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Cat Tunnel #premiumcattunnel

3 way Cat Tunnel that keeps cats and kittens entertained, encouraging exercise, stalking and play.  It helps stop meowing and scratching but folds down to be easily stored away or transported.

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Cassandra's Review- It is so cute to watch all of my furbabies play with this, even the dogs try, even though most can not fit.  Very easy to set up and put away when needed. I pet could scratch through this if they try,

CareWares Slim Silicone Wedding Ring #CareWares

GENDER NEUTRAL IN MANY SIZES.   ring has a 5.5mm streamlined band width that looks great on both men and women.

SIMPLE, UNBRANDED DESIGN. Other ring designs will have you wearing a small tire on your finger with ugly branding. We want you to look good - leave the tires to the cars and the ads to the billboards.

TOP QUALITY.  rings are forged in precision stainless steel molds and are made with 100% hypoallergenic silicone rubber. These quality components have made it so our customers have told us they forgot they were even wearing their ring! It won't get in the way of your active lifestyle.

ATTRACTIVE GIFT BOX. Protect your valuable ring while you are out and about in our elegant, black ring box so you always know where you put it! We took care of the sleek packaging so you don't have to.


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Ralph Slaske Builders' Guide to Making Money Online #RalphSlaske

Mr. Slaske developed this program by leaning on his own personal experience as a blogger, freelancer and online tutor, as he has helped many up-and-coming building professionals sharpen their skills and abilities through the online services he provides.

In his book, Mr. Slaske shares these strategies and more so other builders in the industry can share their knowledge and expertise while also bringing in a passive source of income.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review- A simple and very quick read. Everything is easy to understand and it includes some great tips.

2569S3 SATA III Enclosure #FirstClassShopping

Color: Black
Type: SATA III to USB 3.0
1. Support UASP
2. Support  7 / 9.5 / 12mm 2.5 inch hard drive and SSD
3. Compatible with most of mainstream systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix.
4. Certified by CE, FCC
5. Tool Free, Plug and Play, no driver needed


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Moscow Mule Copper Mug #coppermug

LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Before Placing Order For Your Moscow Mule Mug Make Sure You Are Buying From Inspired Basics For Our Quality Guarantee. If You Buy From Others Then We Are Not Responsible For Low Quality

NO TIN or NICKEL LINING: Mug is 16 oz. Stunningly Beautiful And Handcrafted. Hammered Copper Mugs With 100% Pure Copper. We Use Welding To Attach Handle As This Makes It Easier To Clean. Riveted Handles Are Harder To Clean Around Rivets And Attract Bacteria Posing Danger To Health And Also Are Notorious For Leakage. Just Search Online
BONUS- Special 37 Page Cocktail Recipes e-Book Bonus With Your Moscow Mule Copper Mug - Valued at $19.97 FREE For You (e - book download details inside the box). Use With A Variety of Cocktails Not Just Moscow Mules. Use With Vodka, Ginger Beer, Martini And Many More Beverages

FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS AND SPECIAL ONES: Gather Friends and Family For Fun Time - Great For Weddings, Special Occasions Like Anniversary and Make Awesome Gifts and Look Stunning With Your Drinkware. Elegant Copper Cups For Both Indoor and Outdoor Fun
TIP - Remember Copper Moscow Mule Mugs Are NOT For Microwave Use and are NOT dishwasher safe


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Snug Baby Monitor for Smartphones (Apple/Android) #Amazonreview

Check up on your baby while you're out and about with the SnugCam wireless video baby monitor. Safely monitoring your baby has never been so easy.

Simple 10-minute set up
You can easily connect this video baby monitor securely to your home Wifi network and smartphone in under 10 minutes. First, connect the camera to a power supply and your home router. Second, download the free App for your device. Then tap "Add Device" and enter the camera ID (located on the bottom of the camera) into the app, and press "Finish". That's it! You can then unplug the camera and move it anywhere in the house. A more detailed set of instructions is included with the packaging.

Monitor your child from anywhere
With this baby monitor video camera you can watch your child from literally anywhere as long as you have Wifi, 3G, or 4G enabled on your device. Whether you need to run out for a quick errand or you're gone for the whole day at work, ensure your infant stays safe at all times until you get home.

Audio and Motion Detection Alarms
Get alerts to your phone or tablet if the camera detects movement or sound. The app does not even have to be running for the alerts to come through and you can set the sensitivity in the app. This means you don't have to watch the screen to know your baby is OK
Free App available for download

The official SnugCam App is available for free download in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. That means you can use this baby monitor easily with your iPhone. Once you've downloaded the app, all you need to do is enter the camera ID, and you'll be set to use and control the SnugCam with your smartphone, tablet or PC from anywhere.

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NEW SHOWER CURTAIN HOOKS The shower curtain hooks are chrome plated with a beautiful polished finish FREE GLIDING ACTION No snagging. No effort. No hassle

• Stainless Steel Type (304)
• Polished Chrome Plated
• Friction Free
• ¾" to 1-1/8" Diameter
• Non-Magnetic
• Will not rust

- Heavy Duty Brass and Stainless Steel Construction to allow our shower curtain rings to withstand the elements in the bathroom setting over time and use. Due to the High Quality materials used in our curtain rings and other products.

- Simply open the curtain hook clasp closures and place through the grommets of the shower curtain and/or shower curtain liner, and securely clasp them closed. Slide each shower curtain ring onto one end of the shower rod and then replace the rod in the shower. For installation of an existing shower curtain rod, simply open the shower curtain ring from the clasp, then slightly stretch the shower curtain ring around the 1" diameter shower rod. - The high standard of finish and coating process that Roller Rings shower curtain rings undergo ensures that they will hold up to any elements found in the Bathroom. Simply wipe down with a soft, damp cloth to remove any residue or buildup that may occur over time from the elements in the air in the bathroom and shower.


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Silicone Baking Mat #BonjourCuisine

The Best Baking Mat with 1 Silicone Spatula and 15 Recipes


• FDA Safe
• BPA Free Silicone
• BPP Free
• LFGB (Europe) Approved Material

• Save the Planet by avoiding disposable baking
• Safe space - With Easy Storage rolling up or laying flat
• Save Time - Simply wipe with warm soapy water
• Extra Durable - Withstand temperatures from -40°C up to 250°C (-40°F - 480° F).
• Healthy - Because our mats are non-stick you don't need to bake with unhealthy oils anymore.
• Certified food safe - FDA and LFGB approved SILICONE • Professional Grade 0.75mm thickness
• Versatile - Our baking supplies can serve multiple functions and are safe for use in freezers, microwaves, conventional and toaster ovens
• Cook with Your Kids and get them familiarized with healthier food
• Lifetime Guarantee Hassle Free 100% Money Back Guarantee
• Premium Customer Services 24/7 Support
• Flavors or odors will not penetrate the baking mats


I received complimentary product.

Tens Unit Electronic Pulse Massager #Tensunit

Santamedical PM-120 Rechargeable Tens Unit Electronic Pulse Massager is a compact, portable, micro-computer controlled device. It can be used in many areas in your body, including arms, neck and shoulders, back, low back, legs, feet, joints etc.

 It may help to relieve pain and numbness in the following situations: Stiff neck; Muscle pains from over-exercise or stretch; Numbness from some chronic condition; Carpal-tunnel syndrome; Relieve pain and relax muscle spasms, or may prevent muscle atrophy. Recharge the internal lithium battery to keep them powered up for massages .


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The Ancient Words Series Tour and Giveaway

The Ancient Words Series consists of two books: Where Can I flee (released August 13, 2014) and In The Shadow Of They Wings (December 8, 2015). Both books were independently published.  To purchase your copy of Where Can I flee, click here.  To purchase your copy of In The Shadow Of Thy Wings, click here.

Book Information:”Ancient

Where Can I Flee
 War is on the horizon during the spring of 1861. It will be an event that will change the lives of everyone in its path. The Harper family included. Frank Harper is a young man full of dreams and ambitions. Even when the country is split and war breaks out, Frank will do whatever is necessary to see his dreams come true, even when that means putting on a uniform and leaving home. For the first time, Claire Harper is forced to consider the reasons behind such a conflict. Should slavery be abolished? Which side should she be on, and what does God have to say about this? Claire is torn between her own opinions and those of her family. The struggle within her only increases when she repeatedly runs into a kind and handsome Union soldier. She longs to see her brother turn to Christ before it is too late. Desperate to reach her brother with the gospel, Claire pens a series of inspiring letters. Will she be able to handle all the obstacles of war and continue to be a witness to those around her? How long can Claire last when her heart is torn in half and she is burdened for her brother’s soul? How long can Frank resist his sister’s urgent pleas or the gentle tugging from within? Can a man outrun a holy God?

  In the Shadow of Thy Wings
 Devastation sweeps across the land, and the families of Maple Grove cannot escape when war arrives at their front doors. After her father entrusts her with a new and dangerous task, Sally Chandler must find the courage to obey despite her fear. Meanwhile, her best friend, Claire Harper, is determined to serve others, even if it means putting herself in danger. But with a certain handsome Union soldier stationed nearby, Claire finds her heart in danger of falling for the enemy. Their differing loyalties create complications that neither could expect; her twin brother fighting for the Confederacy is only one of them. Frank Harper left home with one goal in mind – to become a prosperous plantation owner. Two years later, not only is he further from his goal, but he’s beginning to question his own desires–something that becomes more complicated when his heart becomes involved. The families of Maple Grove must learn how to survive the uncertainty of war and a country split in two. While the war in the nation rages on, the battle within grows stronger. Will they learn that the only safe place to hide is in the shadow of Thy Wings?

Author Information:

A.M. Heath
Being raise in a small Tennessee town, A.M. Heath grew up with a love for southern history and nostalgia. She lives with her husband and four children in Southern Tennessee where they embrace the small town lifestyle.

Giveaway Information:

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M9B Two for Thursday Book Blitz: King of the Mutants by Samantha Verant and Curse of the Granville Fortune by Kelly Hashway with Giveaway #T4T

Welcome to this week’s Two for Thursday Book Blitz #T4T presented by Month9books/Tantrum Books!
Today, we will be showcasing two titles that may tickle your fancy, and we’ll share what readers have to say about these titles!
You just might find your next read!
This week, #T4T presents to you:
King of the Mutants by Samantha Verant and Curse of the Granville Fortune by Kelly Hashway!
Be sure to enter the giveaway found at the end of the post!
Can one boy stop a nefarious plot to turn kids into super-mutants?
Maverick Mercury enjoys his life as the sideshow attraction known as “Gator Boy” at Grumbling’s Traveling Circus and Side show.
His freakish mutations are the result of some billionaire geneticist’s experiments gone awry. But life as a mutant is about to get worse, as Maverick uncovers a plot to kidnap kids, turns them into super-mutants, and sells their powers to the highest bidder.
Now, Maverick is on a mission to find the mad scientist who may have created him and destroy his sinister plans!
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“It was fun, witty, and all sorts of crazy.”Leanne, The Reading Slump
“Overall, this is a fun read and a story any one can enjoy. If you like the idea of crazy circus people/mutants/scientists and adventure then I recommend that you pick this story up!”Aisazia, Originique Quanimity
“…there aren't enough boys with tails in contemporary literature.” – Carrie, Author
Samantha Verant
Samantha Vérant is a travel addict, a self-professed oenophile, and a determined, if occasionally unconventional, French chef. Over the years, she’s visited many different countries, lived in many places, and worked many jobs— always on the search for the one thing that truly excited her. Then, one day, she found everything she’s been looking for: a passion for the written word and true love. Writing not only enabled her to open her heart, it led her to southwestern France, where she’s now married to a sexy French rocket scientist she met over twenty years ago, a stepmom to two incredible kids, and the adoptive mother to one ridiculously expensive Bengal cat. When she’s not trekking from Provence to the Pyrénées, tasting wine in American-sized glasses, or embracing her inner Julia Child while deliberating what constitutes the perfect boeuf bourguignon, Samantha is making her best effort to relearn those dreaded conjugations.
Connect with the Author: Website | Book Site | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads
Find the fortune, break the curse!
The hunt is on for an ancient treasure tied to nine-year-old J.B.’s family history. He’s been having visions that make him sweaty, lightheaded, and certain he’s turning into some kind of freak—or worse, going insane. But things are worse than he imagined. The visions stem from a family curse. An ancient ancestor was accused of stealing the massive Granville fortune, and now J.B.’s entirely family will suffer.
To break the curse, J.B. must find and return the Granville’s stolen property. But he’s not the only one searching for the treasure. As he sets out on his journey through a dark and foreboding forest, he’ll battle his worst fears and fight terrifying creatures along the way. And when he meets two others who share the missing pieces of his visions and suffer from the same curse, the three soon realize they need to work together to break the curse before it’s too late.
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The perils in the forest and a fast-paced storyline make this a great middle grade read.” – Medeia, Author
“There’s plenty of action for young readers.”Beverly, Author
“Definitely pick this one up for your youngster and give them something awesome to read” – Erika, WS Momma Readers Nook
Kelly Hashway
Kelly Hashway grew up reading R.L. Stein’s Fear Street novels and writing stories of her own, so it was no surprise to her family when she majored in English and later obtained a masters degree in English Secondary Education from East Stroudsburg University. After teaching middle school language arts for seven years, Hashway went back to school and focused specifically on writing. She is now the author of three young adult series, one middle grade series, and several picture books. She also writes contemporary romance under the pen name Ashelyn Drake. When she isn’t writing, Hashway works as a freelance editor for small presses as well as for her own list of clients. In her spare time, she enjoys running, traveling, and volunteering with the PTO. Hashway currently resides in Pennsylvania with her husband, daughter, and two pets.
Author Links: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads
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The Popcorn Factory Happy New Year's Giveaway

The Popcorn Factory Happy New Year's Giveaway
Co-Hosted By:
3- Winners
Holiday Contest and Sweeps is proud to work with The Popcorn Factory to bring you a great Happy New Year's Giveaway. This giveaway will have three winners of a great two gallon Happy New Year's Tin of their mouth watering gourmet popcorn in three assorted flavors shown below.
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#MGRewind Week - Day 4: Steve Bryant - Guest Post and Giveaway

MG Rewind Week graphic - final
Welcome to Day 4 of #MGRewind week!
Celebrate Middle Grade reads with Tantrum Books/Month9books.
Sharing his memories as an MG reader, we welcome
STEVE BRYANT, author of the
Come back everyday this week where we'll feature another author, and
be sure to enter the giveaway found at the end of the post!
Lucas MacKenzie eBook Final
Lucas Mackenzie has got the best job of any 10 year old boy. He travels from city-to-city as part of the London Midnight Ghost Show, scaring unsuspecting show-goers year round. Performing comes naturally to Lucas and the rest of the troupe, who’ve been doing it for as long as Lucas can remember.
But there’s something Lucas doesn’t know.
Like the rest of Luca’s friends, he’s dead. And for some reason, Lucas can’t remember his former life, his parents or friends. Did he go to school? Have a dog? Brothers and sisters?
If only he could recall his former life, maybe even reach out to his parents, haunt them.
When a ghost hunter determines to shut the show down, Lucas realizes the life he has might soon be over. And without a connection to his family, he will have nothing. There’s little time and Lucas has much to do. Can he win the love of Columbine, the show’s enchanting fifteen-year-old mystic? Can he outwit the forces of life and death that thwart his efforts to find his family?
Keep the lights on! Lucas Mackenzie’s coming to town.
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Steve Bryant
One of the side benefits of becoming a published middle grade writer is recalling what it was like to be a middle grade reader. For me, growing up in a small Midwestern town (Cairo, Illinois), it was a case of limited options. Retail book sales were severely limited to the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew series. I loved them nonetheless, little knowing that my favorite author (Franklin W. Dixon) didn’t exist, that his novels were ghost written. The Hardy Boys formed the basis of social reading: we would take turns reading chapters aloud at overnights, along with sharing our comics collections (mine were Batman, my friends’ Tarzan andSuperman). Alas, I never read the Nancy Drews nor enjoyed multiple-gender overnights. My private reading blossomed in the fourth grade when I joined the Science Fiction Book Club, expanding my purchasing boundaries. As I recall, a new hardback would arrive every three weeks or so for about a dollar a volume, along with a fascinating newsletter describing coming works. I favored the short story anthologies (e.g., The Astounding Science Fiction Anthology, ed. by John W. Campbell, Jr.). My favorite novel of the era was Alfred Bester’s The Demolished Man, the first Hugo winner. All those books had uneven, ragged edges, and I still have a sentimental attachment to the style. Our Cairo Public Library supplemented my reading, not only with more science fiction, but with a wider reach: Longfellow’sSong of Hiawatha, Jack London’s arctic tales, James Thurber’s wacky life and hard times. But I was bitten by science fiction and gravitated to the Robert A. Heinlein juveniles such as Time for the Stars and Tunnel in the Sky. When I had exhausted the library’s collection, the lady whose little store provided our school supplies astonished me by stating that she could order any book in print. In the pre-Amazon days this sounded like a miracle, and we put it to the test. For $4.98 she acquired me a copy of Heinlein’s The Star Beast. I have it to this day, and it was the beginning of a lifetime of serious book acquisition. Were you to ask me in those days why I liked Heinlein, I would have said I liked him because I liked science fiction. Years later I realized that it was because Heinlein always pitted boys and girls together against formidable odds, and romance ensued.That’s what I loved. I have always remembered to make romance a key part of any stories I write.
Steve Bryant  
Steve Bryant is a new novelist, but a veteran author of books of card tricks. He founded a 40+ page monthly internet magazine for magicians containing news, reviews, magic tricks, humor, and fiction; and he frequently contributes biographical cover articles to the country’s two leading magic journals (his most recent article was about the séance at Hollywood’s Magic Castle).
Connect with the Author: Website | Twitter | Goodreads
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