Sunday, June 21, 2015

IPEMA Summertime Play @Voice_of_Play #SummertimePlay #spon

Summer is in full swing and it is an excellent time for the kids to relax from school.  Many of today's youth depend on electronics to satisfy their daily time. They do not get the proper amount of sunlight or see a need to get out and play.  When I was growing up there was no device time and I had to find things to do, though often bored, one of my favorite pastimes was going to a real park.  I know that the swings and slide would be so hot they burned the back of my legs but is was still fun.  Now with the new updated hard plastic instead of metal slides, it is even safer and more fun for my children to play.  There are a lot of great state parks and even your local schools may have a playground, for your children to investigate.   So take a little time to power down and enjoy the Earth and your children, they just grow up to fast!

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