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Quick Bath Wipes Review

Quick Bath Wipes leave your dog or cat smelling clean and fresh anytime.These thick wipes contain cleansers and conditioners, including aloe vera and vitamins A and E to promote healthy skin and coats.

 Simply wipe your pet from head to tail and on legs and paws to remove dirt, dander, loose hair and bacteria to help eliminate odors. Use whenever a full bath isn't an option including before company arrives, between trips to the groomer, during cold weather and when traveling.

I recevied complimentary product.

Cassandra's Review- The wipes are perfect for your pet if they can not stand a traditional bath.  One of my cats hated water or any type of moistness and I thought that she would give me a huge problem when trying to wipe her behind and paw bottoms, but she held strong and let me do it, with no fighting.  

One of my dogs actually sat completely still for a full body wipe down and did not seem bothered at all.    Having wipes on hand for a messy situation is great.   The actual bath shampoo provided a great experience for my dogs and created a great smelling result which I appreciate.

After bathing them, they did not seem irritated or itchy in any way.  Also the shampoo was able to rinse well and yet still leave a stronger fragrance on their coats.

AC Lens Review and GIVEAWAY

We all know the saying, “April showers, bring May flowers…,” but May brings more than just flowers when it comes to your spring allergies. Avoid dry, itchy eyes with the help of AC Lens this spring! AC Lens, the ultimate online destination with everything for your eyes, offers a wide selection of solutions for eye allergy relief at an affordable range of price points. Be prepared this May to fight off National Allergy Month by stocking up with the assortment of products available on AC Lens, including:

· Eye drops for dry, itchy, red eyes

· Vitamins

· Daily disposable contacts

 Including Johnson & Johnson’s Acuvue brand products, which just announced its new pricing strategy to be more accessible and affordable to patients by discontinuing its unilateral pricing policy (UPP

I recevied complimentary product.

Cassandra's Review- My products arrived in great condition and I was pleased with the different products the site had to offer. I will be able to use them for a long time and hope to get great results.  

Cascade Ice Drink Recipes

Cascade Ice  is available in over 30 great tasting varieties. Cascade Ice water is a sodium free, caffeine free, gluten free flavored sparkling water with a clean crisp, delicious taste. Cascade Ice water eliminates all the unnecessary, unhealthy “extras” found in other flavored waters like sugar, sodium, carbs, caffeine and gluten – giving you pure, refreshing taste.

Here are some great beverage recipes.

-- Pink Grapefruit Lemonade.

Fill a glass with ice cubes and pour 6oz of Pink Grapefruit Cascade Ice and 2 oz of Lemonade Cascade Ice over the ice.

Squeeze the lemon juice from a fresh lemon into your glass and make sure to strain the lemon seeds.

Add a couple slices of fresh lemon to garnish.

-- Watermelon Slushie

 In a blender, combine a few handfuls of ice, several seedless watermelon chunks and 8oz Blueberry Watermelon Cascade Ice.

 Then, pour in 6oz of club soda.

 Blend to desired consistency and enjoy!

I recevied complimentary product.

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste #ad

The one thing you don’t want on your baby’s butt is a lot of harsh ingredients. That’s what led George Boudreaux, a pharmacist and father of four, to create the original Butt Paste. And that’s exactly what makes all of our Boudreaux’s products the ones you do want on your baby’s butt.

A recent survey of millennial parents conducted by Boudreaux’s Butt Paste, a trusted diaper rash brand.

This Celebrity Mom is Most Trusted Among Parents

When asked which celebrity mom they’d most trust to pack their ever-important diaper bag, Jessica Biel came out on top with 36% of the vote, beating the likes of Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian. We hope Justin Timberlake has something great planned for this trusted mama!

Full results:
Jessica Biel
Kate Middleton
Kim Kardashian
Blake Lively
Chrissy Teigen

Dads Everywhere – Please Give Mom a Hand because when it comes to diaper changing, moms need some help! A whopping 95% of women respondents said they do more of the diaper changing than their significant other. Here’s hoping that dads around the country reverse the trend so moms can relax…baby poop-free!

I recevied complimentary product.

Doctor Eureka Game Review

 Dr. Eureka Ages 8 and UP
1-4 Players
The brilliant Dr. Eureka has important experiments for you to complete! Pick a challenge card, 3 test tubes and 6 colorful balls to solve his scientific formula.
 Carefully move your materials from tube to tube without dropping them, and position them as illustrated on the challenge card. This brain teasing party game can be played solitary or competitively.
 The high quality components and the creative concept make it a challenging game for the whole family.

Fine motor skills
Visual perception
Focus and attention
Processing speed
Play Time:  15 minutes
12 Test Tubes
24 Colorful Balls (8 Red, 8 Purple, 8 Green)
54 Challenge Cards
Illustrated Rules

I recevied a complimentary game.

Cassandra's review-  My family had fun playing this game and trying new ways to play.  We even timed a few rounds.  No matter what skill level your kids are at they can play this because it can be played at your pace and how you feel comfortable.  

The tubes are easy to hold and a great size for little hands as well.  The balls have a bold color that is very easy to see and the color choices make it easy to decipher while playing the game.   The kids even wanted to play with it after the game was over and just keep mixing up the balls.    

Sonic the Hedgehog @SONICSTYLES

Signorelli Sonic Coffee Break fashion top (Get 10% at code SonicStyles)

Sonic the Hedgehog The official destination for all things Sonic inspired in the world of fashion, lifestyle and art. Blazing the world of true blue culture and couture.

I recevied complimentary product.


Remember, Just Be You by William Campbell Review

We have all had moments where we didn’t feel like we fit in as children and even as adults. We sometimes forget to just be ourselves. Follow Mark as he goes through his journey of finding out why it is always important to just be you.

I recevied a complimentary copy.

You can purchase this book on Amazon.
William Campbell

William Campbell grew up in small town on the Eastern Shore of Virginia and was determined to make a difference. Currently residing in Richmond, Virginia, William is the proud father of a daughter and son, who help keep him active. He is also the proud uncle of three nieces and three nephews. William enjoys volunteering his time to help those in need.

Cassandra's Review-  It is so important for kids of all ages to be proud of being themselves no matter what life throws their way. As a mom, I know and have experienced first hand the same types of situations with my family.  While my kids were brought up to know the they are perfect in every way, most parents do not bother to take the time to present the topic to their children and the world as a whole suffers.  Even though this book is short it has a message that will hold true for a long time.

Chase Away Cancer by Ellie Poole Ewoldt Review

You may think you know how this cancer story goes. The characters: a little boy, a loving family, the team of doctors. The diagnosis: terminal, little hope for a cure. There are two possible outcomes. Will his family be plunged into extreme sorrow or miraculous joy?

What if the answer was both?

Ellie Poole Ewoldt debuts with a memoir of desperate hope and fierce love; of a family who refused to give up even when they heard the worst possible news for their two-year-old son, Chase. Moment by moment, the Ewoldts faced brain surgery and chemo, spinal taps and transfusions. And yet, the true miracle lay not in the medicine or Chase’s prognosis―rather, Chase’s life shows us the miracle of hope, even through the darkest nights. If there is anything he and the Ewoldts have learned, it is that God is always good and will stay at your side through every moment, no matter what it holds.

You’ll fall in love with Chase through his story and be inspired to help chase away cancer―for this headstrong boy, his fighting friends, and all those in your own life who need hope for whatever tomorrow may bring.

Ellie Poole Ewoldt
Ellie Poole Ewoldt is married to Bob, the mother of Darcy, Aidan, Chase, and Karsten, as well as a daughter, a sister, and a friend. With a lifelong love of reading, writing, and history, she has a degree from North Central College in early modern European history with a minor in art history. Currently, her skill set includes being able to keep several plates in the air while talking to small children about not throwing plates, labeling the "weird stain" on the rug correctly, and being able to navigate an entire playroom without stepping on a single Lego.

In 2010, Ellie started a small family blog as a way to share her daily life, child-related anecdotes, and the continuous discovery of God's goodness as she and Bob raised four children in an eleven-hundred-square-foot condo. Writing the beautiful, silly, and hard became a way of practicing thankfulness and seeking "stones of remembrance."

On July 31, 2012, the family's lives changed forever with the words, "There's a large mass," catapulting them on a deep, complex journey through pediatric cancer. Ellie began to chronicle the life and fight of their third child, Chase, and the effect of the disease on their family as they continued to search for joy in the worst of times.

Today her days are spent caring for quickly growing children, walking alongside Chase in his cancer diagnosis and resulting special neurological needs, and continuing to chronicle God's faithfulness in the big and small things alike. Ellie and Bob have shared Chase's story on behalf of Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago, and his story has been featured in venues such as Lurie Children's, Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, the ACE Foundation, All for Hope, Cal's Angels, Young Associates Board's Run for Gus, and the St. Baldrick's Foundation.

To learn more about Ellie and her family, visit

I recevied a complimentary copy of this book.

Cassandra's Review Q&A-

- What did you like about the book and why?  It was written with strength and honesty.

- What did you not like about the book and why? It was incredibly sad and I had a hard time getting through some of the worst parts.  To be left with a mix of grief and triumph is hard to handle.

- What did you learn? The even the smallest vessel can be strong and to never count out anything until it is a sure thing.

- To whom would you recommend this book and why? The book is super sad and will create tears of mixed emotions and for that reason I would only recommend this book to older youth and adults.  If you can not handle this type of topic or are a depressed person, this is not going to be the best pick me up.

The League and the Lantern By Brian Wells Review and #TheLeagueAndTheLantern #FlyBy GIVEAWAY

the league and the lantern book

The League and the Lantern is the first book in a new adventure series for middle-school readers. It all starts when a dangerous organization invades Jake Herndon’s seventh-grade sleepover. He escapes along with two new classmates, Lucy and TJ, only to face a 48-hour fight for survival on the streets of Chicago. The kids unravel a mystery dating back to the Civil War, and an incredible secret about Jake’s family. Along the way they learn unexpected lessons about courage, family and friendship.

Author: Brian Wells

A concerned dad who couldn’t find quality entertainment for his kids. He has worked and produced 15 TV movies for the major networks, and this is his book debut plus the book inspires reading - Adventure series your kids will want to read.

Educational Value - 140 key vocabulary words hidden throughout the story, historic sites are part of the setting.

Moral Value - Lessons in family, friendship, mercy and compassion. Lead characters are friends who are different races.

Help Kids - Operates on a buy one - give one campaign to get books into the hands of kids who cannot afford their own copies.

Books are available for purchase at

Cassandra's Review- As an adult I found this to be a great read so I know that this book is not only excellent for middle graders but any age.  It is clean, fun and family friendly which I really enjoy and I was able to read it outloud to my family without having to skip parts.  It has a good dose of knowledge added to a very well written mystery.  I look forward to more books from this author.

"Disclosure (in accordance with the FTC’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising”): Many thanks to Propeller Consulting, LLC for providing this prize for the giveaway. Choice of winners and opinions are 100% my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation. I did receive a sample of the product in exchange for this review and post.

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NIrV Minecrafters Bible Review @Zonderkidz


Do you ever feel like it's more fun to exist in the computer world than the real one? Is that the only place you can control your destiny? Well, God is the original great world builder, and he gave us the power and the skills we need to make changes in the real world. The Minecrafter’s Bible, NIrV contains the full text of the New International Reader's Version (NIrV) of the Bible (from Genesis to Revelation) as well as 24 color tip-in pages featuring full-color illustrations in the style of wildly popular virtual-world-building games. Featured stories include the days of creation and great builds of the Bible.

I recevied a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review- The book combines a traditional Bible with a updated twist that will connect more with today's youth, especially if you have a child that is deeply involved with minecraft.  While it is not connected with the game at all it may help your children to focus more on what is important and hopefully unplug for a while.  

God Bless America, Florida and Texas books By Peter Francis @Zonderkidz

9780310753476, God Bless America, Peter Francis

The Land That I Love Book series will show little ones how God crafted the nation and each state for you and me. In God Bless America, children will enjoy learning about America’s landmarks and cities and how God made a wonderful place for us to live.

I recevied a complimentary copies.

9780310753438, God Bless Texas, Peter Francis
Take a tour of the most amazing landmarks and cities in Texas! God Bless Texas will show readers how special their state is and how God made such a wonderful place for us to live.

9780310753483, God Bless Florida, Peter Francis
Take a tour of the most amazing landmarks and cities in Florida! God Bless Florida will show readers how special their state is and how God made such a wonderful place for us to live.

Cassandra's review-  Each of the books feature beautiful and eye catching illustrations for younger readers.  The stories are short but, help to bring out the best of each book title in a cute way.

A World Between By Robert M. Herzog Review

Story Plant paperback ISBN: 978-1-61188-217-9
Fiction Studio Books e-book ISBN: 978-1-943486-77-9

Publication date: May 24, 2016 –– 324 pages

Parts of the world have disappeared. For a while, nobody notices. Or cares. But as an increasing number of voids disrupt the fabric of reality, threatening the foundation of our world, they propel some of the greatest minds on the planet to determine what force, godlike or human, is behind the change. Now they must race to stop a dread emptiness before it leads to global oblivion.

A breathtaking novel that thrills on both an epic and human scale, A WORLD BETWEEN is an adventure at the frontiers of consciousness, where fractal geometry, quantum physics, and politics collide to create a story unlike any you’ve ever read

I recevied a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's review- A mix of greatness lies in wait for the reader to discover in the pages of this super read. I enjoyed spending time with it because of the way it took my imagination to a new place and at the same time combines so many great powers are at work.   This is going to be great for older readers and will take them on a mind bending fun ride.

Dollar Signs: Texas Lady Lawyer vs. Boots King By Manning Wolfe Review

MERIT BRIDGES, an attorney and widowed mother in Austin, Texas, works hard, drinks too much wine, and sleeps with younger men. When Merit goes after a shady corporation threatening her client, she encounters hired gun Boots King. His charge is simple, “Stop her!” Merit and her team – including Betty, a mothering office manager with a bad-ass attitude – struggle to stay alive, while they navigate a labyrinth of legal issues, and prove once again that you don’t mess with a Texas lady lawyer.

I recevied a complimentary copy.

Manning Wolfe

MANNING WOLFE an author and attorney residing in Austin, Texas, writes cinematic-style, smart, fast-paced thrillers with a salting of Texas bullshit. The first in her series, featuring Austin Lawyer Merit Bridges, is Dollar Signs: Texas Lady Lawyer vs. Boots King. A graduate of Rice University and the University of Texas School of Law, Manning's experience has given her a voyeur's peak into some shady characters' lives and a front row seat to watch the good people who stand against them.

Cassandra's review- So I will start off by letting my readers know that this is not a family friendly book.  I would highly recommend not letting youth get a hold of this at all.   It is filled with funny and brash writing that is sure to please anyone with a taste for a thriller, but it is not a clean one. 

ESV Family Devotional Bible review and GIVEAWAY #ESVFamilyDevotionalBible and #flyby

The ESV FAMILY DEVOTIONAL BIBLE is a hardbound colorful Bible.  It retells 130 key stories from the Bible with full color illustrations for each story, as well as placed within the Bible text where it is found.  The stories are simplified and easy for children of all ages to understand.

The ESV Family Devotional Bible is designed to help families read and apply God’s Word together. This full-color edition features the complete ESV text interspersed with engaging illustrations and gospel-centered devotions related to key Bible stories—guiding families through the entirety of God’s Word over the course of a year. Each devotion also includes discussion questions and suggestions for additional reading, helping families develop a habit of reading the Bible together and applying its truth to all of life.


Cassandra's review-  This is a great Bible for the whole family to share.  It is perfect if you are teaching to any age and is packed with biblical goodness to help bring everyone closer to God.  I would recommend this book for anyone who would like to learn or bond with their faith and family.

"Disclosure (in accordance with the FTC’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising”): Many thanks to Propeller Consulting, LLC for providing this prize for the giveaway. Choice of winners and opinions are 100% my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation. I did receive a sample of the product in exchange for this review and post.

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Case Two: Big Bully Holly Howler By Dr. Elana Ashley Review

Case Two: Big Bully Holly Howler

“Case Two: Big Bully Holly Howler”
By: Dr. Elana Ashley
ISBN: 978-I-4808-1957-3 (HC)
Available in softcover, hardcover, e-book
Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Archway Publishing

Is your child a bully, a victim or a bystander?

There is big trouble at school, and Ellie Elephant knows there is only one friend who can help bring peace: Splunkey. After she says her name aloud and blinks three times, Splunkey magically appears and is ready to help!

Big Bully Holly Howler is a new student who shoves kids to be first in the lunch line and snatches things from other students—all without the teacher’s knowledge. It seems there is nothing anyone can do to stop Holly—until Splunkey encourages Ellie and her best friend, Eli, to look at Holly in an entirely new way. In this delightful children’s tale, youngsters learn creative ways to cope with bullies through help from a peace-loving detective.

About the author

Dr. Elana Ashley is an author, artist, storyteller, and ventriloquist who teaches children and adults strategies for dealing with everyday issues. For more than two decades, Ashley has presented instructional and entertaining programs for students, teachers, and parents within the Chicago area, and also nationwide.

I recevied a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review-  Anyone with a child knows how hard bullying takes as a whole.  The book will help kids to recognize bullying and help them to execute a great way to analyze it.  

Subversive Jesus By Craig Greenfield Review


Craig Greenfield lives life a little crazier than most people. He comes from New Zealand but he has lived in some of the most broken (and beautiful) places in the world, including the drug ruled Downtown Eastside inner city of Vancouver, Canada and the slums of Cambodia. Convinced that Jesus places love for the poor and the pursuit of justice as central, Craig Greenfield has sought to follow in Christ’s footsteps by living among people at the edges of society for the last fifteen years.

His quest to follow this Subversive Jesus has taken Craig and his young family around the world and back again. This is the story of how Jesus led them to the margins: initiating the Pirates of Justice flash mobs, sharing their home with detoxing crack-addicts, welcoming homeless panhandlers and prostituted women to the dinner table, and ultimately sparking a movement to reach the world’s most vulnerable children.

Craig’s story is a radical and potentially controversial critique of the status quo too often found in our own lives and even in our churches, but it also offers an inspirational and hopeful vision of another way. While readers may not relocate to a slum or start dining with drug addicts, they will certainly come to view their lives and ministry through a fresh lens, reconsidering how they are uniquely called by Jesus to subversively love the poor and break down systems of injustice in their own sphere of influence.

I recevied a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review- The author must either have a pure open heart or be battling demons and I say this because he put his family in harms way to feel closer to his version of Jesus.  The book shares deeply and did not seem to leave anything to the imagination.  The book hits levels that most people would not even begin to take on and I found it to be a really well written truth.  

The Pug List by Alison Hodgson Review

“What if a wheezing, sneezing, allegedly house-trained, ticking time bomb of an orphan pug is the key to helping a family feel at home again, after an arsonist set their house—and life—on fire? If you asked me, I would have said it’s a bad idea; we can do better. Unfortunately no one asked me, and The Pug List is my family’s story.”

In the fire’s aftermath of insurance battles royal, rebuilding plans, parenting in the face of life’s hard questions and a scorching case of post-traumatic stress, now is absolutely the worst possible time to adopt a dog. But to Alison’s seven-year-old daughter, Eden, it’s the perfect time—and The Relentless Campaign begins.

Until one day Alison peeks inside Eden’s diary—dubbed “The Pug List”—and realizes in one fell swoop that her girl’s heart is on the line, and resistance is futile (“The pugs make me happy FOREVER.”).

Enter “Outrageous” Oliver, and the hilarity, healing, and irresistible hope that follows.

I recevied a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review-  A book that was shared out of pure love for the reader to feel.  I wanted to just embrace each chapter and spend time with the author's work because it is so raw and true.   I would recommend this to people who need a but more humility in their life.

Cush Cushion Review and Discount

Cush Comfort seat cushion is a revolutionary product to help alleviate pain and provide the utmost in chair time comfort.

Save 10% Off Cush Cushion with promo code: clubcush at

Note from the Founder:

"We sell products, yes, but really we provide a different framework for looking at your problem. From the secretary who is having backaches from sitting at a desk 10 hours a day, to the truck driver who's leg goes numb after 8 hours of straight driving, to the commuter who is just sick of getting out of his car with a sore butt, we are interested in:

1. Easing your immediate pain now


2. Helping you solve the deeper issue behind your pain 

This is why with each product we ship, we include tools and info to help you get back on track, stop the habits that are keeping you sick, and kickstart the habits and routines that will get you well.

Cush is all about developing real solutions that actually work. That is why if you were to visit our office or our homes, you would see each and every one of us using the solutions we provide ourselves, and with our friends and family.

We are people here at Cush. Humans. If you have an issue, you can talk to us. If you have a question, you can talk to us. We are here to help because we are here for you, and we will stop at nothing to ensure that your relationship with us brings you only joy and relief".

Founder - Cush Comfort

I received complimentary product. #spon

INSTANT RELIEF Coccyx cut-out suspends the tailbone, medically proven to provide relief from lower back pain, numbness, and point pressure associated with sitting for long periods. You'll never go back to sitting the old way again.

CUSTOM NON SLIP BOTTOM keeps your cushion in place while you sit so you don't have to constantly reposition

NEW DEEPER ERGONOMIC SHAPE to hug your butt as you sit, eliminating point pressure and distributing support evenly so you can sit for longer without discomfort, improving posture and providing superior comfort

100% HIGH GRADE MEMORY FOAM won't go flat over time like standard foam cushions.
SAFE, 3rd party tested eco-friendly material that is completely odorless

Cassandra's Review-  I noticed that after several hours a day sitting at my desk that I am in incredible pain. Especially in my lower back and it can even feel sharp to breath.  I was able to try this cushion for a few days and can notice a difference.  

While this is not a dramatic healing device, it does help out a lot.   I did not have any trouble using it with my chair as it stayed in place really well and even when wearing shorts the back of my legs were not irritated by the material.    

The thickness is there,  but it does crush down a bit while in use, though I do not touch the seat itself.   I know that the description states that is instant relief, but it does take a few minutes for me to notice the benefit.  

Baby Magic Bath Time Favorites Moms Giveaway @originalbabymagic

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Himalayan Salt Lamp Giveaway

Mother's Day Himalayan Salt Lamp Giveaway Ends 5/27

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For Richer or Poorer Celebration Tour and KINDLE FIRE Giveaway

Purchase your copy of For Richer or Poorer here
About the Book

Elizabeth Whitte finds herself on the frigid border of Minnesota and Canada as winter sets in. When her plans for finding a husband and rushing back to Kansas fall through, she has to stay and learn a few things…like how to care for others.

Robert is a Mountie in Fort Frances, Canada. When he meets Elizabeth, his first instinct is to send her home. He’s been burned by women like her in the past and knows his life isn’t suited for them. Elizabeth’s pull is strong, but he cannot leave his beloved Canada.

As Elizabeth matures in many ways, Robert must decide if sending her back to Kansas is still his best option. Could she learn to love him, and his beautiful home?
About the Author

Kari Trumbo is a writer of Christian Historical Romance and a stay-at-home mom to four vibrant children. She does freelance developmental editing and blogging. When she isn’t writing or editing, she homeschools her children and pretends to keep up with them. Kari has written three novels in the Western Vows series and one prequel/novella; all should be released by fall of 2016. Kari loves reading, listening to contemporary Christian music, singing with the worship team, and curling up near the wood stove when winter hits. She makes her home in central Minnesota with her husband of eighteen years, two daughters, two sons, and four cats.

Places to follow Kari:

Website Facebook Twitter Pinterest Amazon

Guest Post from Kari Trumbo

Welcome to the tour, my new friends!

The Western Vows series began, believe it or not, on a dream and a challenge. I’m very close friends with another writer. We’d been friends for about seven years when she published her first book. I offered to edit it for her and tucked my own secret thoughts of writing inside. She and I are so alike, we share a birthday, look similar, have similar interests and likes, but we are not sisters, at least in the biological sense. When I’d been editing for her for three years, in secret, I wrote a manuscript. It was during the month of our shared birthdays. I told her about it and she said the best thing to do when you start writing is to set that one aside and keep going. NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) camp came the very next month and she challenged me to write another, right away. I’d had a story bottled up for over three years. I accepted her challenge, set my word count, and finished the first draft of To Honor and Cherish five weeks later.

I knew the story was good, I just needed to work on it, but while I was writing the story of Meg, stubborn Lizzy started pushing her way to the forefront of my mind. That would be For Richer or Poorer. I edited book one over twenty-five times and submitted it to a few agents, all of whom gave me good advice on how to improve it. Parts that I took out of book one in editing became the background of Forsaking All Others, the prequel and Rose’s story, explaining how a Sioux couple ended up on a Kansas ranch.

Lastly, and the most difficult, was To Love and Comfort, Margot’s story. She fought me every step of the way and that story had to be started over four times before I got it right. It will be released fall of 2016. There may be more novels in the Western Vows series, I’m not willing to write the end just yet. I’m currently working on two new series, one focused on a tiny town in Montana with three other authors, the other a series based in Nebraska.

In For Richer or Poorer, I’ll take you through the taming of Elizabeth Whitte. I didn’t like her much at first, and I don’t think you will, either, but keep reading! She reminded me a bit of Scarlet O’Hara in the beginning. She rushes off to Northern Minnesota to trick a man into marrying her so she can inherit her father’s ranch. She never dreamed that there might be men out there unwilling to listen to her every demand. Life is a little harsh for her, but she soon learns that the things she teased her sister Meg about enjoying, just might make her happy, too. By the end of For Richer or Poorer, Elizabeth was one of my favorite characters and Robert is, bar none, my favorite hero so far.

I hope you enjoy their story as much as I did writing it.



To celebrate her tour, Kari is giving away two wonderful prizes! The grand prize winner will receive a Kindle Fire. The first place winner will receive a copy of each of her books. This giveaway begins April 30 and ends May 9. This giveaway is sponsored by the author and entrants release any liability to this blog and Celebrate Lit.