Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Jesus Helps Me: Knowing My God by Callie Grant Review and GIVEAWAY

Swoosh! Splash! Peck! An array of fascinating birds and facts about them introduce children to a deeper understanding of Jesus’ words in John 12:44-47. Jesus Helps Me, new to the Knowing My God series, offers four levels of exploration: a quoted Bible passage, beautiful real-world photographs, supportive captions to relate the passage meaning to a child’s life, and thinking questions to personalize the experience.

A parent guide gives tips for involving a baby, toddler, and child. In the Graham Blanchard book collection, Jesus Helps Me is a Learn book, which makes personal Bible study accessible to young children who, alongside adults, build a foundation for faith and a lifelong friendship with Jesus.

Callie Grant

Callie Grant founded Graham Blanchard to create children's books for growing up in God, by working with an extensive network of artists, parents, pastors, teachers, and children. The company is the culmination of her experience in the publishing industry paired with a strong calling to help families know God's love and nurture their faith through reading together. Her previous titles, under the name Callie Gregory, include Jeeves, I'm Bored: 25 Internet Adventures for Kids, and Jeeves, I Need Help: Tips and Tricks for Kids on the Net.

Cassandra's Review-  Excellent board book for younger kids whose families have faith.  If you are interested in Jesus and want to share with your little ones, this book is simple and great for bedtime.

The Dogs of Newtown by Guy A. Bacon Review

Newtown, Connecticut has struggled since December of 2012. But the sadness in Newtown got a little bit better because of the therapy dogs that came to visit from around America.THE DOGS OF NEWTOWN, written by Guy Bacon and packed full of beautiful photography is the product of long, snuggle-filled interview sessions, and the mutual love that was, and still is, shared by Guy and the dogs of Newtown. A student at Reed Intermediate School in Newtown, Connecticut, Guy shares the story of some of the most special therapy dogs that visited him and his friends at school and helped lick the tears away.

For more information, visit www.gooddogsgreatlisteners.com and www.charlotteslitter.org, and connect with Charlotte’s Litter and Good Dogs, Great Listeners on Facebook and Twitter.

The Dogs of Newtown can be purchased from www.amazon.com.
Guy A. Bacon
Guy Bacon wrote THE DOGS OF NEWTOWN when he was 11 years old so he could share the story of the therapy dogs that visited his school. He lives in Newtown, Connecticut and has a mom, dad, sister, Charlotte, and two dogs, Lily and Luther, two gerbils, Snow and Butterball, and a beta fish called 'Beat-um-up'. Guy enjoys Tae Kwon Do, tennis, playing with his dogs, eating sushi and spending time with his family. He feels passionate about therapy dogs.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review-  This is a cute book with nice illustrations. It shares about some really special dogs and I think younger children will enjoy it. 

Exquisite Beauty & Skin Makeup Blender (Trio) #exquisitebeautyskin

Exquisite Beauty & Skin Makeup Blender provides flawless highlighting, blending, and contouring for primer, powder, cream, and liquid makeup.

Exquisite Beauty & Skin Makeup Blender is made from non latex, sturdy, yet soft foam that can be used wet or dry. (Dry for heavier coverage)

Use the larger black blender for contouring and highlighting while the small pink blender for concealing small areas such as under eyes, corner of nose, and correcting blemishes.

Tip: Makeup Blender (Dumbbell) is perfect for sculpting and contouring cheekbones.

Special promo price for Makeup Blender (Trio) $19.00

I received complimentary product.

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Adjustable Monitor and Printer Stand #MonitorStand

This is an adjustable monitor and printer stand. It can hold up to a 27" monitor, as well as a printer, fax machine, laptop, X-Box, Playstation, or TV. Having your monitor raised above its standard height helps get you eye-level with your monitor, keeping posture good and reducing hunching and back pains.

The features are as follows:

- 15.5" wide x 11.5" deep
- 4 height adjustments, from 1" to 4"
- Easy snap-in legs
- Padded legs protect desktops and furniture
- Extra strong to hold up to 80 lbs

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200X -240X LED UV Light Pocket Microscope #PockeMicroscope

~Pocket-sized microscope with 200X -240X adjustable magnification.
Built in LED light and UV light provide a bright, clear image.
Extremely lightweight and portable with a rubberized eyepiece for comfortable viewing.
Application Range: Industrial purpose, circuit board and printing; industry, medicine, gardening, coin, stamp, jewelry; Appraisal, education, geography, home and office.

It features a built-in LED light and UV light that provide a bright, clear image and a rubberized eyepiece for comfortable viewing. Fits easily in your pocket to bring with you anywhere. Great for science education, printed circuit board (PCB) inspection, jewelers, hobbyists, tinkerers, and geeks of all types.

I received complimentary product

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Maestoware Handheld Adjustable Mandoline V-Slicer #MaestowareMandoline

This super-fast and easy to use handheld slicer is guaranteed to save you time preparing food. The 3 convenient and adjustable settings allows you to cut fruits and vegetables in various sizes while the lock position provide a safety for storage. The ergonomic designed grooves makes it sturdy for placement to slice over a bowl.

• 4 positions that can be easily adjusts for three precise thicknesses 2mm, 4mm, 6mm and lock position for safety storage.
• Strong sharp stainless steel V-Blade makes it easily to cut vegetables and fruits that will last for years.
• Sturdy handle provides a steady and comfortable grip.
• Non-slip rubber base keeps the slicer firmly in place for slicing.
• BPA free Non-Stick body for easy slicing and ergonomic designed grooves for sturdy placement to slice over a bowl.

• Handheld Mandoline Slicer
• Safe Hand Guard

I received complimentary product.

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The Oke 51 Leds Uv Pet Black Light Stain Detector #OkeBlacklight

EXTENSIVE URINE STAIN DETECTION: Works to detect stains and urine of dogs, cats and other pets on carpets,walls,and other surfaces
30% BRIGHTER: Contains 51 UV LEDs to cover visibility over larger areas
DURABLE MATERIAL: Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy Body with Anti-abrasive Anodizing Surface Treatment
MORE USES: Scorpion and deer hunting, AUTHENTICATE currency and IDs,passport,Hotel & Motel Inspection,Auto Leaks

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Meterteck Digital Multimeter #Meterteck

The Meterteck MT-001 Digital Multimeter is the perfect tool for troubleshoot electrical problems in a wide array of industrial and household devices such as electronic equipment, motor controls, domestic appliances, power supplies and wiring systems.

It's compact, lightweight but durable and very easy to operate. It can measure DC current, AC/DC voltage, resistance, continuity (buzzer), transistor and diodes with a very high degree of accuracy.

Each unit comes with a pre-installed 9v battery, 2 pairs of high quality Test Leads (for longer use) and a link to a 1 year warranty activation and a Tips & Tricks E-book.

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Dark Ebony Polarized Sunglasses #Corboardracks

Why spend hundreds on name brand that is really just cheap plastic? COR Surf makes only the highest quality sustainable products. These high-quality polarized zebrawood sunglasses are stylish and eco-friendly. Comes with a weather resistant bamboo case! Set yourself apart!COR Surf makes only the highest quality sustainable products. These high quality ebony sunglasses are stylish and eco-friendly, made from Sustainable Ebony! Awesome weather resistant bamboo case case included!

Eco-friendly sunglasses handcrafted from sustainable ebony.
High Quality, Durable Sunglasses
100% UVA/UVB Polarized Lenses.
One size extreme lightweight frames.
5 Year Money Back Warranty

I received complimentary product.

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