Thursday, April 20, 2017

Move Over, Probiotics: MicroFood Is the Next Frontier in Gut Health #ad

Does your digestive system ever feel... off? Do you ever get constipated? Have acid reflux?

I partnered with ISOThrive—a gastroenterologist-endorsed, bacterially fermented microFood 'pre'-biotic—to try out a new solution for digestive health, and to share a little bit about their philosophy. And let me tell you, this has been so eye-opening. I have learned so much about nutrition and digestion!

First: I learned why those probiotic yogurts never made me feel any better—the bacteria they were touting never made it to the part of my gut where they were needed! MicroFood feeds the bacteria that are already in your gut, but aren't getting the nutrition they need. Brilliant, right?

Here’s what else I learned about what microFood can do:
ISOThrive Naturally Fermented Prebiotic Nectar
1. Go where probiotics can't
Most probiotics are neutralized in our stomachs and never make it to our lower digestive tract. To heal GI issues, the whole digestive system has to be re-balanced. A daily dose of fermented microFood like ISOThrive fuels the good bacteria to tackle the organisms that cause acid reflux, constipation, bloating, and gas.

2. Rebalance our diets the ancient way
Most modern diets lack nutrients to feed our "good" bacteria—more particularly, a very specific type of microFood that our ancestors got by eating lots of fermented vegetables or sourdough breads made from heirloom wheat. ISOThrive adds back this bacterially fermented food to rebalance our diets and keep our bacteria happy. (And, no, the sauerkraut on your hot dog or the kimchi on your bibimbap won’t get you the the microFood you need—you’d have to eat several cups of fermented veggies every day to get the same amount of microFood in one 1/4 teaspoon of ISOThrive microFood!)

3. Prep our bodies to prevent disease
Because the modern Western diet is so deficient in specially fermented microFood, our starving "good" gut bacteria are "breaking bad"—adapting to use other energy sources (such as our gut lining), and making us sick. Fermented microFood restores this imbalance, enhancing immune function and staving off disease.

Here’s one blogger’s experience…  (This is not Cassandra's Review)

I loved it! Taking it became such a nice little ritual every morning. Each serving is 1/4 teaspoon, and it comes in a little packet, so no mess at all, and so easy to take on the go! I started out mixing it into water, but eventually I started eating it directly from the packet because it tasted so good! They describe it as a "prebiotic nectar"—and that’s exactly the right phrase!

So here’s what happened... not much, at first. I actually noticed that my stomach was a little more rumbly the first few days, but the gut health experts at ISOThrive say that’s normal as your good bacteria wake up. Over the next few weeks, I noticed that I started to feel more like “myself”—constipation and gas were gone, everything felt like it was working exactly as it should be, such a relief! An added bonus: I started feeling more energetic and less hungry. The experts as ISOThrive say this can be a happy bonus of taking ISOThrive, that as your gut get balanced, the rest of your body follows suit.

When my 30-day trial was up, I ordered another immediately. It feels so good to wake up and do something great for my body!

Would you try microFood to balance your own gut health? Check out ISOThrive 

I received complimentary product.


TrustyPup Tough 'n Fun Dog Toys Review

TrustyPup gives pet parents the best of all worlds:
innovative products, stylish designs, environmental responsibility and affordability all in one place.

Chew Guard Technology™ adds a tough and durable lining to soft plush toys. The lining is combined with reinforced seams to create toys that stand up to rough play. Dogs are tough but Chew Guard Technology is tougher – guaranteed!
TrustyPup Tough 'n Fun Dragons Durable Dog Toy

Durable, longer lasting soft plush dragon toy with Chew Guard Technology
Super tough chew-resistant lining and reinforced seams to withstand rough play
Floppy design that dogs love to carry
Under-stuffed for even longer durability and less mess
All TrustyPup toys are backed by our Chew Guard Guarantee and TrustyPup Tough 'n Fun Safari Cookie Cutters Durable Dog Toys can be purchased on Amazon and other retailers.

I received complimentary product.

Cassandra's Review- These toys have a loud squeak and I prefer them to be played with outside.   They are soft and the little sized dogs prefer to snuggle instead of bite them.

Hear Doggy! gator toy Review

From the site:

Hear Doggy! toys give your pet the same sensation and enjoyment of traditional squeaky toys without the irritating noise!

 The science behind Hear Doggy!: Dogs can hear sounds at a higher frequency (0 to 45KHz) than humans (0 to 20 KHz). Tuned to an ultrasonic range in the 24-28 KHz frequency, each Hear Doggy! squeaker is out of human hearing range, but still fun for your four-legged friend.

These sturdy characters are made with Chew Guard Technology™ a manufacturing process that adds a tough, durable liner to every toy. The reinforced seams and specially engineered lining  were made to withstand the rigors of a dog's play. Dogs are tough but Chew Guard™ is tougher!

I received complimentary product.

Cassandra's Review-  A squeaky toy that will not annoy the home owner. It sounds like tufts of air being squeezed out which is so much better than the high pitched squeak the traditional toys make.  They are well made and strong to withstand play time.    

goDog™ Plush with chew guard Toys Review

goDog™ is a fun lovin' brand from Quaker Pet Group featuring toys for dogs of all breeds and sizes. A wide array of goDog toys are available with tough Chew Guard Technology™. Chew Guard offers added durability to help toys stand up to tough chewers. goDog toys are bright and colorful!

Chew Guard Technology

I received complimentary product.

Cassandra's Review-   The plushies are soft enough for children to play with but tough enough for dogs to chew and cats to love on.   They are well made and hold true to the toughest chew down.

SmartyKat boogie bug and twirly top Toys Review

SmartyKat gives pet parents the best of all worlds:
innovative products, stylish designs, environmental responsibility and affordability all in one place. 
SmartyKat Boogie Bug Electronic Motion Plush Cat Toy
 A Self-righting electronic toy that cats love to chase and rolls back over when flipped over!
Boogie bug cruises on vibrating Bristles, rotating randomly and changing directions which intrigue cats
Replaceable batteries are included
 SmartyKat Twirly Top Electronic Motion Cat Toy, Purple

 Erratic spinning motions and rustling ribbons drive cats wild
Even works on carpet
Replaceable batteries are included

SmartyKat products can be found at Amazon and other retailers. 

I received complimentary product.

Cassandra's Review-  The boogie bug was not a huge hit, it has a noise that bothered my pets and even the dogs would not play with it.   Now the twirly top got a way better response and there were about five minutes of play time, but while my reviewer (pet) was playing with it, she actually shut it off.  

HyperNip line from Petlinks Review

The HyperNip line from Petlinks is a unique mixture of Catnip and Silvervine, which is much more potent yet pure as it can be. Silvervine a wild growing herb foraged in the mountains of Japan and China has a strong natural effect on cats even those who don't respond to catnip. After extensive testing to find the perfect blend, HyperNip is the ideal alternative for finicky felines who need extra excitement. 

I received complimentary product.

Cassandra's review-  So here is just one of my fur babies having the time of her life in a fun-filled exercise tizzy.   Catnip with the added silvervine was a great choice for petlinks because if you have a cat that responds well to nip, they are going to love the whole system.  I watched my pets play for over an hour until everyone wanted to eat and sleep and I will also mention that the outside cats will get to keep everything except for the 3n1 down scratcher blanket because as you can see my top reviewer loves it.

SHERPA®'s Ultimate on Wheels Carrier Review

SHERPA®'s Ultimate on Wheels: Widely recognized as the premier producer of the soft-sided carriers, SHERPA® is the innovator of function and style for pet travel and the only line of carriers that is backed by the Guaranteed On-Board® promise.
Sherpa Ultimate On Wheels Pet Carrier Wheeled Wheel

Recessed wheels for easy glide motion

Adjustable shoulder strap converts to padded pull handle 

Include "Pet On Board" Flag for better visibility 

Top and side entry

Machine Washable faux lambswool liner

Four mesh panels for ventilation

Locking zippers

Roll down privacy flaps

Seat belt straps

I received a complimentary product.

Cassandra's review-  I love it as much as my pets do.  While the larger dogs can not fit, the smaller dogs and cats have no problem getting comfy and letting my family wheel them around.  I am sure it gets a little bumpy but they have everything to make them comfortable as well as safe.  The only problem now is who gets to go in since it does only fit one pet at a time.  

goDog® RhinoPlay™ Product Review

Promote play and enhance the human-animal bond with goDog® RhinoPlay™: Made from an environmentally safe and non-toxic foam called PopFoam® NT™, goDog® RhinoPlay™ is a unique line that is available in several fun shapes and all sales have a charitable giveback.

I received complimentary product.

Cassandra's Review-  No matter what play level your dog is at, the super fun, well made products are going to be a huge hit.   It was agreat day watching all the dogs play and have so much excerise.  The balls are a great texture so that they do not hurt the dog's mouth and sized to fit perfectly.

goDog® Retrieval products Review

Have fun this Spring with goDog Retrieval: The goDog® brand, well-known for their durable plush toys, has come to represent innovation, fun, and durability! Recently expanding into retrieval, goDog Retrieval is a unique and thoughtfully designed line of products for indoor and outdoor interactive play!

Taking safety one step further all the tennis balls in this line are made with the ToughCore™ Technology. Since tennis balls can pop when dogs chew them and present a serious choking hazard. ToughCore™ balls have a proprietary foam insert that helps prevent the ball from popping and therefore makes it one of the safest on the market.

I received complimentary product.

Cassandra's Review- Not only were my dogs super excited to test out all the amazing toys, but so were the foster dogs.  Everyone had a good time playing with the very tough built and fun toys.  I feel like the whole day was a blast and everyone will get to keep a favorite toy.  You should check out all the retrieval products and find a few that are just right for your dog and you to experience together.  

Farmer’s Pantry Cornbread Crisps Review

 100% American grown first-ever Farmers Pantry Cornbread Crisps.

These crispy delights are like no other on the market: made from one of the most beloved American food staples – freshly-baked cornbread. Farmer’s Pantry Cornbread crisps are the new to the market, and the first of its kind, delicately sliced and toasted to crispy perfection, and created from the wholesome goodness of cornbread you can munch on the go. Farmer’s Pantry Cornbread Crisps, available in Original, Jalapeno and Honey-Butter flavors, are a crispy, savory snack that tastes as mouth-wateringly delicious as the first bite of a slice of corn bread or corn muffin.

Made from fresh corn and other whole grains grown on American farms, these crisps are sure to appeal to discriminating snackers across the country. Farmer’s Pantry Cornbread Crisps are approximate  $3.99  for 6 oz bags, and under $2.00 for 2 oz bags.

Farmer’s Pantry passion to feed your hunger is for everyone, including the millions of American farmers who are being threatened with extinction. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the number of farms in the United States has fallen from about 6.8 million in 1935 to only about 2 million today.  Besides keeping American Farms busy and profitable, a portion of all Farmer’s Pantry sales is used to give back to keeping American farms healthy, by donating to organizations including Farm Aid, Farmland Trust, Family Farm Charities, Veterans Farm and National Young Farmers.

“Millions of Americans have embraced the snacking lifestyle, eating smaller and more frequent meals,” says Josh Chaitovsky, co-founder, and CEO of Farmer’s Pantry. “Our mission is to feed your hunger, while also supporting our incredible American Farmers, who provide us with wholesome, local foods that fuel us with nutritious, delicious vegetables, meats, and fruits.”

Visit for more information.
Cassandra's Review-  First of all the taste is really good.  It is like an animal cracker with a light cornbread back taste.    They are crunchy but do not rip open the roof of my mouth.  Not burnt. Just baked enough to get good flavor.  I love that they are good for my family and the bite-sized pieces are perfect for on the go.  I also want to point out that there is a lot per bag so that you feel full even when sharing the little bags.   When I think of cornbread my mind goes to dry and choke, but these are nowhere near that experience and like I said quite pleasing to enjoy.

Where Will I Live? by Rosemary McCarney Review


Where do you go if your home is no longer safe?

Every child needs a home. They need somewhere safe where they can be happy, eat their meals with their family, play with their toys, and go to sleep at night feeling unafraid.

But many children all over the world have had to leave their homes because they are no longer safe. Because of war and conflict, they and their families have become refugees. For them, life is hard and full of questions. In spite of everything, they find time to laugh, play, and make friends. And most importantly, they have hope that somewhere, someone will welcome them to a new home.

Written by Rosemary McCarney, Canada's Ambassador to the United Nations, Where Will I Live? will help children whose lives are not directly affected by this crisis think about the importance of home, and what life is like for a child refugee who does not have a permanent, safe home to shelter them and their family. The beautiful photographs in this book were taken by the UNHCR—the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees—and include images of children on the move and in refugee camps in countries such as Lebanon, Rwanda, Iraq, Niger, Hungary, Jordan, South Sudan, and Greece.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review- I felt that the description of the book and the actual book were not really connected.  I mean sure there are heartbreaking photos and one line added to each page.  It is just not covering everything and making in my opinion lightly of the situations.   If your trying to teach a child, this book is not going to really do it, in fact, it almost makes having to be displaced and hungry etc, a positive thing.   To me, this is a hardship and a time when people need the most help so I am glad that at least the proceeds get donated.

You Know You're a Dad By Harry Harrison Review


You Know You're a Dad
A Book for Dads Who Never Thought They’d Say Binkies, Blankies, or Curfew
By Harry Harrison

Found on Goodreads.
You know you’re a dad when you’re more impressed by the latest innovations in stroller technology than in your old sports car . . .

You know you’re a dad when a wild Friday night means falling asleep in front of a cartoon with your toddler . . .

You know you’re a dad when all you want for Christmas is a nanny . . .

No matter if you’re in the first throes of sleepless nights and dirty diapers, firmly entrenched in the days of picky eaters and science fairs, or looking back in wonder at how you raised your own children, You Know You’re a Dad will make parents laugh out loud with its humorous insights into the joys and challenges of parenthood.

Thanks to Harry Harrison Jr’s signature humor, You Know You’re a Dad will resonate with new and experienced parents alike.

This book is a great gift for Father’s Day as well as birthdays, Christmas, and as a gift to new or expecting parents.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review- While the book only covers Dads that are married and to females, it is filled with cute sayings. Kind of like the old Jeff Foxworthy Redneck jokes but in a Dad form.  

Thomas Nelson KJV, Thinline Bible Review

9780785215806, KJV, Deluxe Thinline Reference Bible, Imitation Leather, Black, Red Letter Edition

The literary beauty of the King James Version, handy and easy to carry, with the readability of Thomas Nelson's custom KJV font. The slim design of the KJV Thinline Reference Bible means you can bring it along wherever your day takes you. And with features like a center-column reference system, book introductions, a concordance, words of Christ in red, and full-color maps, you’ll have the tools you need to get more out of God’s Word without having to pack more.

Features Include:

Beauty and clarity of the new Thomas Nelson KJV Font
Center-column references
Translation notes
Presentation page
Bible book introductions
Miracles and parables of Jesus
Reading plan
Words of Christ in red
Full-color maps
Ribbon marker
8.9-point print size

By Thomas Nelson.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review-  A compact Bible that can fit into your purse or bag, but a little bigger than a pocket size.  It is about an inch thick yet does not miss the addition of features that make studying on the go a snap. A great gift for little hands and people who believe in God.  

Turtle Beach RECON CHAT Headset Review

The RECON CHAT is lightweight and reversible and features Turtle Beach’s SpecsFit™ glasses friendly design with a unique open ear-cup that lets you hear game audio from the TV or home entertainment system in both ears (in stereo).

Additionally, a high-sensitivity mic ensures your every command is heard loud and clear, while the large 40mm speaker delivers chat audio from other players. The RECON CHAT easily connects to the Xbox One controller via the 3.5mm jack, and in-line controls conveniently place Mic Mute and Chat Volume right at your fingertips.

I received complimentary product.

Cassandra's Review-  Being able to chat without disturbance on the line is great.  I think that this was easy to setup and use with no added hassle.  I like the fit and style with a color choice that matches the Xbox look.

Ergo Chef Spring Steak Knife Giveaway

Ergo Chef Spring Steak Knife Giveaway
Hosted By: Holiday Contest and Sweeps

Presents The:
Ergo Chef Spring Steak Knife Giveaway 2 - Winner Holiday Contest and Sweeps along with a great group of fellow blogs has proudly teamed up with Ergo Chef Cutlery to bring you the Ergo Chef Spring Steak Knife Giveaway.

2 winners whom resides in the Continental United States and is 18+ years of age will win the following Steak Knife Prize Package that consists of four steak knifes each. Prize Package: 1 Set of Crimson G10 4 piece. Steak Knives 1 Set of Pro Series II 4 piece Steak Knife Set (1604) Let's take a look at each set:
Crimson G10 4 piece. Steak Knives  
This giveaway is in no way associated, endorsed or affiliated with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any other social media networking site.This giveaway will be valid in the Continental United States Only. Entrants must be 18+ years of age to enter. This giveaway ends at 12:00 AM (EST) 5/15/2017 a Rafflecopter giveaway Holiday Contest and Sweeps received samples of the products shown for review purposes, no other compensation was received. Ergo Chef will be totally responsible for the awarding and shipping of the prize directly to the winner.