in the direction of the sun. Indoors, position artificial lights so the light hits the subject from an angle.

3. Is there a certain way to hold your camera for a best angle?

Changing the angle of the camera can help tell the story. Shooting from different positions, such as above or below the subject, can add dramatic effect to a photograph. Shoot from a lower angle if you are trying to make a subject look larger than life, whereas shooting from above can create an awe-inspiring scene. As when taking any photo, be sure the camera is supported properly to avoid a blurry image. Bend your elbow and brace your arm against your body if you don’t have a tripod.

4. Can you take a quality picture with an iPhone or other device?

The answer is both yes and no. Smartphone- and tablet-camera technology continues to improve each year. Good-quality photos are possible, provided the phone’s camera has a high enough resolution. However, professional-quality results will typically not be achievable with a Smartphone. Here are few tips:

• Focus on one specific subject, making it the main object in the frame and try to keep your backgrounds as simple as possible. This may mean moving closer to or farther away from the subject.

• Find a camera app that allows you control of exposure.

• While it may seem a little silly, as the expression goes, “It’s not the violin, it’s the violinist.” In other words, practice taking pictures with your phone until you are proficient. That way, you’ll be ready when the opportunity for the perfect shot presents itself.

5. Would you recommend taking photos while the image is moving or how can you?

Like all aspects of photography, shooting a moving subject just takes practice. However, the time spent learning this technique is well worth it, as it can add a real sense of drama to a shot. What you want to accomplish is make the subject appear static while blurring the background, so as to add a sense of speed to the photo. Center the subject in the viewfinder and pan, or move, the camera to keep the subject in the same spot in the viewfinder while you snap the photo.

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HUGE zulily Cutie Contest #zulilycutie

In celebration of all the cuties out there, zulily is hosting another contest to find the next OFFICIAL #zulilycutie (aged between 2-5 years old), who will be the face of an upcoming zulily campaign!

So, what is a #zulilycutie? It’s an adorable kid with a unique style, personality and sense of fun. Above all, they are looking for a cutie who embodies the zulily spirit. At zulily, what makes them unique is their use of real people as models to tell a story around the products our customers love. Many of the models are everyday people like you and me, unique in all the best ways!

The winner of the #zulilycutie contest will receive:

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