Saturday, April 29, 2017

2017 Coleman 263BH travel trailer RV $26,000+ Sweepstakes

Enter for your chance to win a 2017 Coleman 263BH travel trailer valued at more than $26,000.

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TrustyPup Dog Beds Review

TrustyPup: Meeting your pet's emotional, physical and instinctual needs
TrustyPup gives pet parents the best of all worlds:
innovative products, stylish designs, environmental responsibility and affordability all in one place.

 Beds that include memory foam, gel foam or convoluted foam can help rejuvenate your dog while he rests. All of these materials provide therapeutic benefits by evenly distributing weight to recuperate tired, aching muscles and help relieve joint pain.
Pet throws allow your dog to rest on your furniture while protecting it from dirt, fur and wear. Crate mats do double duty as comfy crate cushioning and attractive, low-profile beds. And indoor/outdoor beds provide your dog with a personal rest spot wherever you may roam

Many dogs instinctually sleep curled-up because their ancestors needed to keep warm and protect themselves from predators. Bolstered and high-walled beds recreate this feeling of safety and warmth.

I received complimentary products.

Cassandra's Review-  My first thought was that this company needs to make mattresses for humans as well because of the thick beautiful memory foam.  I like how the brand also chose to accentuate some curves in places that pets need it most.

Each bed has a great style, color and design to fit most every dog's needs.  I even have a few cats that try to cuddle up in them.  One of the main things I need is a dog bed that can be easily cleaned to prevent cross pollutants or possible fleas if the stray dogs get to them outside.

So the covers get unzipped and I can throw the actual top coverings in the washer with ease, but the foam is a little harder to clean, if needed. I know a lot of pet owners will just do the outer lining and I do to for the inside pets, but like I said in an instance where outside dogs get cozy, I need to be prepared.

 These are soft enough to put a small child on, but of course they are for pets.


Check out this cuteness!

The Acid Watcher Diet By Jonathan Aviv Review


The Acid Watcher Diet

Do you suffer from abdominal bloating; a chronic, nagging cough or sore throat; post nasal drip; a feeling of a lump in the back of your throat; allergies; or a shortness of breath? If so, odds are that you are experiencing acid reflux without recognizing the silent symptoms. Even without the presence of heartburn or indigestion, more than 60 million people are suffering from acid-related disorders that are undetected or untreated--and leading to long-term health problems, including the rapid rise of esophageal cancer. Since there are no outward signs of acid damage and the typical symptoms might not be recognized, until now you might not have known how pervasive acid reflux is or that you have it.

In The Acid Watcher Diet, Dr. Jonathan Aviv, one of the leading authorities on the diagnosis and treatment of acid reflux disease, helps readers identify those silent symptoms and provides his proven solution for reducing whole-body acid damage quickly and easily. His 28-day program includes a two-phase eating plan, menu guide and recipes, and works to immediately neutralize acid, stabilize pH levels, and relieve the inflammation at the root of acid reflux. Dr. Aviv's Power of Five rule will help readers discover the key foods that offer fast relief, and his Dirty Dozen will reveal the foods to avoid (sugary soda, bottled ice tea, tomato, citrus, and more).

The Acid Watcher Diet's groundbreaking program is just what millions of readers need to reduce acid to help balance their bodies and minds for optimal health.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review- I found a lot of the chapters very interesting even though I am not currently in need of this diet because they break down information in a more easy to understand way.   There is also a meal plan and recipes to support it.  While not many families could afford to eat the foods instructed especially if they have kids, it is great to learn and discover new facts.