Sunday, May 22, 2016

Adolescence Is Not A Disease: Beyond Drinking, Drugs, and Dangerous Friends by Jeffrey Leiken Review


There are so many influences on teens and young adults today, the flood is impossible
to control. Often, teens’ questions about themselves and their futures are too much for
parents to handle alone, or worse, go unnoticed and unanswered. The consequence of
ignoring these can lead to decades of unnecessary struggle. Adolescence Is Not a Disease
offers innovative, real-life, real-world solutions to problems both parents and teens face.
Internationally recognized mentor, Jeffrey Leiken, explains the three distinct stages of
the deep and complex inner journey each teen goes through in becoming a self-sufficient
adult, and how you can help your teens answer their most urgent and challenging
questions and move toward fulfilling adulthoods.

Leiken shares themes, struggles, and solutions almost all teens and their parents face,
highlighting the differences between coming-of-age in the twenty-first century, while
honoring the universal constants that we all went through. Leiken poignantly discourages
parents from blindly deferring to the pervasive, contemporary, one-dimensional, fear driven
“expert advice” that too often pathologizes adolescence, misunderstands it, and
creates the problems it then tries (and mostly fails) to fix. Rather than try to become an
expert in parenting, Leiken will help you to instead become an expert in raising your own.

About Jeffrey Leiken
Jeffrey Leiken

Jeffrey Leiken ( is the CEO of Evolution Mentoring International and is co-founder of HeroPath International. Leiken also is author of “Adolescence is Not a Disease: Beyond Drinking, Drugs and Dangerous Friends – The Journey to Adulthood.” He has presented at TED in Athens, Greece; guest lectured at Stanford University; and facilitated programs for teenagers on three continents and in seven countries, among other accomplishments. He has a master’s degree in educational counseling.

I recevied a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review-  Anyone can be a role model, but not everyone can be a good one.   The author brings to light the need for positiveness in a child's life.  I think that this book is going to be a great read for any older ages as well as anyone that needs a little enlightenment on the topics at hand.  

Phil Wickham CHILDREN OF GOD cd Review #ChildrenOfGod #FlyBy

Children of God

Phil Wickham “Children of God” CD




YouTube Video:

I recevied a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review-  Phil has a great voice and it is very smooth, with a little higher tones.  The beat and rhythm is good for worship, but I could not see this playing in an old school church.   I can see someone being able to soak in the words while relaxing in the spirit.  I would recommend this CD for people of faith no matter what age because it is clean and has enough of a beat to keep you from falling asleep.

God's Compass DVD Review and GIVEAWAY

BUy God's Compass DVD
Suzanne Waters (Karen Abercrombie) has just passed the baton as the principal of the local high school. Having spent a lifetime teaching life lessons, the journey into retirement is about to bring her one of her greatest lessons.  Her lesson plan will come from a troubled young man, Eli, as she invests in his life. Suzanne also becomes a first-time grandmother, and the new life of the baby brings renewed hope to the family as each member discovers their core value in God's path for their lives.  As Suzanne reflects back on her life of faithfulness, we are reminded that there are no accidents in God's Kingdom, no chance meetings, no purposeless steps taken.

I recevied a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's review- The movie has soul and brought a sense of calm along with sadness during moments of it.  I think that it is a clean movie that the family can share as well as discuss.   It has a message and meaning that will both uplift and refresh your spirit.