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The Adventures of Camp Nana Papa Book & large 14” Flash the Firefly Giveaway

The Adventures of Camp Nana Papa™ is the book grandchildren love! We introduce you to Nick and Sarah and their amazing friend Flash the Firefly™ as they enjoy a wonderful weekend full of activities and fun with their grandparents at Camp Nana Papa! The hard back book comes with a dust jacket and rich illustrations bringing Nick's, Sarah's, and Flash's adventure to life. Follow them as they swim, run, play, go to the zoo, roast marshmallows and much more! Written by Donnie Cranfill with illustrations by Jeffrey Ebbeler. The book is 34 pages long including 6 pages of fun activities to make each copy personal and special for each grandchild! Squeeze Flash's hand to light him up! Flash is 14-inches tall and the battery is replaceable.

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Cassandra's Review-  Perfect for kids, this book has pretty illustrations and a wonderful story.  My children really enjoyed the Flash plush and wanted to share it while I was reading the book out loud.   The book is a very quick read so it is perfect for before nap time or breaks in the day.

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Angels in the Bible Storybook by Allia Zobel Nolan Review

Where were the angels when God created the world? Why did an angel force a donkey off a road? Who did the angels get out of jail twice? Young listeners will find answers to these and other questions in this exciting audiobook, written by bestselling author Allia Zobel Nolan. Angels in the Bible Storybook gives children a fascinating look into how God’s powerful behind-the-scenes helpers interacted with Bible greats from Abraham, Lot, and Gideon to Zechariah, Mary, and Jesus himself, acting as messengers, protectors, warriors, and more.

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Cassandra's Review- A great book of stories that are selected right from the biggest book of blessed stories the Bible.  If you enjoy expressing the thought of angels to your children this is perfect. The illustrations are amazing and very colorful.  My family loves having books read outloud and this is a great bedtime book as it can quiet down a child and let them dream of angels. 

Type 2 Diabetes The Owner's Manual By Daryl Wein Review

Daryl Wein discovered he was among the millions of patients with type 2 diabetes while studying to become a Physician Assistant. That's when he found out that, despite type 2 diabetes making up the vast majority of cases, most of the reading material he could find was geared toward patients with type 1 diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes The Owner's Manual is his way of fixing that. This handbook is an easy-to-read guide on how to manage your blood sugar primarily through diet. It is written clearly and concisely, explaining the difference between the two diseases in a way that is easy to grasp. You don't have to be a health professional to understand the book. Wein includes concrete examples of what to eat and what to avoid.

He talks about the importance of exercise and provides information about medicines in a way that the layman can comprehend without needing to know medical terminology. The book also includes a useful question-and-answer section that covers a variety of specifics about type 2 diabetes to help you make sense of it all. Wein knows about the frustration and fear diabetics feel, because he's been there. As he explains in the book, when he experienced blurred vision and other health problems while studying to become a Physician Assistant, he discovered that he was among the millions diagnosed each year with type 2 diabetes. "There was no mistake: I was now a diabetic!" he writes. "I sat down and started crying, not something I would ordinarily allow myself to do."

 He goes on to describe how a mentor told him that diabetes can usually be managed easily. He made sure to explain that failing to control it can lead to serious health problems including blindness, kidney failure, and limb amputations. He offered hope.

 Wein's book offers the same message of hope, along with a somber reminder that failing to control diabetes can lead to premature death. He provides readers with the right information to help make sure they understand that this doesn't have to happen to them. The author also makes clear the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes, suggesting that type 2 diabetes needs to have a new name.

That name should be "carbosis," he argues, which gets right to the point that type 2 diabetes is a disease where the body does not process carbohydrates correctly. He has conveniently included tabular lists of many foods, showing the carbohydrate content of each. "My intent in writing this book is to finally provide a source of information geared specifically for you and me, along with the millions of others with this disease and the many millions who have it but don't yet know it," he writes.

"This book is designed primarily to provide clear guidance for patients." You don't have to be a health expert to manage the disease. Wein lays it out to his patients, about eighty percent of whom, he estimates, have well-controlled blood sugar levels. Type 2 Diabetes The Owner's Manual can be your step-by-step guide on how to control your disease. Let this book help you manage type 2 diabetes rather than letting the disease manage you.

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I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review-  Very short and to the point. This book includes great guides to help you gauge the amount of carbohydrates in your food.  The author is very up front and provided a great Q&A that was interesting.   This is going to be a great read if you or someone you know is suffering with type 2 diabetes.

One Mothers Journey: Creating My Family through In Vitro Fertilization by Jennifer Prudenti Review

What if you thought you had it all figured out, and then just like that, nothing was as it seems? This is a story of determination, perseverance, and faith. This is a story about making your dream come true, despite the odds. This is my story. By Jennifer Prudenti 

About the Author

Jennifer Prudenti is a mother of two beautiful kids, Sophia and Michael. She lives in Albertson, New York, with her husband, Marty, their children, and the family cats, Smudgie and Sabrina. She is a mother, daughter, wife, friend, coworker. She is just like you, and her story could be anyone's. She is a marketing professional who has worked in the music business, publishing, and television, and writing is her passion..

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review-   I must point out that in my opinion adopting is much better than creating more children in a world like this, especially when so many babies are killed or abandoned everyday all over the world.  

Most people want their own babies and I also understand this.  Most women will do anything to achieve pregnancy.   This author shares her story and it is not to be taken lightly.  The journey and struggle is real to so many women.   If you are thinking about IVF this is a must read. 

Zupafood ELITE Review

Zupafood ELITE | Superfood Blend Natural Drink Powder

As seen on the website:
Combining the power of 'Superfoods', Medicinal Mushrooms and Collagen/Elastin Polypeptides to help you defy aging... look younger, more energised and maintain brain health and function.
They  developed Zupafood ELITE not only as a general overall health tonic but more specifically to help defy aging by improving your overall appearance with better skin (clearer, brighter and less signs of aging), healthier hair and nails AND to also to give you a boost in energy.

Instead of having a mid-afternoon cup of coffee or an energy drink, tear open a packet of Zupafood ELITE and give your body some extra nutrients…that it will thank you for.

How can Zupafood ELITE give these benefits?

They selected the best and most effective natural ingredients available, and combined them to maximize the benefits. These are the steps that our R & D team followed to achieve this:

Firstly they developed a unique 'Superfood' blend using a combination of ‘superfood’ ingredients all harvested in New Zealand. This blend consists of Kiwifruit Powder, a special extract of Kiwifruit, Grape Seed Extract, Grape Juice Powder, Red Grape Skin Extract, Apple Fiber, Organic Wheat Grass and Organic Barley Grass. This gave us the ‘foundation’ for our Zupafood range. Their ELITE product has 10,000mgs per serving packed with valuable nutrients; of which 3,800mgs is this unique blend.

I received complimentary product.

Cassandra's Review- If you are allergic to fish, this is not going to be good as it is packed with different kinds as well as stevia glycosides and other ingredients.  I was expecting it to taste fishy or cause burping, but it is not strong and you can mix into any beverage of choice in order to produce a different taste.

Better Not Love Me By Dan Kolbet Book Tour

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Publisher: Alfe Publishing; 1 edition (October 26, 2015)
Publication Date: October 26, 2015
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Language: English


Amelia Cook never wanted to be a corporate executive responsible for a toy business that spanned the country. She accepted the job out of obligation to her past love. The work has forced her away from her children and broken her marriage. After years of misery, she's decided to walk away.

Single, unemployed and uninspired, Amelia rents a palatial lake cabin for the summer and attempts to reconnect with her children who barely recognize the mom they once knew. Amelia’s summer at the lake takes a surprise turn when a handsome man moves into the cabin next door. The only problem? It’s her old boss, Nate. Can Amelia forgive Nate’s past behavior, find love and forge a bond with her children all while being dragged back into the corporate life she loathes?
*Better Not Love Me is the sequel to Don't Wait For Me, but it is a standalone novel.

Displaying Dan Kolbet Author Photo 1.jpg

Dan Kolbet lives in Spokane, Washington with his family. He is an independent author, former newspaper editor and reporter. He is currently working on his next story.
His novels include You Only Get So Much, Don't Wait For Me, Off The Grid, Better Not Love Me, plus short stories, Five Rows Back and An Easel for Avery.

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Painting Rain by Annette K. Larsen Cover Reveal Giveaway $25 Amazon Gift Code or Paypal Cash Ends

Painting Rain
Painting Rain by Annette K. Larsen
How do you heal your heart after tragedy leaves you broken? When the person you loved didn’t deserve it and they can’t earn your forgiveness because they’re already dead? How do you move on, and heal, and love?
If you’re Princess Lorraina, you paint. A year ago Lorraina watched Tobias die, and she still doesn't know how she's supposed to heal—or forgive. How can she when she’s still running away? In an attempt to reinvent herself, she steps outside her comfortable life as princess and seeks the tutelage of a master painter—a man who is not at all impressed by her pedigree, and demands not just talent, but emotional honesty. Struggling to learn what’s being taught, she finds herself drawn to someone who not only knows her secrets, but who she once considered far below her notice. Now she is compelled to seek him out despite knowing their relationship would be forbidden if discovered. Staying away from him doesn’t seem possible when discovering him may be the key to healing her heart and rediscovering herself. add to goodreads pre order on amazon Annette Larsen Author Annette K. Larsen I was born in Utah, but grew up in Flagstaff, Arizona and St. Louis, Missouri, the fifth of seven children. I attended Southern Virginia University and Brigham Young University, where I studied English and Theater. I now live in Idaho with my husband and four children. I have Charlotte Brontë to thank for the courage to write novels. After being bombarded with assigned reading about women who justified abandoning either their families or their principles in the name of love, I had the great fortune of reading Jane Eyre. And that was it: finally, a heroine who understood that being moral and making the right choice was hard, and sometimes it hurt, but it was still worth it. After rereading it several years later, I realized that if I wanted more books to exist with the kinds of heroines I admired, then I might as well write a few myself. My books are about women who face hard choices, who face pain and rejection and often have to face the reality of sacrificing what they want for what is right. The consequences are often difficult or unpleasant, but in the end, doing what’s right will always be worth it. I believe there is no substitute for good writing or good chocolate. Fortunately, one often leads to the other.
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All Things Bright and Beautiful by Cecil Frances Alexander Review

@worthypublishing #AllThingsBrightandBeautiful

"All things bright and beautiful,
All creatures great and small,
All things wise and wonderful,
The Lord God made them all.
First published by Cecil Frances Alexander in 1848, this favorite hymn has become a mainstay of churches and Sunday school classes everywhere. Here artist Katy Hudson brings new joy to the words with her fresh and bright watercolor style. Readers can join in the fun as they follow two little girls and their brother on a day filled with the discovery of all things bright and beautiful. Ages 4-7.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review- After the first read of this book, I realized it was the song.  So the second time around I sang it with the kids. The illustrations are very pretty and captured my family's attention. This book would make an excellent gift for younger kids.