Sunday, March 26, 2017

GIVING HEART by Stephanie Corfee Review #AGivingHeart

A beautiful artist-drawn coloring book with Scripture created to encourage, inspire, and delight Christian mothers.

This beautifully rendered adult coloring book will offer Christian moms a perfect way to enjoy moments of peaceful creativity as they color 46 gorgeously intricate pictures and meditate upon God's word. Filled with lovely botanical scenes, charming designs, and intricate patterns, the images and words of this book will remind mothers of their special place in the hearts of their loved ones and the wonderful purpose God created in them.
Stephanie Corfee

Stephanie Corfee is an artist, designer, and author who works from her home studio in Malvern, Pennsylvania. Her artwork is charmingly whimsical with a feminine, youthful spirit. She has written several art books and licenses her surface designs for gifts, apparel, and home accessories.

Her licensed artwork can be found on products that can be purchased through retailers like Target, Urban Outfitters, Bed Bath & Beyond and Home Goods. She has worked with publishers Quarto Books, Walter Foster Publishing, Capstone Publishing and Hachette Book Group.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review- If you love to color and be inspired, this book is perfect.   The images are beautiful, but I would have liked for this book to have perforated edges so that you could share the fun or hang them up.  There are sweet scriptures that bring blessings and love to the reader as well.  If you are not fussy about it being colored perfectly, you can share this with your kids as well.

Where Does a Rainbow Grow by Kathryn Kemp Guylay Review


Sequel to the Mom's Choice Awards® Recipient, Parent Tested, Parent Approved Award Winner, Family's Choice Awards Winner "Give It a Go, Eat a Rainbow". Where Does a Rainbow Grow? Is for parents and teachers wanting to continue the journey to encourage children to eat more veggies and fruits. The book introduces a new character in the series, Sammy the Bunny, who takes Blake on a journey to discover where healthy rainbow foods come from.

Where Does a Rainbow Grow? supports healthy eating in a fun, educational and positive way. The book uses charming illustrations by 13-year old Alexander Guylay combined with real-life photography and simple rhymes by nutrition educator Kathryn Kemp Guylay to create an augmented reality that immediately draws kids into the story. Peer-to-peer messaging continues as Blake, the main character, feels lost and unhappy in a "colorful" word of unhealthy foods. Blake meets Sammy the Bunny, who takes Blake on a journey to fill Blake's rainbow basket with healthy rainbow foods.

The book addresses healthy eating, farm-to-table concepts and plant identification (specifically fruits and veggies), in an engaging and positive way. Targeting early childhood and elementary school age groups, this picture book is simple yet profound in promoting healthy eating habits in children. Each page is created for maximum engagement, using a delightful combination of photography, illustration, color and text.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review- Made for little kids, this book is colorful and easy for them to understand.  Each page has a bit of information that will help your little one make better choices when eating.

Grandpa Hugs By Laura Neutzling Review

Grandmas are for kisses, and grandpas are for great big hugs! Grandpas are fun! They go on adventures, tell silly jokes, say funny things, and love to eat treats. This adorable board book celebrates how wonderful spending time with Grandpa can be!

Little ones and grandpas alike will love Grandpa Hugs, the charming, rhyming storybook about how special a grandpa can be to a child. This companion to the acclaimed Grandma Kisses celebrates grandfathers and all the love and fun they bring to the special grandkids in their lives.

Whether it is a gift from a grandfather to his grandchild, a grandchild to her grandpa, or as a sweet, creative birth announcement for a first-time grandpa, Grandpa Hugs is bound to warm the hearts of everyone who reads it.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review- The illustrations are really cute.  There is no real story here but it is a good little book for reading out loud and to pass a little time.   Not everyone has a granddad available so this is not for everyone.  It is almost like a visitation time book.

pHur Water nontoxic household cleaner Review


pHur uses electro-oxygenating technology to transform our earth’s most natural solvent--water. At two precise pH levels, water takes on powerful, yet completely safe, cleaning and disinfecting properties. pHur’s revolutionary technology stabilizes water at these levels resulting in pHur™ Cleaning Water and pHur™ Disinfecting Water.

pHur™ Disinfecting Water is registered with the Federal and California Environmental Protection Agency.

pHur™ Disinfecting Water hypochlorous makeup, is proven effective against 99.99% of known bacteria and viruses including MRSA, C.diff, E.coli, and Salmonella.

pHur™ Disinfecting Water passed the Boeing company’s intensive in-cabin cleaning and disinfection tests showing a complete reduction of bacteria and zero adverse affect on electronics or delicate surfaces, calling pHur™ Disinfecting Water non-corrosive and absolutely safe.
pHur™ Disinfecting Water is being used in hospitals to clean and disinfect environmental surfaces, eliminating cross-contamination from hands of patients, visitors and healthcare workers.

"pHur Water has 95% efficacy killing bacterial whereas bleach has only 1%" according to one of the scientists on the new label's team.

If you're cleaning your kitchen counter-tops with chemical laden cleaners, chances are you're ingesting those chemicals. Don't you think it's time for a non-toxic alternative?

pHur™ products are currently sold exclusively through to those living in AZ, CA, CO, NV, OR, TX, WA.

I received complimentary product.

Cassandra's Review- My first thought was who is going to pay for salt water?  I mean can you just make it yourself?  Is this really going to give me a deep clean? Well I can not speak for this product as far as anything scientific, I can tell you that it cleans my counter easily without a lot of hard scrubbing.   I am flat out going to say that either there is more to the addition of the product that I do not know about or it is just salt and water.  Plus it has to be used within 30 days.   If you believe it is cleaning your home, then that is all that matters to me because this is a product more based on your level of comfort then proof of actual hard cleaning.