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HEADER GENERAL ENTRY PAGE Welcome to the Santa's Sleigh: Things We Love Giveaway featuring mom, child, and baby products loved by the certified sleep consultants at SleepWell Baby! They’ve helped over 1000 families across the globe with a team of 15 certified child sleep consultants; now they want to share an amazing gift guide with the fans! These top gifts are innovative in design and also have a great story, and they’ve also included some of their favorite sleep brands to help parents and children get the healthy sleep they deserve.
  • ONE LUCKY WINNER will receive a grand prize package of 36 prizes!
  • Open to residents of the U.S. and Canada only, ages 18 and older.
  • Everyone who enters will receive something special after the giveaway as a thank you.
  • The giveaway will run through 12/23.
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a Rafflecopter giveaway Please share with friends and family and good luck! So what are the AMAZING prizes? (Giveaway Open to U.S. and Canada residents only): SleepWell Baby sleepwell SleepWell Baby is focused on establishing healthy sleep habits from birth through childhood. We are members of the International Association of Childhood Sleep Consultants and each consultant is Family Sleep Institute Certified for behavioural sleep interventions with twins, children with learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Sleep consultants also have extensive training in biological sleep milestones, safe sleep environments, parenting styles, coaching, child development and solutions to sleeping challenges. Sleeping Baby Sleeping Baby’s Zipadee-Zip is a unique solution to help baby transition from swaddling. The star-shaped Zipadee-Zip works like magic and provides babies with the snug feeling of security (the womb-like environment) while still allowing for the freedom of movement of pajamas. With Zipadee-Zip, babies are free to stand up, crawl, roll, walk and move around safely. This versatile sleep garment has 7+ uses and is works like a charm to help babies fall asleep and stay asleep. The Zipadee-Zip is ideal for transitioning babies from swaddling or for babies who do not like to be swaddled. Baby-Beehaven baby-beehaven The Dream Cushion Memory Foam Travel Pillow is the hottest new nursing & feeding pillow to hit the market! It is portable and attaches in a SNAP. This pillow has added features such as promotes healthy posture while nursing. Woombie Air The Woombie Air is the first breathable swaddle that allows excess body heat to escape and requires no wrapping. Invented by a mom of five, 19-year RN, and Infant Care Specialist, the 14-award winning Woombie is a unique peanut shaped swaddle that imitates the comfort and security of the womb resulting in longer periods of sleep. It helps reduce the risk of SIDS as well as prevents overheating, face-scratching, startling, and colic (voted as a top colic product by the Fussy Baby Site). Over a half a million babies and counting have used the Woombie and parents swear by it! Baby Jack and Company babyjack Babies develop cognitively, socially and emotionally through sensory play. Baby Jack and Company creates comfort with educational prints and a unique design of sewing ribbons shut into tabs so fingers do not get intertwined in loops. This is an added safety precaution when baby sleeps. Woolino woolino Are you worried about which weight sleep sack to use and whether your baby will be too hot or cold while sleeping? With Woolino there is no need to worry because exceptionally breathable merino wool naturally regulates baby's body temperature to ensure s/he sleeps safely and comfortably through the night. This luxurious baby sleeping bag will also save you buying lots of different sizes and TOG ratings as it comes in one standard size that fits babies 2m - 2yrs old and it can be used year-round. Pearhead pearhead Celebrate your little one's first memories with the Pearhead Baby's First Christmas Chalkboard! This is a great keepsake and an easy way to cherish memories. At Pearhead, we aim to create unique, quality products that celebrate those special moments in life. From concept and design to production and customer service, the Pearhead team works together every step of the way. We consider everything from maintaining a clean aesthetic to ease of use and value. Quantuminds Baby Powder Wipes Mothers have used powder for decades to dry and soothe their baby’s most delicate skin. Package includes 20 disposable wet wipes that allows the user to apply a perfect layer of cornstarch (talc free) baby powder onto the skin with each individual wipe. The formula will penetrate the skin and dry to leave a perfect layer of smooth soft powder. We’ve eliminated the mess, dust fumes and unsanitary conditions that typically occur using loose powder products. Pello pello Pello is an amazing brand of luxe floor pillows for children that offers many important features for a child. Their Multi-Purpose Burp Cloths have luxe minkey fabric on one side and beautiful, 100% cotton on the other; every burp cloth is trimmed with accenting fabric. The Multi-Purpose Burp Cloths are not customizable. Stonzwear stonz Our original versatile Booties, available for newborns through to 2 year olds. Wear over bare feet, socks, slippers or shoes, throughout fall, winter and spring! The Booties go on easily, stay on with two adjustable toggles, and keep wind and cold out. Comprised of a water and wind-resistant 600D nylon upper, inner fleece lining and skid-resistant coated soles for all types of outdoor play. For colder weather, layer up with a pair of our Sherpa-fleece Linerz. Cardiff Products cardiff The Travel Headrest is a revolutionary new device that provides support and comfort for children and adults sleeping in cars. Its unique design can accommodate users of all sizes age 4 and 5 and up. By attaching to your vehicle’s existing headrest with a simple, universal mount, the Travel Headrest provides lateral support to keep the user’s head and body upright and comfortably aligned in the seat as they sleep. It is a thoughtfully designed, intelligent and simple solution to a problem that, until now, has been a pain in the neck for kids and travelers everywhere. The Minkey by Olie olie The Minkey is a patented winter garment that is an all in one piece, with gloves, scarf and hat all in one piece. The Minkey is basically a baklava hat with an attached polo neck scarf that has two long sleeved gloves attached. All the pieces are attached to each other making it easy to keep your child warm and dry in the winter. The Minkey is very easy to use you simply pull on the Minkey over the child’s head just like a balaclava hat and it will keep the child’s head, ears, neck, throat, arms and the hands warm and dry. The amazing thing about the Minkey is that it stays on even though your child doesn’t want it to so no more lost gloves, no more lost hats and no more cold and grumpy children. The Minkey keeps your child warm and dry all winter long in just one piece. ciao! Baby Portable High Chair ciao The ciao! baby portable high chair is an innovative, practical solution for families on the go! travel, picnics, camping, vacations, tailgating, and grandma’s house! Free standing chair requires no assembly. Light weight and flexible design that easily unfolds, locks into place, and folds back up in seconds. Durable material with a clear vinyl tray cover that easily wipes clean. Built-in cup holder. Comfortable lap belt securely holds child. For children up to 35 pounds. Babee Talk – Pink Eco-Teether Crib Rail Cover If you are hunting for organic cotton baby bedding that has it all, you’re in the right place. Designed by a mom and created with love for chic, safety-conscious parents, Babee Talk crib bedding, crib rail covers and plush toys combine the softest materials and rigorous safety checks with strikingly beautiful design. Total Dreamz totaldreamz Unique, adorable and practical, aloka-designs Night Lights are perfect for transforming a child's bedroom into the calming sanctuary needed for a great and necessary night sleep for your little ones and you. This innovative LED night light consists of an acrylic shape that fits into a durable plastic base and comes complete with remote control and power supply. Choose from 13 beautiful colors. Safe low voltage, low heat, long life LED's. Ubbi World ubbi The Ubbi Diaper Pail is made of powder-coated steel to achieve maximum odor control. It is equipped with rubber seals that are strategically designed to lock in odors as well as a sliding lid that minimizes air disruption, keeping the smell inside the pail. To meet the needs of today's eco-conscious parents, this award winning nursery essential offers the convenience and value of utilizing any standard trash bag or reusable cloth liner. This feature makes it the easiest disposal system to load, use, empty and clean. Offering a modern and sophisticated twist to a once very industrial product, the sleek Ubbi diaper pail includes a child-proof lock and is available in an array of 12 colors. All the style and none of the smell - a promising solution for every nursery. Cushy Closer cushycloser The Cushy Closer is a revolutionary product that helps eliminate door noise as well as encourages safety. Our unique snug-fit design offers a straightforward solution for all varieties of door sounds and prevents children and even pets from locking themselves in a room. Cushy Closers make the perfect ( and practical) gift for baby showers or for any parent with a light sleeper. They're also great for college students, people with pets, individuals who work from home and teachers too. The possiblilites are endless! Billy Bibs billybib When my daughter was born, I was looking for bibs that wouldn't hide her pretty outfits and found...nothing! I decided to give the plain bulky bibs a face lift and create a product that would improve my babies outfit instead of hiding it. Since they are so unique they were an instant hit. We have tons of varieties to choose from. Each one is completely handmade with exceptional quality. The best part is that each bib is completely reversible giving you 2 in 1! Every baby needs one. Genesis 950 by Amerikal Products genesis Genesis 950 is a green, surfactant based cleaner that works with water to break the bonds of stains and lift them from the surface. Rather than attack stains with harsh toxins and chemicals, it alters the molecular structure of a stain to lift it. Once a stain has been lifted, it can be rinsed from the surface. Swanling Slumber Sleeper™ swanling The Slumber Sleeper® is the modern parent’s solution to sleep. It is the most flexible sleeper allowing for the natural movement of your child at the exact stages of gross motor development while also providing your child with a safe, secure and peaceful environment that mimics parents touch. The Slumber Sleeper® is one of the best sleep aids available for young children as it comforts babies and children allowing them to sleep longer and safer. Recommended by Pediatricians, especially for younger children who have started to roll over in their sleep but cannot roll back, the Slumber Sleeper, with its built in stretch fabric, regulates babies rolling so that they do not get stuck on their stomach in the nighttime. Once the child reaches the gross motor development stage then more movement in the Sleeper can occur as the child grows. Wristy Buddy wristy Wristy Buddy is a one piece teething wristband comprised of a wristband with an absorbent animal in the center, a textured teething attachment, and a satin attachment. Wristy Buddy is designed for babies that are teething that haven’t developed the motor skills to hold traditional teething objects. Babies that can’t grasp toys can manipulate Wristy Buddy. Wristy Buddy is made of absorbent materials to help keep little faces and clothing dry. Its various textures and colors engage and stimulate. It is easily accessible to your teething baby and is more sanitary than traditional teething objects. Pacidoodle The ((( PACI CLIP AND KEEP ))) by Pacidoodle® has revolutionized the pacifier clip! Not only does it keep the pacifier off the floor, it also provides a way to keep the pacifier nipple away from harmful germs. The darling soft teddy bear with antimicrobial technology will be your baby’s new favorite paci holder. PLUS, it comes with a Pacidoodle pacifier with your baby’s name on it! At Pacidoodle® we like to say, “Name it. Clip it. Keep it!” Baby Elephant Ears bee Baby Elephant Ears is a multi-use headrest providing spinal/neck alignment and comfort for babies — and they’re designed to look like adorable elephant ears! Baby Elephant Ears go wherever baby goes — stroller, swing, car seat, changing table, etc. The headrests are fully washable and require no attachments, straps or special skills and they’re offered in diverse prints and organics. The superior design and durability of these headrests make them the perfect gift for parents! Baby Dipper babydipper Invented by Barbara Schantz, a mom of two sets of twins, the patented Baby Dipper bowl means true one-handed feeding of infants and helps toddlers learn to feed themselves. Older children and adults also benefit from the ability to feed themselves using only one hand. The combination of features that enable one-handed feeding makes the Baby Dipper bowl unique. It is the only bowl that has all of the following features: a non-slip base, a triangular shape, transparent vertical side walls, and an angled interior surface that leads to a spoon-shaped corner for collecting the food. Baby Blowout Blocker blowout Soft, absorbent and reusable, the Blowout Blocker acts as a diaper extension to contain up-the-back diaper blowouts for fast, easy and stress free cleanup. Stay protected from blowouts while at home, on the go and every adventure in between. Perfect for airplane trips, car rides, trips to the store, special events, picture day or every day! Soaker Stopper soaker The Soaker Stopper acts as a diaper extension to absorb leaks that escape from the front and sides of the diaper, keeping baby and bedding dry. It is made of entirely breathable fabrics and has an adjustable waist to keep baby comfortable. The Soaker Stopper is intended for nighttime use to prevent waking up to a soaking wet baby! Little Faces Apparel littlefaces Little Faces Apparel creates a high standard for unique handmade children’s clothing and accessories {with an occasional sprinkle for the mamas}. Lucy Darling lucydarling Organize baby's closet simply and beautifully with award winning Lucy Darling closet divider set. The dividers are made from responsibly sourced paper and soy-based inks using an eco-friendly printing process. One set of dividers includes 8 individual dividers ranging in size from newborn to 2T. September Skye Bags september My shop started in 2010 after having my 2nd little girl. I have been selling my creations locally for the past couple years and have remained steadily busy. I'm not new to Etsy (It's my go-to for all gifts and supplies!) but decided in May of 2013 to make the step to broaden my own business to others outside of my etsy it was! September was the month my 1st daughter was born and Skye is my 2nd daughter's middle name. Since I make all things girlie they needed to be included in the shop heritage. Penguin Organics penguin At Penguin Organics we're passionate about supporting the development of happy healthy babies and this is at the heart of everything we do. Our growing team is committed to offering premium quality baby clothes made with the softest top quality GOTS certified organic cotton combined with delicate colors and modern designs. And behind the scenes we thoughtfully plan each snuggle-up cozy detail and from our supersoft and washable fabrics of the purest organically grown cotton to our easy-to-change features we're always one step ahead making sure babies are surrounded in absolute head-to-toe comfort. Cloak Collection cloak Cloak Collection is a line of contemporary dresses that are both functional and stylish. Nursing mothers can now easily and discretely breastfeed their babies while feeling stylish and feminine. All the dresses are made with sustainable bamboo and mindfully manufactured in the US. A portion of proceeds support mothers and children in need. Surprise Ride surprise Through carefully curated monthly activities, Surprise Ride aims to foster creativity in kids and expand their horizons. With a little hands-on learning and a lot of fun, we help kids exercise that special power of creative genius that empowers them to be tomorrow’s innovators. We work with experts to curate a monthly adventure for kids ages 6-11. Activities are a surprise and center around a theme like art, geography, outer space, food, and more! There’s no better way for kids to learn than by doing. There’s no better time than when they’re young and absorbing experiences like a sponge. LatchPal latchpal LatchPal is a mom-invented product distributed by Happy Fig. As a parent-founded company, Happy Fig was established with moms in mind and creates products that resolve unique parenting challenges. LatchPal was created to help moms stress less and bond with their babies, helping them achieve their breastfeeding and wellness goals. Baby Tooth Album babytooth Once upon a time the tooth fairy made an unforgettable kit that gave children all around the world everything they needed to celebrate their “toothless smiles”. In this “Tooth Fairy Approved” kit you’ll find a one-of-a-kind hand crafted Baby Tooth Book to help the tooth fairy save and organize those tiny treasures in her baby tooth library, and keep a picture of your toothless smile! When you are ready for her visit, don’t forget to place your tooth in the included Baby Tooth Pouch, use the Tooth Fairy Stationery to write a special letter, and hang the Tooth Fairy Door Hanger to remind her to stop by. Sweet dreams! PullyPalz This innovative toy not only entertains baby, it keeps a pacifier in view and reach! With PullyPalz, dropped pacis even come back… Which is great for those times when parents need an ‘extra hand’. The toy uses something similar to a pulley system… When baby drops one, and it falls to the side, another is in view and reach. By grabbing the one in view and pulling toward mouth, the dropped paci comes back! Mo Mo, Moo Moo, and Puddles are always ready to lend a hand…or hoof! 5 Phases 5 Phases Revolutionary Hybrid GLASS Baby Bottles®, an innovative breakthrough in bottle feeding providing the healthful benefits of GLASS + the protection of BPA free plastic®. With all the concerns of plastics more and more medical experts agree GLASS is the preferred choice in bottle feeding, however many parents fear them breaking. Our eco-friendly bottles provide the perfect solution!


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The Traitor's Trap by Brendan Murphy Blog Tour $25 Giveaway

Traitor's Trap
traitors trapThe Traitor's Trap by Brendan Murphy It’s tough being a thirteen-year old schoolboy, especially when you’re a coward and the big brother who stuck up for you is dead. Oh, and you’ve been thrust into a magical realm you’re expected to save single-handedly. Sebastian Duffy has to learn an awful lot of skills in a hurry if he is to defeat Phobitor by stealing the Spear of Lugh from the peace-loving Tuath. He’s been given some help of course–a mercurial sorceress, an orphaned druidess, a taciturn warrior, a snuff-sniffing leprechaun and a lovelorn poet– an outfit known as the Hibernauts, but can he really overcome a psychopathic, warmongering god when half the realm is bent on his destruction? If he is to have the remotest chance he will have to do deal with aiia, cluricaun, brigands, woodwose, undead warriors, speckled bats, spies, hunkypunks, traitors, skeletons and battle-swine first. And are those Tuath really so peaceable? If only he could find his courage.
Praise for The Traitor's Trap An imaginative epic…an intricate and fully realised fantasy world with a big cast of likeable characters that are charming, well drawn and endearing, with wonderfully apt names. The depth and breadth of the author’s high-voltage imagination, and the richness of the world created is very impressive. ~Sam Mills, author of Blackout, The Boys Who Saved the World, and The Quiddity of Will Self I cannot say just how much I have enjoyed this book ... a very accomplished writer with a wonderfully rich imagination and an incredibly inventive mind. Readers will come to love the many wonderful creations in this novel, it is jam-packed with the most wonderful and inventive characters; new, exciting and beautifully realized. ~Cherry Mosteshar, author of Unveiled: One Woman's Nightmare in Iran amazon get it   BrendanAuthor Brendan Murphy Brendan Murphy was raised in Sheffield, England, with dreams of becoming a writer, and has written every day since he was nine years old. After reading medicine in London and psychiatry in Manchester, he moved to Australia in 1999. He is an Associate Professor at Monash University and has written widely on youth mental health. His nonfiction work on the development of football in Victorian society, From Sheffield with Love, was published in 2007. He is contracted to Assent Publishing for his six-book fantasy series, Sebastian and the Hibernauts. The first adventure, Beyond the Gloaming was published in 2014 and the sequel, The Traitor’s Trap, in 2015. He is a columnist for Aontacht magazine. He lives with his wife, Katrina, and their children, Sebastian and Violette, in a sprawling property built for the composer, Dorian Le Gallienne. They share their garden with a mob of kangaroos, a wombat, two possums, any number of creepy crawlies, and some very feisty kookaburras.
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