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Ribbed Leg Warmers #RibbedLegWarmers

Material: Acrylic Fibers
Measures 17.3'' * 4.7'', stretchable
One size fit most, wonderful to wear with boots, booties, over stockings, skinny jeans, leggings, knee high boots, rubber boots or even heels and flats
Soft and fabulous with any dress, Pull down for a scrunch sock look,Pull up to thigh as a warmer for slim adults or kids
Warranty only when purchased from an authorized Blink Creation reseller.

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Between Black and White: From Evanston to Englewood to Everywhere by Dr. Tony Bethel Review

In 2042, the United States is projected to be no longer a predominantly white nation. What we must do in the interim is to have a dialogue with one another and learn to live with one another, somewhere between black and white.

 If we do not learn to live in peace, we only have to look at the past of the Balkans, Rwanda, Sudan, etc., as well as present-day Nigeria, Iraq, Syria, etc.

Between Black and White is my personal journey and attempt to reconcile my past with the present. Ever hopeful for the future. Not just for myself, but my grandchild. “Give peace a chance” The choice is ours. Rip Trayvon Martin Oscar Grant Michael Brown Eric Garner

About the Author

Tony attended Noyes Elementary School in Evanston, Illinois, from kindergarten to second grade (1967–69). He then moved to the Englewood neighborhood in Chicago, where he attended St. Brendan's Catholic School and, upon graduation, attended Quigley Prep Seminary South. After graduation, Tony attended the University of Illinois Champaign–Urbana.

 In 1983, he graduated with a BS in psychology. The dynamic between black and white in this country, as well as the six inhabited continents he has visited, has always fascinated him. He thought of the things we say (or don't say) to one another, as well as the interactions in families of “mixed” heritage. Months after graduating from the U of I, Tony joined the US Navy, serving as a submariner and, later on, officer onboard a destroyer during the US involvement in the first Persian Gulf War. After nine and a half years in the navy, he became a nationally certified licensed nutritional counselor, a caregiver for the developmentally disabled, and a doctor of naprapathic medicine (Naprapath).

 His focus now is on manual therapy and care of the developmentally disabled. In addition to this book, he has written three books of poetry-one with his son Brian, Father and Son: a Connection through Poetry. Tony definitely believes that words and dialogue are a more efficient vehicle for change than bullets and weapons. He remains hopeful for the sake of his grandson and future generations.

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Cassandra's Review- While this is not something I would usually pick up it is very interesting. A great story that is not going to put you to sleep. The author shares a great many details and adds a excellent story in a way that brings it to life.

God Is With You Every Day By Max Lucado Review


God Is With You Every Day is a brand-new 365-day devotional from Max Lucado, and his first new devotional since the creation of the Grace for the Moment® line. Max’s signature reassuring and encouraging voice, paired with the practical, relevant, and personal message that God is with you every day, makes a great way to start each day of the year.

This devotional begins each week with a prayer and scripture, followed by six days of devotions and scripture for reflection. Weaving messages of comfort, grace, and encouragement, this book is wonderful for anyone who wants a fresh infusion of faith to start each day, as well as those walking through difficult seasons of life such as loneliness, grief, or change.

You can face each day with courage – because God is with you.

Max Lucado

Max Lucado has touched millions with his signature storytelling writing style. Awards and accolades follow Max with each book he writes. Max is the first author to win the Gold Medallion Christian Book of the Year three times—1999 for Just Like Jesus, 1997 for In the Grip of Grace and 1995 for When God Whispers Your Name. In 2005, Reader’s Digest dubbed him “America’s Best Preacher.” In addition, he has been an ECPA Gold Medallion finalist with more titles than any other author in the industry.

In 1994, he became the only author to have 11 of his twelve books in print simultaneously appear on paperback, hardcover and children's CBA bestseller lists. Lucado set a new industry record by concurrently placing nine different Word Publishing titles on the CBA Hardcover Bestseller List in both March and April 1997. Max Lucado is a fixture on the national bestseller lists – a Max Lucado title has appeared on the CBA hardcover bestseller list every month for the past dozen years. He has appeared on the Publishers Weekly, USA Today and New York Times bestseller lists. He has won eight ECPA Gold Medallion awards.

In addition to his nonfiction books, Lucado has authored several award-winning children's titles including, Just In Case You Ever Wonder, The Crippled Lamb, Alabaster's Song and the award-winning You Are Special. Max is also the author of Hermie: A Common Caterpillar, and the Max Lucado’s Hermie and Friends collection of books and DVD’s are quickly becoming a fixture on bestseller lists. He also served as the general editor for the best-selling Lucado Study Bible and God's Inspirational Promise Book.

In the Fall of 2006, he released Facing Your Giants, followed by Every Day Deserves a Chance in April of the 2007.

For over twenty years, Max has served as the Senior Pastor of the Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas. But he says his greatest accomplishment is finding a one-in-a-million wife in Denalyn and having three unbelievable daughters: Jenna, Andrea, and Sara.

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Cassandra's Review-  Whether you want to build or renew your faith, this book is going to be a huge help.  It is packed with devotionals that are easy to understand and get you on the right track each day.  The author is so inspiring and brings a spiritual strength in his work.  This is going to be a great gift for anyone who enjoys the topic.

The Four Dimensions of Extraordinary Leadership The Power of Leading from Your Heart, Soul, Mind, and Strength By Jenni Catron Review

You have the capacity to become an extraordinary leader if you are willing to embrace a deeper definition of leadership and take action to apply it.

In The 4 Dimensions of Extraordinary Leadership, Jenni Catron, executive church leader and author of Clout, reveals the secrets to standout leadership found in the Great Commandment: Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.

Weaving a winsome narrative filled with inspiring real-life stories, hard-won wisdom, and practical applications, Catron unpacks four essential aspects of growing more influential: your heart for relational leadership, your soul for spiritual leadership, your mind for managerial leadership, and your strength for visionary leadership.

Leadership isn't easy, but it is possible to move from ordinary to extraordinary. Jenni Catron shows the way."

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review-  This is a great book not only to help you be an excellent leader but to also remind you of who is leading above all.  If you have a spiritual side and want to get closer with this topic, this is sure to help.

Vino Mio Foldable Wine Bottle #VinoMioFoldableWineBottle

Vino Mio is a refillable, lightweight and unbreakable alternative to glass bottles. It is an easy and discreet way to carry your wine or any other beverage in a bag, purse or pocket. Vino Mio is:
- Foldable
- Rollable
- Reusable
- Flexible
- BPA Free

Use Vino Mio anywhere glass is prohibited.


Transferring your favorite wine to the flexible wine bottle is easier than ever thanks to the wide mouth cap.
- Open your wine bottle.
- Twist the cap of your VINO MIO and slowly pour the wine from the original packaging to the flexible portable wine bottle.
- Fill the bottle almost to the top, leaving about 10% empty.
- Seal the portable wine bottle and massage to remove unwanted air bubbles.
- Fill the remainder of the bottle.
- Twist tightly & enjoy anywhere you want!

Bring VINO MIO to any event where alcohol will be served. Pour your favorite drink into the wine bottle with a twist and take it with you to:
- Concerts & festivals
- Backyard barbecue
- Beach outings
- Picnics
- A day on the boat
- Tailgating

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Eclipse Pomegranate and Acai Face & Body Cream #EclipsePomegranateandAcaiFaceBodyCream

LOOK YOUR BEST -Smooth, Supple Skin Lets You Look Your Best and Gives You Confidence
RAPIDLY ABSORBED - Your skin quickly absorbs the cream, Leaving no greasy residue
NATURAL & ORGANIC - Combines Shea Butter, Aloe, Pomegranate, Avocado to excite your senses
LOVELY FRAGRANCE -  Customers rave about the amazing aroma created by the Pomegranate
This Face & Body Cream is produced to FDA standards in our FDA accredited facility right here in the USA!

Do you lack the confidence that soft supple skin brings?
We believe that Eclipse Pomegranate & Acai Face & Body Cream will help you regain that confidence again!

Shea butter as a organic facial moisturizer! Eclipse will provide you with a reliable solution to frustrating dry skin to allow your first impression to be a lasting positive one! At Global Care Essentials we believe, thats when you look and feel your best!!
- Imagine waking up to beautiful Skin every morning! By using Eclipse as your source of facial moisture and as your daily facial moisturizer this is reality!

We believe everyone deserves to have confidence in their appearance!! Imagine having that Confidence!!!

Your skin is kept smooth and supple with key Ingredients Like Shea Butter, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Sweet Almond (Amygdalus Dulcis) Oil, Pomegranate (Punica Granatum) Extract, Retinyl Palmitate, to deeply hydrate your skin as only moisturizing body cream can.
- Natural body moisturizer is perfect for your facial moisturizer needs & you will love the fragrance. Our unique ingredients provide an abundance of body moisturizers. The best organic facial moisturizer!
- All our customers love Eclipse and always tell us it’s the best shea butter hand cream and everyday facial moisturizer they have used!.

We believe that Eclipse is the skincare secret you will want to share with your friends. Eclipse natural body moisturizer!
Yes, your confidence is on the rise again!!
Try Eclipse For Yourself Today!
Order Eclipse to discover the changes soft supple Skin can make!

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Faucet Set of 2 Sink Handle Extender #faucetextender #ad

✔EASY ON/OFF REMOVAL: requires no tools or assembly and works right out of the box! Simply take it out, pop it in just seconds on any faucet and watch the good habits start to form!
✔ROUNDED CORNER AND ZERO SHARP EDGES: completely safe for little fingers. Hold up well even if your child decides to use it while he or she is teething! Protects your youngster from the sharp edges commonly found underneath most faucets.
✔FUN DESIGN AND COLORS: the Baby Faucet Extender integrates a brightly-colored unique design that makes hand washing time fun for your kids!
✔COLOR-FAST MATERIALS: manufactured from completely non-toxic materials, BPA, PVC and phthalate free, the Baby Faucet Extender won't crack, fade or warp from enthusiastic usage
✔UNIVERSAL DESIGN: the Baby Faucet Extender is compatible with most faucets of all shapes and sizes, so take it with you! Perfectly travel sized, fast-drying and dishwasher-safe!

The Baby Faucet Extender was designed with one goal in mind - to make hand washing fun! The design team at Straight Edge Innovations consulted with countless parents just like you, and here's what they found-- the number one challenge they encountered with their little ones was all about building healthy habits. We discovered the solution with our Baby Faucet Extender! The concept behind our Faucet Extender is simple yet effective. Because the foundation to all sanitation habits begin and end with hand washing, it is crucial children develop this healthy habit early on. Carefully made to be both convenient and easy-to-use, our Baby Faucet Extender not only makes it easy for young ones to reach the water themselves with the help of the fun colorful shape and design, it also protects little fingers from the sharp edges often found directly underneath most commercial faucets. Product features: ★2 high quality Faucet Extender 1. Blue and Yellow 2. Fuchsia and Yellow ★High quality silicone and plastic material - BPA, PVC free. ★Fit most conventional bathroom faucets. ★Fun colorful shape and design that make your child love hand washing. ★Easy To Store and Clean, while being dishwasher safe. Our Baby Faucet Extender is durable, completely non-toxic, fits virtually any standard sized faucet and is travel-sized, so no matter where your child goes with you, hand washing is a snap and a fun moment to share.

Retail Price: $14.99



Wine Molecule Necklace #rosavilaboutique

- Wine - world's most widely consumed alcohol. They turn its chemical structure into a piece of delicate jewelry. Perfect way to show your nerdy and quirky side!

- Unique wine chemical molecule necklace for wine lovers, coffee enthusiasts, science lovers, wine collectors, biology majors, biochem studies, and chemistry majors.

- Minimalist necklaces - great for everyday wear or for special occasions.

- Great gift idea - Birthday, Graduation, Anniversary, Gift for her, Mother's day, Sister Necklaces, Bridesmaid Gift, Gift for best friend, Gift for girlfriend.

- Dimension: 17*2*0.8 inches

Retail Price: $22.80



OTG Anti-fog Windproof Googles #sports

Features:Polycarbonate lens:UV400 protection,spherical lenses can give you a wider and clear visual experience
TPU frame:flexible urethane frame construction
Embroidered adjustable elastic strap and helmet compatible
OTG:big inner space for glasses
Triple-layer foam:Comfort and fit of face
Fog reduction:vented dual lens with anti-fog treatment

1.Please remove the protective film of inner lens before use.
2.Do not wipe them with hands.If snow gets into your goggles,shake them out first,then dab them with a goggle cloth.
3.Please do not put the lens facing down on the table or on the ground.
4.After skiing, we recommend you put the goggles in an airy place to dispel sweat smell.If the foam is soaked with sweat,We suggest you use a hairdryer.

Package includes:
1 x Gonex skow goggles
1 x Cleaning cloth
1 x EVA box


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