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Life Lessons from a Total Failure by M. J. Dougherty Review

None of us have all the right answers. Certainly not on the first try. But what we do have are experiences, mentors, friends, family, and even enemies from which we learn. And in my case, I sure did a lot of learning.

I can't offer you the right answers. And even if I could, what's right for me might not be ideal for you. What I can promise you is unfettered candor. From leaving home as a teenager to living and working abroad, from starting my own small business to knowing when it was time to accept defeat, from chasing my dreams to relishing life's challenges.

I have embraced what makes me unique. And I hope my story inspires you to do the same.

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I recevied a complimentary copy.
M J Dougherty
Actor, Speaker, and Author M.J. Dougherty is a recovering failure originally from the adorable town of Clarks Summit, PA.

After leaving home at 18, M.J. set on a path that brought him to cities and countries all over the world where he had amazing adventures, eye-opening experiences, and set a firm pattern of failures in motion.

Since moving to California in 2011, M.J. can frequently be found talking to others about the events of his life and helping motivate them toward the life of their dreams. When he's not sharing his disasters with the world and helping them get back on track, M.J. can be found either on the set of one of your favorite television shows, singing wherever anyone will listen, or enjoying his life, with his spouse and his pup, in Los Angeles, CA.

Cassandra's Review-  The book is written with such truth and helpfulness that I think everyone can really take something away from it.  I felt lifted up and more able to really get my week flowing.  The author is obviously no longer a failure!

My Dad Is an Alcoholic, What about Me? by Marc Treitler Review

Does Someone in Your Life Drink Too Much? Do Drugs? Does Their Addiction Often Make You Feel Unsafe? Do You Wonder if You Might Someday Be Like Them?

Marc grew up in a family of addicts. Eventually he, too, became an alcoholic. His kids struggled to understand why their dad drank so much and why he was so angry when he did. It was only when he recognized how his addiction was affecting his family that Marc finally took the steps necessary to recover.

In this book Marc and his daughter Lianna tell you everything they wish someone had told them about addiction. Together, they share their family's journey of recovery.

Science says that just like some people are allergic to peanuts, others are allergic to alcohol and drugs. If one of your parents has an addiction allergy, you might have that same allergy hiding in your genes.

The good news is that you have a choice. Marc and Lianna teach you how to stop your allergy from ever "turning on."

If you're wondering what's happening in your family, and what you should do, My Dad is an Alcoholic will help you find your way.

You can purchase a copy on Amazon.

Cassandra's Review-  The book is open for anyone to really get to the heart of the topic.  It was written with such honesty that I feel anyone struggling with this can benefit.   I think this book would be a great addition to libraries and in schools.

Broken Promises by Nick Nichols Review

Jack Adams is as disciplined as they come. And at age 35, he has earned the trust of his mentor and boss and been handed a delicate case for the daughter a major client. If he handles this right, his partnership is all but guaranteed. After he wins a big hearing, Jack sees the finish line in sight. But his case takes an unexpected turn when his client has other plans. Seduced and manipulated, Jack struggles to unravel the truth while he is forced to fight for his job, his law license, and even his freedom.

You can purchase this book on Amazon.

An image posted by the author.
Nick Nichols was born on June 30, 1961, in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Educated at Wayne County High School and Georgia State University, he graduated in 1988, with a law degree.
After clerking for a trial judge from 1988 until 1990, he started a trial practice that continues.
He lives in Johns Creek, a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia, with his wife, Emma, and his step daughter, Madeleine.

I recevied a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review-  I would recommend this book more for adults because of the certain situations that would be better or more easy for them to understand.  The story is interesting with a hint of thriller that had me wanting to finish in the same day.

The Matriarch by Sharon Hawes Review

A Pasture. A Fig Tree. An Earthquake...and Murders.

Returning after a recent earthquake to the small town and the southern California ranch on which he grew up, Cass Murphy figures it will be a two-week sojourn at most, and then he'll move on. But as wives and daughters began to savagely murder husbands and fathers for no apparent reason--Cass gets caught up in figuring out why.

You can purchase this on Amazon.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review-  I found the characters to be well created and placed in a way that makes this book really good.  The whole story is easy to read through and the mystery is excellent.

Delphi's Chosen By A.K.Patch Review

Picking up where PASSAGE AT DELPHI left off, in DELPHI'S CHOSEN classics professors Lauren and Zack Fletcher question reality as they find themselves separated by thousands of years and navigating new threats in order to avert disastrous events in our time.

In modern-day Delphi, Lauren has a lot to explain as she protects a young orphan girl with a past that must be concealed.

In ancient Greece, circa 480 BC, Zack risks his life in battles against the Persian might of King Xerxes and forces poised to destroy the Greek city-states. A newly minted warrior, Zack must also parry the amorous assaults of determined queen who seemingly will not take no for an answer.

With their lives manipulated by Apollo and their mission yet unclear, Zack and Lauren are pawns in a race to save the modern world from chaos.

Will they succeed? Or ever reunite? And if they do, will they each recognize the person they left behind? The adventure continues...

I recevied a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's review- I have already read book one so I was familiar with the excellent writing style and storyline before reading this book 2.    I was not let down as this book was just as good as the first one and the author kept everything flowing well.  A good balance and blend of Greece and modern day. 

What's the Deal With Teens and Time Management: A Parent's Guide to Helping Your Teen Succeed By Leslie Josel Giveaway

“What’s the Deal with Teens and Time Management” takes parents step-by-step through the basics of teaching their teens the time management skills they need to succeed—at school, at work and in life!
In a readable, breezy and witty fashion, Josel opens the door to the world of time management, what it really means, why it’s important and why your teen probably doesn’t “get it.” And throughout the book, Josel offers up the “Triple Ts” – her tried and true Tips, Tools and Techniques – to provide support and guidance for parents looking to help their teens understand, develop and implement time management skills.
In this book, you’ll learn:

The FIVE mindsets parents need to start their teen on the journey of time management awareness.
How to create a “Personal Homework Profile” to better understand how your teen tackles homework.
How to help your teen create a time sense and develop “future awareness”.
How to pick an appropriate paper or electronic academic planner and how to properly plan their time.
How to create a peaceful and calm morning routine to get your teen out the door.
Case studies, useful resources, Leslie’s straight talk and much, much more!

Purchase HERE

I recevied a complimentary copy.

Order Out of Chaos - Products Designed with Students in Mindâ„¢

What's the Deal With Teens and Time Management: A Parent's Guide to Helping Your Teen Succeed

Order out of Chaos Organizing Consultants & ADHD Specialists

Cassandra's review-  A very interesting book that actually helps to guide and remove the higher stresses from a teens time and focuses.   Leslie is super helpful and easy to understand.  Not only will your teen benefit, but you can too and by using this book together with your teen it might help the more heated times of the hormonal teen and stress lash outs.

U.S. Cellular helps find the right devices and accessories to take care of your home

Technology is making it easier than ever to stay connected to your home no matter where you are and you can now go to sleep knowing your day was simplified thanks to wireless technology

According to a recent U.S. Cellular survey, 91 percent of smartphone owners rarely or never leave their phone at home.

According to the same U.S. Cellular survey, 49 percent of smartphone owners use smart home technology or connected home devices on a monthly basis or more.

Smartphones have become an essential item in our daily routine and the newest technology can simplify and enhance our life by providing access to the home while away

Keeping track of everything each morning can often be an aggravating task. We frequently wonder if the coffee maker was turned off, if the alarm was set or if we closed the garage door. However, we rarely manage to leave our smartphones behind. The ability to monitor your home from your smartphone while you’re gone provides a sense of comfort and helps us stay more connected to home while we’re away.

Devices available for the home:

With U.S. Cellular’s Chamberlain MyQ Garage Door Opener, turn off the lights or close the garage door while on the go. Once the garage door is shut, set the alarm using remote monitoring that pairs with your home security system, using a resource such as

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Also, with the option of a Nest Secure subscription, users can record up to 30 days of video and keep it safely in the cloud.

Managing the temperature at home from the palm of your hand with the Nest Thermostat, also available at U.S. Cellular. Whether away on vacation or gone for a long day at work, the thermostat can be adjusted from a smartphone and help drastically save money by cutting down on energy usage, especially when the house is empty.

Devices to help with cooking and meal planning:

Begin making a cup of joe before even getting out of bed by using the Mr. Coffee Smart Optimal Brew Coffeemaker enabled with WeMo. No need to worry about safety, as the coffeemaker can also be shut off after leaving the house from a smartphone or tablet.

A substantial, hot dinner can be ready right when you arrive home by using the Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker with WeMo, which enables users to set the timer or adjust the setting from any smartphone.


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Birthdays are all year long so I thought we should give you birthday gifts for September!

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  This Tumbler is simply amazing, I conducted a test by pouring a fresh hot cup of coffee directly from the coffee pot and let it set for 7 hours. When I finally poured myself a cup of coffee from the Arctica it was as still as hot the second that I had poured it. In this test it defiantly gets 5 start rating.
 For the second part of my test I filled the Arctica with ice and water and left it out
in the hot car with temperatures that exceeded 100 degrees easily. After 7 hours
I again poured me a cup of water from it to find that it was very cold and full of ice
still. Once again,this tumbler gets another 5 star rating.
For those whom travel or just want a reliable tumbler to keep your drinks hot or cold on the way to work or another place you wish, then this tumbler is a must have for you. 
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Viatek Consumer Products
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