Monday, February 15, 2016

Simple Chic Knits 35 quick patterns in natural yarns by Karen Miller Review

Karen Miller and Susan Ritchie, of online yarn store Mrs Moon, bring you stitch-by-stitch proof that it can be super-simple to create modern-casual knitted clothes, accessories, and homeware. There are quick-to-knit pieces that you can make in a day, through to more ambitious projects that will take longer, and will introduce novice knitters to techniques such as cables, colorwork, and chunky lace.

 From an easy-knit Sloppy Joe sweater that will become a favorite wardrobe staple to a brioche-stitch scarf that uses a beautifully simple stitch pattern, from a zigzag-stripe throw in delicious colors to a textured bolster, from a delightfully droopy bunny to a cute baby beanie, there are projects here for you, your home, and your family, whatever your level of knitting knowledge. Karen and Susan’s successful business and constant interaction with knitters of all levels of skill and all kinds of tastes, have given them a wonderful insight into the types of projects knitters crave, and Simple Chic Knits is filled with items that will have fingers itching to knit.

You can learn more here 

About the author

Mrs Moon is the online yarn store of sisters Karen Miller and Susan Ritchie. Knitting is in their blood; their mother ran a sewing and yarn shop and taught her daughters to knit when they were small children. The love of knitting, crochet, and all things made from yarn that she instilled has thrived, and today Karen and Susan design unique patterns, teach classes, run a regular knitting meet-up, and have developed their own yarn line, Plump, a chunky yarn that has been joined by its skinnier sister, Plump DK. They live in south-west London, UK.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review-  You should probably know how to knit before using this book, because depending on your skill level this can be either simple or ridiculously hard.  The styles, ideas and crafts are really nice.  This book would make a great gift for the knitter in your life.

The Sustainable Edge: 15 Minutes a Week to a Richer Entrepreneurial Life by Ron Carson & Scott Ford Review


The Sustainable Edge: Fifteen Minutes a Week to a Richer Entrepreneurial Life was written for business owners who are seeking a fuller, more rewarding work-life balance. In this easy-to-reference, practical guide authors and entrepreneurs Ron Carson and Scott Ford share personal anecdotes to their own career successes. Each chapter is designed to inspire entrepreneurs to define and sustain a competitive edge in the complex, fast-changing world of business.

Relying on insights and proprietary tools based on decades of experience, the authors teach you how to achieve your goals across four key areas: your business, your teams, your clients, and your personal lives. In this book you will learn the authors' trademarked Business Implementation Quotient (IQ) Grower process that appears in the form of end-of-chapter exercises. These easy-to-perform exercises can be completed in as little as 15 minutes per week to help your company boost its own Business IQ. This work is an important read for entrepreneurs in search of achieving the sustainable edge in their careers and their lives.

Ron Carson

Ron Carson is the founder and CEO of Carson Wealth, one of the largest wealth advisory firms in the country, serving clients through holistic financial planning, disciplined investment strategies, and proactive personal service. He is one of the most celebrated and respected financial advisors and executives in the industry and is a sought after speaker, thinker, and investment strategist.

Ron has shared his success principles, as documented in his book, Tested in the Trenches, with audiences worldwide. Most recently, Ron coauthored The New York Times best-selling book Avalanche and the blueprinting process that goes with it. Together, these tools help advisors learn how to clarify their mission, vision, and values by setting business and life goals. Ron and his wife Jeanie reside in Omaha, Nebraska.

Scott Ford

Scott Ford, founder and CEO of Cornerstone Wealth Management Group and a Carson Institutional partner, serves on the investment committee as the technical strategist. He is a registered principal at LPL Financial and is a registered financial consultant. Scott is ranked in the top 1 percent of all LPL registered financial advisors. He was recognized as one of the 20 Rising Stars of Wealth Management by Private Asset Management Magazine.

Scott is the author of two books: Financial Jiu-Jitsu: A Fighter's Guide to Conquering Your Finances and The Widow's Wealth Map: Six Steps to Beginning Again. Scott and his family reside in Hagerstown, Maryland.

I received a complimentary copy of this book.

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Cassandra's Review-  You can easily see why these two authors are so great in their field.  The book is going to be a huge resource that you can come back to over and over and still find more to take from and build on.  This is perfect for a big business owner and can be enjoyed in bursts of the day or week instead of one sitting.

Odds On: The Making of an Evidence-Based Investor by Matt Hall Review

Evidence Is the Key to Investment Success

Odds On: The Making of an Evidence-Based Investor isn't just another investment advice book. It's a memoir, a manifesto, and a guide to the way investing should be. Odds On describes author Matt Hall's role in an ongoing revolution in the investment world: the shift from a traditional sales-driven, active-management model to a model that draws on academic evidence to better serve the real interests of investors.

Matt's story begins with his first exposure to Wall Street, where he becomes disillusioned with the traditional investing model due to its inability to truly help clients. He stumbles into the emerging evidence-based investing world, and learns how to help investors reach their goals through methods that reflect the limits of our abilities to predict which investments will deliver the highest returns.

Matt's unique approach to investing is built on a dual foundation of knowledge and purpose: knowledge gained through evidence-based strategies involving research, data, and logic, and purpose gained by personal reflection on what money and success truly mean. In Odds On, Matt's storytelling makes financial topics truly relevant and easy to understand, while his investment philosophy offers readers a chance to move beyond decisions based on anxiety and confusion, and manage wealth in ways that lead to greater success and a richer life.

I received a complimentary copy.

You can find this book and purchase on Amazon.
Matt Hall
Matt Hall is the cofounder and president of the investment management firm Hill Investment Group. Matt dedicates his professional time to helping investors put the odds of long-term success in their favor by combining a long-term plan, evidence-based investment tools, and behavior management.

 In addition, Matt has led training for other top wealth managers, created new evidence-based mutual funds, and started an online group of like-minded advisors from around the world. Odds On is his first book.
Matt lives in St. Louis, Missouri, with his wife, Lisa, and their daughter, Harper.

Cassandra's Review-  The book is on point and stays strong until the very end.  If you are invested in this topic, the author is sure to please you.  I do not carry a strong need to learn about investments as a whole, I can still take from this book and use it towards bettering my choices.  It is very easy to follow and understand.

Conscious Leadership in the Workplace By Rosalie Chamberlain Review

Conscious Leadership in the Workplace: A Guidebook to Making a Difference One Person at a Time

About the book

Some leaders realize that having a diverse workforce can enhance creativity and innovation with the prospect of serving a global marketplace. Of course, to do this requires hiring and developing the top talent which is also sought after by the competition. How does an organization attract and retain that talent? How does the business become an employer of choice? And, when diverse employees come onboard, what makes them want to stay? Inclusion is where the rubber meets the road. If your employees do not feel included as valuable contributors to the organization, they will look for another place to work.

"Conscious Leadership in the Workplace" challenges you to think about, recognize, understand and feel how you think. It challenges you to examine how you lead and explore unconscious and conscious biases that are exhibited in your daily practices, behaviors, policies and procedures. Discover: * Who you are and what messages you are broadcasting. * What fear has to do with it. * Unconscious biases and their impact. * What triggers you. * How Either/Or thinking (Duality) stifles possibility. * How to leave the ego at the door. * How to stop the blame game. * How to claim your authentic power.

"Conscious Leadership in the Workplace" is a guidebook that helps you explore how you can Make a Difference One Person at a Time. Take the diversity and inclusion discussion to the next level and make it happen by creating an inclusive environment where everyone has the opportunity to contribute and succeed. Conscious leadership begins with one single person. That person is you!

You can learn more Here.

I received a complimentary copy.
Rosalie is a Leadership and Executive Coach

15+ years of experience working with individuals and teams, both inside and outside of corporate environments.

As a certified iPEC Coach and Energy Leadership Practitioner, Rosalie works with organizations and individuals to identify behaviors that motivate, inspire and create, as well as those that that block creativity and performance. Rosalie helps individuals and teams to develop productive solutions by helping to identify desired outcomes and any potential challenges. Rosalie poses thought provoking questions which serve to clarify goals, build awareness, and define incremental steps to reach your desired future.

Cassandra's Review-   If you are thinking of becoming a leader in the workplace and would like to get a little closer with this topic, then this is going be a great read.  The author created this book in a way that is easy to follow and understand.  It is a lot of information to take in, but I did not feel bored or like a headache was coming on while getting through it.

The Joy of Success: 10 Essential Skills for Getting the Success You Want By Susan Ford Collins Review

Find Joy in Success!

What happened to The Joy of Success? In these hectic, demanding times we simply don't have time to do what doesn't matter, but most people spend hours each day doing just that. They work longer and harder with more stress and less satisfaction and fewer dreams realized. And they teach their children to do the same.

In this new edition of the must-read guide to personal satisfaction and fulfillment, renowned business consultant and motivational speaker Susan Ford Collins shows individuals how to achieve success in their lives. She outlines the 10 essential Success Skills and provides easy-to-learn methods for immediately putting them to use.

Whether readers are changing jobs or relationships, starting or managing companies, families or dreams, these 10 skills will guide them step by step not just to the successes other people want for them, but to the completion of their own projects and dreams.
Susan Ford Collins
Since 1985, Susan Ford Collins has facilitated over 3,000 Technology of Success training programs in major corporations and universities, and she is considered a leading expert in what makes people successful. She is the author of the critically acclaimed parenting companion to The Joy of Success, Our Children Are Watching, as well as its business companion Success Has Gears

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review- When I am able to feel successful, even though I might not have been as productive or did not reach my goals for that day, I still enjoy being able to learn from it, and feel good about it.  I am not one to super stress anything other than money at this point in my life and will tend to just let things flow as they should. The book does have a good quality and taking the time to read it was very beneficial to my being.

Afta-U Jennifer-Lynn Keniston Review

Michael’s smile broadened. “It seems like you’re surprised to see me, Jean. Don’t tell me you thought that they’d leave an eleven-year-old boy locked away forever.”
Twenty-nine years after the tragic death of her childhood best friend, Hope, Jean Cartwright Rhodes returns to her hometown with her husband and daughter after she inherits the house her friend’s family once lived in. Now, years later, she finds herself haunted by a dark truth – and by the specter of Hope herself.

Every time Jean looks through her kitchen window, she sees two stark reminders of her troubled past; the Afta-U sailboat, ironically named after young Hope, and the old oak tree where her eleven-year-old friend met her death at the hands of another child.

Afta-U unfolds as a psychological chess match, a complex web of intrigue, unexpected relationships, lies, and devastating secrets as Jean struggles with the impact of decisions she made long ago on all the lives around her. When Jean confronts and tries to come to grips with Hope’s killer, she finds herself waging a personal battle between madness and redemption.

You can purchase on Amazon.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review- I found the book to be a real twist.  It is a bit hard to explain but the genre and actual book do not hit the mark together.

This book is just a really decent story filled with a mix of thoughts.  It is written in a way that is easy to to follow, but something about it just did not fit my need for the crime and thrill I would expect.

  If you're looking for a book that you can spend most of your day on and in the end feel like you did read a good one, then this is worth looking into.

You Don't Die You Just Change Channels by Chuck Swartwout Review

When Gretchen Swartwout died suddenly in 2006, Her husband of 54 years, Chuck, was not quite ready to call it quits. He combined his deep Christian faith with his decades of experience as an engineer and creative problem solver to produce this "common sense" analytical exploration of the idea of heaven and a life a er death. From interpreting scripture to testing the work of "mediums," this book explores the afterlife in a way it's never been done before.

In an appendix of You Don’t Die – You Just Change Channels! the author presents a plan that, if followed, has the potential to end all wars worldwide. He also invites readers to go to, click on the “Feedback” tab, and get directly involved in a larger direct discussion of life, death, and the afterlife.

About Chuck Swartwout
2015-Chuck Swartwout photoSmSq
A retired electrical engineer, Chuck Swartwout earned a BS in Electrical Engineering from the Case School of Engineering and a Master’s in Electrical Engineering from MIT. For many years he operated his own company that developed the world’s first all-electronic control system for use in oil refineries and chemical plants.

 Swartwout also has won many awards for TV commercials and sponsored films. In addition to being an engineer, film producer and author, Swartwout is an accomplished musician and composer. After retiring and moving to Arizona, he served on the Sedona City Council and as Vice-Mayor.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review-  Whether you believe or understand this book, it is a great read. The author is a powerful writer and this book does test your open mind.  I felt my heart go out to Chuck and his story because you can feel the love he had/has for his wife. 

Want Your Kids to Behave? Take the 1-2-3 Magic Parenting Challenge

If you have a child between the ages of 2 and 12, and you’re ready to take the 1-2-3 Magic Challenge to better control obnoxious behavior, and raise a happy and healthy child.

Here’s how it works

For the next 30 days, they will  ask you to watch videos, participate in Facebook chats with 1-2-3 Magic creator Dr. Thomas Phelan, and put the discipline program that has been used by millions of parents to work in your home. Be sure to follow 1-2-3 Magic on Facebook and Twitter (@123_magic), and use the hashtag #123magic during the challenge.

 You can also sign up for the 1-2-3 Magic newsletter, and check out the 6th edition of the book.

1-2-3 Magic includes:

v  How to avoid the two biggest discipline mistakes parents make

v  How to use the counting method to control obnoxious behavior

v  Three guidelines for dealing with sibling rivalry

v  Six ways your children will test you and how to manage each

v  Seven ways to establish positive routines and behavior

v  How to use the garbage bag method to get your kids to pick up their stuff

v  The basic bedtime method and how to handle kids who get out of bed

v  The Dirty Dozen—twelve mistaken parental expectations that cause the most trouble

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review- The book has a lot of great, helpful information.  Anyone who has children, no matter what age, can learn from this.   You need patience in order to execute anything in this book properly.  Also stand your ground and do not give in or break yourself down and share your copy with another parent as well.

Conscious Men: A Practical Guide to Develop 12 Qualities of the New Masculinity by John Gray Ph.D and Ardagh Ardagh

Conscious Men guides a man to look within and discover his purpose and mission; to be in touch with his feelings but not ruled by his feelings; to live a life that is in pursuit of his path, while honoring the commitments he made during that pursuit. This book is a practical roadmap to support every man to discover and live his unique calling.

Conscious Men explores 12 qualities of the New Masculinity. Each chapter offers a vivid portrait of each quality, with insights about how it is influenced by biochemistry. It presents road map for the challenges men face today in living their fullest potential, as well as dozens of suggested practices for how to develop each quality. The book also has a “To Women” section for each chapter: offering women insight about how to recognize a good and trustworthy man, as well as how to support a man to bring the best out of himself.

About the Author

John Gray is the leading relationship expert in the world. His relationship and health books have sold over 50 million copies in 50 different languages. His groundbreaking book, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, is the #1 best-selling relationship book of all time. John helps men and women better understand and respect their differences in both personal and professional relationships. He lives in Northern California with his wife of 30 years, Bonnie.

They have three grown daughters and four grandchildren. Arjuna Ardagh is the founder of Awakening Coaching, a writer and public speaker. He is the author of eight books, including the 2005 #1 national bestseller The Translucent Revolution, and Better than Sex, the complete introduction to Awakening Coaching. He has been a speaker at conferences all over the world, including at Google and the United Nations. He lives with his wife, Chameli, in California. They have two grown sons, as well as the world’s most enlightened cat.

I received a complimentary copy.

You can purchase on Amazon

Cassandra's Review- If anything this is a very investing and interesting read.  The book is 100% geared for men, so as a straight female, I really could not connect.  If you are a man and want to delve into the topic at hands this is going to be a really good read.

PeapodMats Review

PeapodMats sand color - waterproof mats for bed wetting, used for children, adults and seniors. Featured on CBC Dragons Den Canada with Manjit Minhas

Two moms created PeapodMats. PeapodMats are the recreated bedwetting mat that is fun for kids and manageable for parents.

The big difference?
PeapodMats sand color - waterproof mats for bed wetting, used for children, adults and seniors. Featured on CBC Dragons Den Canada with Manjit Minhas
· 100% waterproof = bed sheets and mattress dry!

· Non-slip, grippy bottom = stays in place exactly where you put it!

· NO flaps, straps, or Velcro = No tucking or wrapping around the mattress!

· Reusable = 500+ washes!

· Soft breathable cotton = comfortable to sleep on with NO crinkle plastic or cold vinyl feel!

· Hassle free, regular wash and dry = No special instructions!

· Portable = Easy to pack and take with you!

· Use beyond the bed = Protect other surfaces where needed!
PeapodMats are used to prevent leakage when bed wetting is present. It is waterproof & reusable. Seen on CBC Dragons' Den

No more stripping bed sheets and remaking the bed nightly!

I received complimentary product.

NOT recommended is the use of fabric softener, dryer sheets, dryer balls or regular use of vinegar or oxyclean.  These products are known to reduce the quality of waterproofing.

Cassandra's Review-  This reminds me of a huge towel, with great thickness.  It is a soft terry cloth feel on top and microfiber feel on the bottom.  It is easy to wash and dry.

 It did not shrink or get really hard.  You can use it in the car and really anywhere needed.  Having children with special needs this will continue to be a great help especially for water spills or drool.  

 You can use this for adults as well. The size is great, I think that it would be awesome if the brand choose to go even bigger with its sizes.  

Bring Change 2 Mind #MindOurFuture

About #MindOurFuture

Let’s create a movement that ends the fear, the shame, and the misunderstanding of mental health issues. The topic can be daunting and the unfamiliar makes many of us uncomfortable. So let’s break it down to its simplest form: A conversation — One that changes the narrative of mental illness from one of stigma to one of hope.

Millennials and GenZs, let's rise to the occasion and be forever remembered for ending the stigma of mental illness once and for all. Share your story about lending help or reaching out for help during a mental health struggle by recording and uploading a video to YouTube tagged with #MindOurFuture.

Once they have viewed all of the videos, they will be selecting a handful of submissions to be featured in our next professionally produced, nationally distributed PSA!

Let's start the conversation about mental health, and end stigma!

About BC2M

To end the stigma and discrimination surrounding mental illness through widely distributed Public Education Materials based on the latest scientific insights and measured for effectiveness. To act as a portal to a broad coalition of organizations that provide service, screening, information, support and treatment of mental illness.

Bring Change 2 Mind is a national anti-stigma campaign aimed at removing misconceptions about mental illness. The idea was born out of a partnership between Glenn Close and Fountain House, where Glenn volunteered in order to learn more about mental illness, which both her sister, Jessie Close, and nephew, Calen Pick, live with.