Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Sabbath Challenge by Paul M. Burns Review

Sabbath keeping can seem like an impossibility when our lives are crammed so full of obligations, responsibilities, distractions, worries, and cares. Yet learning to disconnect from the world for a day so that we might rest may be the most important thing we can do for ourselves—and for our relationship with God.

Rest is a radical act of faith, and the Sabbath is a day to become more aware of ourselves and those around us, to learn how to live in heaven, to experience the powerful, compassionate love of God.

This Bible study, written for both individuals and groups by Presbyterian pastor Paul Burns, is a challenge to all who seek rest from the world, a challenge to embrace the Sabbath and the peace it offers

Author Bio:
Paul M. Burns
Paul M. Burns serves as the pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Garland, Texas, and as a leadership coach for fellow pastors. He holds an Masters of Divinity degree from Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary. He is the author of "Prayer Encounters: Changing the World One Prayer at a Time"; "Wider, Longer, Higher, Deeper: Forty Days of Prayer, Scripture, and Growth-filled Questions" and, with co-author James M. Burns Jr, "Blessing Encounters: Creating Family One Blessing at a Time." Prior to entering seminary, he worked as an investment consultant in New York City.

He lives in Sachse, Texas, with his wife, Jennifer, his two children, and his faithful dog, Chuy.

I recevied a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review- I know people who will either agree with this or hate it.  It is a really good book and can teach rest on at least one day.  I get that if you are a parent there is never a real rest, but with the author's guidance you might be able to get a heaping dose of faith based relaxation.

Murder on the Moor by Julianna Deering Review

Mystery Awaits on the Mysterious Yorkshire Moors

At the urgent request of an old school friend, Drew and Madeline Farthering come to Bloodworth Park Lodge in the midst of the Yorkshire moors, a place as moody and mysterious as a Brontë hero. There have been several worrisome incidents out on the moor--property destroyed, fires started, sheep and cattle scattered--and worst of all, the vicar has been found dead on the steps of the church.

Drew's friend is obviously smitten with his bride of eight months, though it's hard to imagine what she sees in the awkward man. Drew can't help wondering if her affections lie more with the man's money and estate, while her romantic interests focus on their fiery Welsh gamekeeper. As the danger grows ever closer, it's up to Drew to look past his own prejudices, determine what is really going on, and find the killer before it's too late.

I recevied a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review- A wonderful mystery.  It takes place in such a way that you will guess and still be wrong in the end, or maybe not?  I really enjoyed spending time with it and would read other books by this author in the future.

Head First! A Crash Course in Positivity By Steve H. Lawton Review

Head First
We all want happiness and success, but it often eludes us when we find ourselves struggling with unresolved problems. We’ve all had them; a frightening diagnosis, depression, problems at work, a disagreement with a loved one, or difficulties with a child.Although we may be miserable during the struggle, the good news is that our past challenges lead to our future successes.

Allowing negative experiences to teach us something will actually set us up for the successes, victory, and laughter that will come in the future. Experiencing a setback is painful when it happens, but when we overcome it, we become a better version of ourselves than we were before. Your attitude plays an important role in overcoming challenges. Would you like to learn how to increase your positivity to achieve the best outcomes?

After a life-threatening ski accident in Colorado, doctors weren’t sure Steve H. Lawton would survive, but because of his attitude, his helmet, and a rubber chicken named Henrietta, Lawton lives to share the wonders of positivity. Through Lawton s powerful story and eight proven and practical tools, Head First can help you improve your own attitude fitness and overcome the rough patches in your life to achieve the success and happiness you deserve.

About the Author:

Steve. H. Lawton holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mechanical engineering from Texas A&M University, as well as an MBA from St. Edward’s University. He has spoken at large corporations like Dell, Accenture and VMware, has been featured on KVUE news, has been a guest lecturer at the University of Texas and Texas A&M University and has been featured as a TEDx speaker.

He lives in Austin, Texas, with his wife of 26 years, Deanna, and their two teenage children – who they have grown quite fond of. For more information, please visit

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review- A book that will pick you up and keep you moving towards anything life is throwing negatively at you.  It was a great read and will really help you if you are feeling down or lost in the moment.

How Brady & Deucey Became Buster & Lucy To Get Princess Autumn Home by J.A. Zaremski Review

“No need to mourn, forever, you’re always you, just in slightly different forms, know this to be true.” "How Brady & Deucey Became Buster & Lucy To Get Princess Autumn Home" is the tale of Brady the Boxer and Deucey the black cat – “brothers from different fur mothers” – embarking on a perilous journey through Passage Mysterious to help Princess Autumn get back home.

As told by Brady, this story for all ages gently touches on themes of family blending, love, the loss of loved ones, and – most primarily – the idea that our loved ones always come back to us, even if in different forms.

About the Author:
Born in Philadelphia and raised in Lower Bucks County, J.A. Zaremski earned a B.A. in English from Moravian College and a J.D. from Thomas M. Cooley Law School at Western Michigan University. He is the author of Buckminster’s Ball and the new children’s book, How Brady & Deucey Became Buster & Lucy To Get Princess Autumn Home. Zaremski currently resides in Ewing, NJ with his wife Elizabeth and fur-children Buster and Lucy.

How Brady & Deucey Became Buster & Lucy To Get Princess Autumn Home can be purchased from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review-  The book is typed in a way that makes it hard to read and it goes up and down, but in columns.  The author packed too much in such a small story making it very clumped and confusing for younger children.

The Hum of Angels By Scot McKnight Review

The Hum of Angels
Listening for the Messengers of God Around Us
Scot McKnight

About The Hum of Angels
Would You Recognize an Angel if You Saw One?

The majority of earth’s inhabitants believe in angels. Yet many of us cannot claim to have seen one. Why?

Perhaps it’s because in order to encounter one, we first have to learn what to look for and how to look! We live in a world where the natural and supernatural overlap. Angels are constantly on mission from God and constantly at work in the world.

From the Garden of Eden to the book of Revelation, Scripture is filled with hundreds of references to these wondrous creatures. In this creative work, Scot McKnight explores what the Bible says—and doesn’t say—about these majestic beings.

And that’s deeply important, because angels are still on mission today. They express God’s love, confirm his presence, and even lead humans in redemptive worship. Don’t just believe in angels. Learn how to recognize these messengers of God that are all around us, and know how God might be using them to affect our lives.

Most People Believe in Angels.
It’s What we Believe About them that Matters.

Believing in angels is one thing. But how can we know what angels are really like – especially when our preconceived notions have been mostly shaped by sensationalized misinterpretations of these wondrous beings?

To help sort things out, Scot McKnight untangles fact from fiction on topics such as:
* Do loved ones become angels when they die?
* Can we hear from angels?
* Is there a hierarchy of angels?
* Do we have a specific guardian angel?
* Should we be scared of angels?
* Are cherubs and seraphs different creatures than angels?
* Do angels have wings?
* Are angels worship leaders?

The Hum of Angels illuminates what the Bible says about these heavenly beings and helps you to understand the deepest truths about one of God’s most magnificent and yet misunderstood

I recevied a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review-  Angels are always a topic that fascinates me and keeps me very interested.  The book lays out the author's knowledge on the subject and adds answers that many people might not have already found. The book would be great for anyone who just wants to know and learn no matter what age, but older agers would really comprehend it more.