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QMT KROMATIX Colors of Awareness Giveaway

QMT KROMATIX Colors of Awareness Giveaway Hosted By: Holiday Contest and Sweeps
 The QMT KROMATIX Colors of Awareness Giveaway 3 - Winners Holiday Contest and Sweeps along with a amazing group of blogs is honored to work with QMT Windchimes to present their newest line of chimes named "KROMATIX". These Chimes come in beautiful vibrant colors along with beautiful chime tones. QMT Windchimes is teaming up with Holiday Contest and Sweeps to bring the awareness of Breast Cancer, Lupus and Cerebral Palsy in the "QMT/Kromatix Colors of Awareness Giveaway". Their Kromtix Wind Chimes come in colors that are known to show awareness in the support to find a cure in various diseases. This giveaway will highlight the awareness in their vibrant colors of Pop'N Purple, Funky Fuchsia and Funky Green.
For example the awareness color for Lupus is Purple (Pop' N Purple), Breast Cancer is Pink (Funky Fuchsia) and for Cerebral Palsy (Green) Funky Green. We all need to stand together in the fight to find a cure for all the diseases that effect the lives of each and every one of us. To learn more about Breast Cancer, Lupus and Cerebral Palsy, simply click on their names for more information. Three lucky readers will each receive a Kromatix Windchime in one of the below colors to not only show their support in finding a cure for one of these terrible diseases, but at the same time enjoy their beautiful and relaxing tones that each resonate. Kromatix 27" Funky Fuchsia Windchime Breast Cancer Kromatix 27" Pop'N Purple Wind Chime Lupus Kromatix 27" Groovy Green Windchime Cerebral Palsy These beautiful and vibrant windchimes from Kromatix will not only let you show your support for a cure of these diseases, they will give you countless hours of relaxation from their amazing sound. Make sure you visit the QMT Windchimes website for other colors available from their Kromatix brand and check out the vast selection of chimes they have to offer from Corinthian Bells, Aries, Aries Elite and much much more.....
Let the wind run wild this summer with KROMATIX. Their newest release, KROMATIX boasts four ultra-bright colors for vibrant, backyard fun. KROMATIX are hand tuned, providing the excellent sounds with long lasting vibes. These bold colors will brighten your spirit and will add style to your d├ęcor.This giveaway is in no way endorsed, affiliated or associated with Facebook, Twitter or any other Social Media Networking Site.This giveaway is valid in the Continental United States only. Entrants must be 18+ years of age to enter this giveaway. This giveaway will come to an end at 12:00 Am (EST) 8/15/2016. Holiday Contest and Sweeps received a copy of the Kromatix Windchime for review purposes, No other form of compensation was received.QMT Windchimes will be solely responsible for the awarding and shipping of the prizes directly to the winner.
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All Things Bright and Beautiful by Cecil Frances Alexander Review #AllThingsBrightAndBeautiful #FlyBy

About the book:

First published by Cecil Frances Alexander in 1848, this favorite hymn has become a mainstay of

churches and Sunday school classes everywhere. Here artist Katy Hudson brings new joy to the

words with her fresh and bright watercolor style. Readers can join in the fun as they follow two

little girls and their brother on a day filled with the discovery of “all things bright and beautiful.”

About the artist:

Katy Hudson was raised in Middlesbrough, England, and started her career as a small child

drawing on freshly painted walls. Her parents quickly encouraged drawing with pencil and

paper instead. The idea stuck, and after earning a degree in illustration, Katy is now a freelance

illustrator. Katy works at a desk in a studio within Old London Library and likes to tap dance in

her spare time.

Jacketed hardcover

Page count: 32

Reading age: 4-7

Category: juvenile fiction/Christian

Retail price: $15.99

Available on Amazon All Things Bright and Beautiful

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review- After the first read of this book, I realized it was the song. So the second time around I sang it with the kids. The illustrations are very pretty and captured my family's attention. This book would make an excellent gift for younger kids.

#ooma has tips for making your kids safer @Ooma

Picture this: It's the end of July—smack in the middle of summer. Your kids are at home with a caretaker while you toil away at your 9 to 5. Then, disaster strikes. There's an emergency at home, and your kids have to call 911 for help. 
 Are your children calling from a cell phone or a landline? And does it make any difference? Surprisingly, the answer is yes. According to the latest data, if you don't have a landline in your home, it could be putting your children in grave danger.
 Here's a shocking fact: According to an investigation by the USA Today [ ], the chances of 911 dispatchers being able to find you based on your cell phone's GPS can be as low as 10% in some parts of the country. With a significant share of cell phone-to-911 calls being placed from within residences—and 45% of Americans opting out of landline coverage at home—countless people are left vulnerable in emergencies. The question then becomes not why you should have a landline in the home, but why haven't you gotten one yet?
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In the spirit of keeping you and your family safe, I recently partnered with Ooma [] leading Internet home phone service with reliable E911 technology—to deliver three tips for keeping your home safe this summer in addition to owning a landline.


Whether it's for a small scrape or something far worse, it's always a good idea to have a first aid kit handy. People who call 911 from their cell phone are often surprised at how long emergency workers take to arrive on scene. According to the recent 911 Emergency Response Study, more than one in five cell phone callers feel it takes too long—that's seven times higher than for people who call from a landline. If you're often in situations when only a cell phone is available, consider keeping a first aid kit nearby.


Make sure that no matter where you are, it's easy for the people around you to call your emergency contacts. Consider posting your own number, as well as first response numbers, on your fridge so your kids know how to reach you and your family, family members who live close by, or the authorities. Post the name and number of a trusted friend or neighbor, too. With Ooma's home phone system, up to three of these contacts can be notified by text message automatically when a 911 call is placed. In situations when every second counts, this reliable Internet-based technology could save tens of thousands of lives.


Educate your kids about the sights, smells, and sounds of danger. If they hear a smoke alarm or see an appliance overheating, advise your children to get outside as quickly as possible. Planning an exit strategy is key to getting a safe distance away from the house so you can alert a neighbor and have them call the fire department. Consider making a detailed fire plan with multiple escape routes and keeping a printed copy of your fire plan on visible walls around your house.

For many people, money is understandably a legitimate concern—but when it comes down to it, we really can't put a price on ensuring that the people we love are safe. Luckily, first aid kits are both lightweight and budget-friendly, while the price of a secure Ooma landline pays for itself in just three months and costs less than a Netflix subscription on a monthly basis.

Got any 911 emergency stories of your own? I wouldn't be surprised. In the past five years alone, over a quarter of Americans have called 911 with a cell phone, and in that group, there were many dissatisfied callers. If you've got a story you'd feel comfortable sharing, I'd love to hear about them! Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments below.


Tandoor Chef Giveaway

Tandoor Chef Giveaway
  Hosted By: Holiday Contest and Sweeps
  Presents The: Tandoor Chef Review & Giveaway
  One Lucky Winner will win 10 Tandoor Chef Frozen Entree Vouchers Holiday Contest and Sweeps recently had the pleasure to review Tandoor Chef Frozen  
 Indian Foods and was delighted at having this opportunity. Tandoor Chef provides restaurant quality Indian meals from the freezer to your plate in minutes. When preparing most frozen meals, once you remove the plastic cover you loose any image of it being prepared in a fine restaurant. Tandoor Chef is giving away ten vouchers which are good for ten of their frozen meals to one lucky winner. Make sure to enter below. This is not the case with Tandoor Chef meals, once you remove the plastic cover you find it hard to believe that it was moments earlier in your freezer and microwave and not prepared by a fine chef in your kitchen I have never tried Indian Cuisine, but after trying a few different dishes, I enjoyed the authentic Indian spices and authentic sourced ingredients along with the full bodied flavors that are truly a culinary experience we all need to experience. Here are some other Delicious Tandoor Chef Meals Balanced Vegetarian Kofta Curry with Channa Masala & Spinach Basmati Pilaf Lamb Vindaloo with Turmeric-Infused Basmati Rice Chicken Tikka Masala with Cumin-Infused Basmati Rice This giveaway is in no way endorsed, associated or affiliated with Facebook, Twitter or any other Social Media Networking Site, This giveaway is valid in the Continental United States only and entrants must be 18+ years of age to enter.. This giveaway will end 12:00 AM (EST) 8/10/16. Holiday Contest and Sweeps received sample vouchers for review purposes only. Tandoor Chef will be solely responsible for the awarding of the prize vouchers directly to the winner.
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Brooklyn Beans Breakfast Blend Giveaway

Brooklyn Beans Breakfast Blend Giveaway    

Welcome to the Back To School Brooklyn Beans Breakfast Blend Giveaway!

Hosted by:

Michigan Saving and More

Co Hosted by:

IMHO Views, Reviews and Giveaways

Sponsor:  Brooklyn Beans

1 Winners
7/21 – 8/18


Brooklyn Beans

Brooklyn Beans Breakfast Blend

Breakfast Blend

40 count
$30.18 rv


This giveaway is in no way endorsed, affiliated, or associated with Facebook, Twitter or any other Social Media Networking Site. You are not eligible if you have won a prize from the sponsor in the last 12 month. This Giveaway is valid in the United States. Entrants must be 18+ years of age to enter. This giveaway event will end at 11:59 PM (EST) 8/18/16. The winners will have 48 hours to email their information back to las93063 at gmail dot com or a new winner will be drawn, you may want to put this email address as safe as it could go to spam. The sponsors are responsible for shipping of the above prizes. No blog associated with this contest are responsible for prize fulfillment. If you would like to be a sponsor in a giveaway like this please email Laura Smith at las930 (at)gmail (dot) com or contact the owner of the blog you are entering on!

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