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Captive DVD Review and GIVEAWAY #CaptiveMovie #FlyBy

About the movie:
Based on a miraculous story about the power of faith, Captive is an "amazing, inspiring" drama about the spiritual collision of two lost souls, Brian Nichols (Golden Globe Nominee David Oyelowo), on the run from police and desperate to make contact with his newborn son, takes recently widowed mother Ashley Smith (Kata Mara) hostage in her own apartment. Fearing for her life and desperately hoping to see her daughter again, she turns to Rick Warren's The Purpose Driven Life for guidance. Ashley and her captor face a crossroads where they discover hope and light in the midst of despair in the moving film that Dick Rolfe, CEO, Dove Foundation hailed as "powerful."

DVD Release Date: January 5, 2016
Runtime: 96 minutes
Rating: PG-13 (for mature thematic elements involving violence and substance abuse)

There are over 30 minutes of bonus content on this DVD including Journey Through Darkness: Filming Captive and Faith and The Purpose Driven Life. Also included with this DVD is a Digital HD copy that can be instantly streamed and downloaded.




Cassandra's Review-  Intense and very easily captivating this move really did live up to its title. An extremely well worth watching DVD.

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The Complete Book of Home Organization By Toni Hammersley of A Bowl Full of Lemons Review

For anyone who has wished for the time and tools to organize their homes into clutter-free, design-conscious, Pinterest-worthy spaces, the perfect hands-on manual is here. From storage solutions and cleaning tips to secret space-saving methods and expert strategies, The Complete Book of Home Organization is packed with tips and shortcuts to effectively organize your home.

While we try to live a balanced life within the walls of our homes, most days the dog is chasing the cat, and dinner is bubbling over the stovetop. In this easy to read, beautifully photographed book, organization blogger Toni Hammersley will teach readers how to maintain balance in their homes and regain the love they felt when they first moved in. From solutions for tiny apartments to tackling a big, messy home, this book covers it all. The Complete Book of Home Organization spells out everything you need to keep your home—and life—in tip-top shape.

Toni takes readers through each space, combing through the unknown, purging, donating and categorizing. The book includes weekly challenges, including checklists, to make tasks enjoyable and easy to tackle. Readers will have new tools to keep track of their pantries, holiday and craft supplies, weekly menu planning, and schedules. From the basement to the attic, this book covers every nook and cranny.

It’s time to tackle the mess and take back your space.

Toni Hammersley is the creator and writer of the popular home organizing and entertaining blog A Bowl Full of Lemons, which inspires thousands of people around the world to get their lives in order. She hosts a popular 14-week organizing challenge each year, aimed at helping her readers conquer clutter. She is also a registered nurse and photographer. She lives in Charleston, South Carolina with her husband and three children.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review-  The first thing that caught my eye was the unique book cover and colorfulness.  The book is very well organized and the ideas are easy to utilize around the home.  Each little challenge is really fun and this is a great way to help your kids learn more about organizing while creating a beautiful place.

The Baby Survival Guide Review

Hello, baby. The whole life thing is pretty new to you, right? Luckily, you have a dad. Unluckily, he's new to the whole being-your-daddy thing. So if you're going to survive, you need THE BABY'S GUIDE TO SURVIVING DAD. A clever, quirky picture book you can't live without.
The Baby Survival Guides will be available in stores on February 1, 2016.

ISBN: 978-1-62370-610-4 (A Baby’s Guide to Surviving Dad)

$6.95 US ($7.95 CAD)


Juvenile Fiction/Family/New Baby

Ages 0 to 3 /Grades P to 1

Capstone Young Readers

Series: Baby Survival Guides

24 pages

6”Wide x 7”High

About the Author

Benjamin Bird is one of the many secret identities of Donald Lemke, children’s book editor and all around renaissance man. Donnie has written dozens of all-age comics and children's books for Capstone, HarperCollins, Running Press, and more. Most recently he created the Wearable Books series with Bob Lentz as part of the Lemke & Lentz writing team. The books in the series – Book-O-Beards, Book-O-Hats, Book-O-Teeth, and Book-O-Masks – have provided countless hours of Instagram fun around the world. He lives in St. Paul, Minn. with his beautiful wife, Amy, toddling toddler, Cleo, and a not-so-golden retriever named Paulie.

About the Illustrator

Tiago Americo is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator based in Montreal, Canada. Tiago graduated in Graphic Design at UTFPR, Brazil and then worked in the animation industry, receiving several awards for his animation short-movies Cafe La Rochelle and The Chance and the Butterfly. Since 2010, Tiago has worked as a full-time illustration artist, creating children's books, greeting cards, wall decals, posters, and game concepts for clients in France, UK, USA, Canada, Belgium, Holland, Korea, and Brazil. He lives happily with his beloved wife, his dog, and a bunch of cool books!

Cassandra's Review - The book is super short and is cute for first time dads.  I enjoyed the illustrations.

Valentia Skin Detoxifying Clay Mask AND Eternal Youth Exfoliating Scrub #skindetoxifyingclaymask

Valentia Skin Detoxifying Clay Mask - A natural kaolin clay and botanical based mask that gently removes excess, dirt and oil while deeply cleansing and exfoliating the skin to reveal softer, smoother skin.

Valentia Eternal Youth Exfoliating Scrub- A refreshing scrub with green and white teas partnered with a trio of tropical butters.

Specially selected ingredients work together to achieve optimum results.

Valentia Skin Detoxifying Clay Mask:

- Kaolin Clay: Clay minerals draw impurities, improve skin tone, and tighten pores for smoother firmer skin.

- Plant Stem Cells: Naturally decreases the level of pro-aging toxins and works to soother the skin, reduce redness, and improve evenness.

-Spirulina: A botanical stimulant full of vitamins that hydrates the skins surface and contributes to tissue regeneration of the skin.

- CoQ10: Lessens the appearance of wrinkles by reducing free radical damage and stimulating health collagen production.

- Hibiscus & Cranberry Fibers: Both lend their anti-aging properties to firm and reinforce the skin, helping to reduce the creation of new wrinkles.

Valentia Eternal Youth Exfoliating Scrub:- Green and White Tea: Packed with polyphenols and potent antioxidants that provide anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant, and anti-aging effects.

- Aloe Vera: This nutrient rich botanical moisturizes the skin and fights aging by improving skin firmness.

- Jojoba Beads: Gentle beads that work to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells without scratching the skin.

- Olive, Avocado & Kukui Butter:This nutrient dense trio is rich in Vitamin A, B, D, and E helps nourish, hydrate, and repair the skin while combating pro-aging free radicals.

I received complimentary product.

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Pizza Cutter #TipnToss

TOP QUALITY; Luxurious wooden handle with high class stainless steel. Attention to details in material selection and craftsmanship.

EXCELLENT USER EXPERIENCE; Well proportioned in terms of weight and size. You will feel in control. Swift and smooth cutting experience in one rocking motion. Pizza top remains intact.
STYLE AND PRESENTATION; Smart looking. Inner Packaging is suitable for presentation as a gift to friends and new homeowners.

STORAGE and CLEANING; Easy storage with hanging hole. Also stores in a drawer or on magnet. Hassle free washing and cleaning. Run through soapy water and clean by a dry cloth.

GO BEYOND PIZZA CUTTING; Multi-purpose elegant looking smart utensil. Cut, Chop and scoop your vegetables, fruit, chicken, meat and herbs. Cut your BBQed kebabs or Naans (Indian Bread).

Never again you will complain about messy pizza top or a frustrating cutting experience.
You will be amazed with the speed, precision and control on your pizza cutting.This pizza cutter is Equally Suitable for household or professional kitchens.
One easy rocking motion is what you need to cut across your pizza diameter. Cut, chop and spread your toppings with this smart utensil. Lift the pizza or its slices with the same tipNtoss tool.

- With most of the pizza cutters, you struggle with a simple task of cutting your pizza smoothly i.e wheel is wobbly, cutting blade is not fit for purpose, handle is inconvenient etc.
- Most of the cutters don't let you a cut through your pizza with one swift rocking motion.
- You end up retrying your cuts thereby causing rework and a messy pizza top.
- Lots of pizza cutters start fine but then don't last for long.
- Most of pizza cutters are confined to cutting pizzas only.

This "TipNToss" pizza cutter is going to take all the issues away from a clean and swift pizza cutting.What's more? It is durable, attractive and multipurpose.

- Rubber wood solid handle for easy and firm grip. NOT a hollow or a wobbly handle.
- No additional sharpening required. This Stainless steel knife is built for multipurpose cutting.
- Smart looking and gives you control of your cutting item.
- Easy to clean and wash.


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4"* 5"* 6" Flickering Flameless Candles #FlickeringFlamelessCandles

Smart control:With One Remote Control, You Could Control All Our Comenzar Candles of Different Sizes, & Our Candle Sets of 3
10 Key Remote Timer-For easy & Convenient operation.Out Led Candles Lets you choose among 2/4/6/8 hours Timers as well as Static Flickering Light options and Brightness Levels.THE TIMER WILL CYCLE EVERY 24 HOURS
Energy saving -Our flickering flameless candles Can Simply Switch on the Remote Control by Clicking . Click it off when no longer needed.
Battery Operated-This flameless candle is operated by 3 x AAA battery with Flickering effect .Product Size:3"(D)*4"(H)/3"(D)*5"(H)/3"(D)*6"(H)
Safe To Use Around Children and Pets - Led candles without real fire.Never worry about fire-related accidents again!

I received complimentary product.

Night ProVision™ LINE 120F #rearbikelight

 ✔ ULTRA HIGH INTENSITY, SLIM SIZE, & FEATHER WEIGHT: 1.4oz @ 120 Lumens; LINE 120F  delivers the highest lumen output for its weight and compact size

     ✔ NIGHT PROVISION™ LIFETIME WARRANTY GUARANTEE: A 100% no hassle, no questions asked,        money back guarantee for a lifetime. We are so confident and serious about our products that we can back      the NIPRO RED with a 100% Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee

     ✔ MOST VERSATILE BIKE LIGHT: Position LINE Vertically or Horizontally; Adjust LINE higher or lower          with 2 clicks; Mount LINE on anywhere with 4 secure slotted holes in the stretchable rubber straps

     ✔ MICRO USB RECHARGEABLE: Save money and never buy another battery again. Charge quickly at         any USB outlet.

✔ WATER & SHOCK PROOF: ABS polymer & rubber seals allows for protection from shocks, drops, and rainy days.
The Night Provision LINE 120 is the brightest light on the market for it's size. Delivering a super high intense 120 Lumens alarms everyone your passing by, ensuring the safest riding experience, day or night. No more runs to the store to buy expensive toxic batteries. Charge conveniently with any USB device. It takes only 2 hrs for a single full charge. This compact, yet powerful headlight light consists of 6 modes: (Standard 6:20), (High Beam 2:45), (Overdrive 1:40), (50% Flash 5:10), (100% Flash 3:00), (Epilepsy Strobe 2:50). There are 4 secure slots in the stretchable rubber straps, allowing users to mount on almost anything imaginable. Choose to position LINE 120 Vertically or Horizontally. Adjust with 2 clicks to position LINE 120 higher or lower at your desired angle. Rubber gaskets installed in the casing to ensure water resistance, so no worries on rainy days. 100% Safety improvement; This ultra high-powered lighting output will increase your visibility to the vehicles surround you in the dark. 100% Versatile; this light can be strapped on your helmet, your backpack, your bike, your stroller, boats, and your pet's collar. Be creative and strap it on anywhere.

I received complimentary product.

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Genuine Australian Lambswool Car Interior Duster #woolduster

Genuine Australian Lambswool Car Interior Duster makes a lovely birthday or holiday gift for car enthusiasts, sons, dads and grandfathers, new car owners, or anyone who appreciates the perfect car interior detailing tool to maintain their ride looking like new!
---This 100% natural Australian lambswool car interior duster works like magic, attracts dust like a magnet, keeps your vehicle clean and looking beautiful
----Compact size is perfect for interior detailing of cars and vehicles, lightweight and easy to handle, easy to store in your car door storage slot
----Extremely gentle on leather, plastic and other surfaces; picks up dust without leaving behind residue, superior performance to microfiber, oil-based spray on finishes and other car interior cleaning tools
----Thousands of other uses: great for cleaning and dusting around the house, shelves, window sills, corners, bookcases, delicate items and collectibles, lamps, mirrors, and much more
----16-inches long x 4-inches diameter, 2 ounces, shake or spin to clear dust, or gently hand wash for best results

I received complimentary product.

Goyre power bank G5300 #GogyrePowerBank

Keep your new Gyrego Power Bank with you and never run out of battery again.
Gyrego’s  Power Bank was designed with practicality and efficiency in mind. As a result, it’s the most reliable power bank you could ever use, as it allows for charging your phone on the go fast and easy!
Thanks to the high-performance Boston Swing 5300 Battery, the Gyrego Power Bank guarantees maximized charging power, safety and efficiency!

I received complimentary product.

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LINKYO Color Liquid Chalk Marker Pens #Linkyo

Whether you are browsing a bistro/café, looking at grocery store promotions, passing a car with "Congrats" on the window or at a festive wedding, chalkboard art is everywhere. Every day you see a world full of color that brings emotions to life. Take hold of these feelings and color your world the way you see it. Liquid chalk makes all this possible, and now you can join the fun!

These simple-to-use LINKYO professional-grade chalk ink markers are equipped with premium reversible tips - choose a chisel tip or a round tip! For your convenience, we've included 2 replacement tips absolutely FREE! Whether you are an inspiring artist, an enthusiastic crafter, or a family with creative kids, these chalk paint pens allow you to turn a simple project into a rich and bold magnificent work of art.

The liquid chalk pens meet U.S and European conforming art standards and provide you with 20 chalk markers, each with 8 grams of exceptional artist-quality chalk ink that can be erased on any non-porous surface (see caution label).

Boring meetings? Use our liquid chalk pens on whiteboards and erase away.
Dull café menu? These are ideal bistro chalk markers that will brighten up any non-porous chalkboard or sign.

Bland wedding decorations? The WHITE, SILVER and GOLD markers are perfect for adding that special touch.

Unorganized? Write on chalk ink labels with our chalk ink pens and place the labels on items like mason jars, drawers, and storage units, making elegant order out of messy chaos.
Generic holiday cards? Use our GOLD and SILVER chalk ink with stamps to create a festive vintage effect.

Any occasion, any project, LINKYO chalk paint markers tackle anything, truly making them your all-purpose solution.

I received complimentary product.

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Smart Ways to Melt Winter Blues with the help of U.S. Cellular

iPhone Screenshot 1
There are various ways you can get the most out of your device when you are stuck inside because of a bad winter storm. Whether you want to learn something new or be entertained, the right apps and our high-quality network that works when and where you need it will help you stay connected on a cold and snowy day.
iPhone Screenshot 1
A recent U.S. Cellular survey indicated that 61 percent of smartphone owners use their device to play games. Classic board games, such as Monopoly, The Game of Life and Yahtzee, have apps available on Google Play and iTunes.

Smartphone owners also can stay sharp by downloading top trivia apps, such as Guess the Song, QuizUp, Trivia Crack and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

Recommended apps: Here are some additional apps that will help keep both kids and parents entertained this winter:

There are several kitchen classic apps. Food Network On the Road and Just Recipes are great apps to spice up the season.

Amateur chefs and mixologists also can whip up their favorite foods or drinks with the Chinese Recipes, Italian Recipes, Christmas Recipes, Frozen Milkshake and Tea Making Recipes apps.
iPhone Screenshot 1
If you can’t be outside in the snow, the Make a Snowman and Snowman Maker Plus apps allow families to design their own snowman, so Frosty can come to life at your fingertips.

For those that need a brain-stimulating app to break up a cold day, the free Elevate and Fit Brains Trainer apps are designed to improve focus, memory, processing speed and speaking skills.

Cover Reveal: In the After by Elisa Dane Presented by Swoon Romance

Welcome to the cover reveal for
In the After by Elisa Dane
presented by Swoon Romance!
Be on the look out for this upcoming YA Contemporary Romance!
In The After
Sadie Reynolds is a liar with secrets. At school, she’s part of the popular crowd known as AE, despite being broken inside. She hides it well. She has to. The slightest bit of imperfection will land her in the same shoes as her Geeky neighbor named Ian.
Ian and his only friend are the object of Sadie’s friends’ ridicule, ire, and entertainment. The AE rule the school with intimidation and retribution against anyone who would dare question their supremacy. Sadie steers clear of most of it, terrified someone will find out her secret. She isn’t the least bit perfect. In fact, she suffers from PTSD stemming from the murder of her mother right before her eyes when she was a child. She can barely cope from day-to-day, hiding her truth and trying to fit in. But she knows it’s only a matter of time. Hayden is a “Waverly,” a kid with the misfortune of living in the small farming town of Waverly that borders the very affluent Lexington Parrish. The AE doesn’t mix with “Waverlies.” Ever. Desperate to get away from her oppressive friends, Sadie crashes into Hayden at a bonfire and the attraction that sparks between them is nothing short of electric. But Hayden’s an outsider and when things heat up, Sadie will be forced to choose between her friends and her new boyfriend. Only Queen Bee Britt isn’t having it. She will not allow Sadie to cross her. Sadie can either do what Britt wants her to do or she will reveal Sadie for the PTSD freak that she is. Sadie does some soul searching about who she is and who she wants to be. She can’t live her life like this. Not any more. One fateful night will help her see how much things have to change. She’s determined to no longer allow the AE to rule her life. She will be strong, stand up for Ian and love who she wants in Hayden. Determined and invigorated, Sadie goes to school feeling hopeful for the first time in forever. But, the unthinkable happens. Shooters attack dozens of students before the two eventually take their own lives, leaving the school a decimated shadow of what it once was. Suddenly who lives where, wears what or loves whom seems like the least of Lexington Parish’s problems as everyone and everything changes forever in the after. IN THE AFTER by Elisa Dane is a hard-hitting and heart-warming story of tragedy, love, loss and redemption. It is recommended for readers 14+.
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In the After by Elisa Dane Publication Date: February 2, 2016 Publisher: Swoon Romance
Pre-order: Amazon
Elisa Dane
Elisa Dane loves books, chocolate, reality television, her family, and All Star Cheerleading. Not necessarily in that order! She writes contemporary YA romance with cheerleaders. Yep. She writes what she knows, and it's her hope that her stories will not only take you on a romantic journey that will warm your heart, but that you'll find a new respect for the sport of All Star Cheerleading you may not have had before. She's represented by Brittany Booker of the Booker/Albert Agency, and has published a NA paranormal series under her real name, Lisa Sanchez.

Roman's Holiday by Susan Aylworth Blog Tour Giveaway $25 Amazon Gift Card or $25 in Paypal Cash

  Roman's Holiday
Roman's holiday cover

  Roman's Holiday by Susan Aylworth

Four years after Roman Kincaid was catapulted into stardom as a country-western singer and A-list movie star, he is burned out: exhausted by a grueling schedule, drained by the ceaseless demands of producers and managers, weary of meeting the needs of others at the expense of his own. Leaving a sold-out show in Phoenix, he rents a car and drives north and east, landing in the Painted Desert town of Rainbow Rock.

Nearly three years after leaving her old life behind, Lottie Beale is feeding people and baking pies, managing the Kachina Café and tending secrets of her own. When circumstances conspire to give two attractive people some time alone together amid the world-class vistas of the Four Corners, they discover more than either had bargained for.
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  Susan A

Author Susan Aylworth
Susan Aylworth started her first book when she was nine. "It was called Buff, The Proud Stallion. I wrote eight whole pages." For her fifth grade career day, she stated her ambition to become "a rich and famous author."
Decades later, she is pleased to have achieved the 'author' part of that goal. A former university professor, she enjoys researching backgrounds and careers for her novels. "It's one way to live many lives at once." She lives in northern California with her husband of 45 years and two spoiled cats.

  Blog Tour Giveaway - $25 Amazon Gift Card or $25 in Paypal Cash

 Ends 1/21/16 Open only to those who can legally enter, receive and use an Gift Code or Paypal Cash. Winning Entry will be verified prior to prize being awarded. No purchase necessary. You must be 18 or older to enter or have your parent enter for you. The winner will be chosen by rafflecopter and announced here as well as emailed and will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen.

This giveaway is in no way associated with Facebook, Twitter, Rafflecopter or any other entity unless otherwise specified. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Giveaway was organized by Kathy from I Am A Reader and sponsored by the author. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW. a Rafflecopter giveaway