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Enlighten & Brighten Giveaway


Enlighten & Brighten Giveaway

Prize: 1 winner will receive a jar of Ageless Derma Anti-Aging Intensive Skin Brightener ($49 ARV) & 1 bottle of Organic Matcha Ceremonial Grade Green Tea ($28 ARV)

Sponsors: Ageless Derma & Kiss Me Organics

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Ageless Derma Anti-Aging Intensive Skin Brightener- Whether you are concerned by freckles, age spots, brown spots, liver spot or changes in skin pigmentation, Ageless Derma Anti-Aging Intensive Skin Brightener has been specially formulated with an all-new combination of natural and bio engineered ingredients to lighten the skin without any harmful side effects. Ageless Derma Anti-Aging line of products is uniquely formulated with a combination of innovative and natural ingredients designed to make your skin instantly look and feel fresh, radiant, and youthful. These age-defying products reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and increase skin hydration, making the complexion glow with a renewed radiance. The skin’s texture is improved as firmness and smoothness are restored.

Organic Matcha Ceremonial Grade Green Tea- HIGHEST QUALITY MATCHA: Shade grown, Ceremonial Matcha powder is distinctive due to the vibrant green color, slightly sweet flavor and smooth finish. OVER 100 YEARS OF ORGANIC FARMING EXPERIENCE & RECOGNIZED BY THE UN: Our certified organic family owned Japanese tea farm has been operating since 1915, run by the same family for over 3 generations. Grown in the Shizuoka region of Japan, recognized by the United Nations as a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System. ENERGY POWERHOUSE, NATURAL MOOD ENHANCER & MENTAL FOCUS: Boost your vitality with the unique ability to reduce stress levels, focus the mind, and provides all-day energy. UP TO _137x THE ANTIOXIDANTS OF BREWED GREEN TEA: Matcha is a fine powdered form of shade grown green tea leaves. This means you consume the entire leaf providing your body and mind with a maximum concentration of Polyphenols and EGCG.

Let's get to the Giveaway!!!!!

Ending February 20th, 2015

Ageless Derma & Kiss Me Organics are responsible for fulfillment, shipping and all costs associated with this prize.

All information collected is completely confidential and will only be used for contacting the winner and prize fulfillment purposes only. Open to residents of the US, 18 and older. Ends at 11:00PM HST on 02/20/2015. At the conclusion of the giveaway, the winner will be randomly selected and notified via email. The winner will have 24 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. This giveaway is NOT associated or endorsed by Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube or Twitter. 1 Entrant per Household

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Condrobest™ Liquid Joint Supplement for Dogs Review + Giveaway

Condrobest is a liquid supplement for joints of dogs. It's a great supplement that helps reduce joint pain, return the lubricity of the joints and helps in tissue regeneration .
Condrobest is a supplement that can be administered to any dog ​​since it also works as a preventive agent of any joint problems that may occur.
More than just a joint supplement, it has essential fatty acids that improve eyes, coat and overall health.
When buying Condrobest you will see that it is not only to improve the overall health of your dog but to improve the quality of his life ..... and yours too!

Here are some features of Condrobest Liquid Joint Supplement:

JOINT RELIEF AND PROTECTION FOR YOUR BUDDY - CONDROBEST is the product that will return your dog's life quality. Specially designed formula to improve your dog's mobility, flexibility and health condition. Your dog will thank you...that's for sure!

USA MANUFACTURED - CONDROBEST is an High Quality Liquid Supplement manufactured in a GMP Certified and FDA Compliant manufacturer with many years of experience in supplements and nutrition. NSF and NASC certification. We take it serious when it comes to help your dog!

EASY, FAST AND CONVENIENT - Given that is a liquid supplement, it is extremely easy and convenient to use. Easily mixed with dry food or given directly to your dog, CONDROBEST is rapidly absorbed by the body, allowing for fast and effective results.

THE BEST INGREDIENTS - Optimised MSM - Ultra-purified and distilled to provide the purest form of sulfur needed for structural integrity of joint cartilage. HYALURONIC ACID for great joint lubrication - FATTY ACIDS - improve imune system, coat and cell structures. GLUCOSAMINE AND CHONDROITIN - Easily absorbable natural substances that may stimulate the production of proteoglycans, which help maintain the health and resiliency of you dog's joints and connective tissues, providing better mobility with pain relief. CONDROBEST is a powerful and special formula with 50% more chondroitin and 62% more glucosamine than the most regular formula. CONDROBEST isn't only a Joint Supplement but also a Nutritional Upgrade for your dog.

I received complimentary product.

Cassandra's Review-  Obviously I can not review this without the help of one of my fur babies.  I am pleased that she liked the taste and did not throw up.  You can place this over dry food which is how my dog enjoys it the most.  It is loaded with great ingredients that will help your dog to feel better and put a little bounce back in his or her step. It does not have a harsh scent.

Travel Sewing Kit Review

Be prepared for any minor fashion emergency with My Nimble Craft Sewing Kit. Travel ready by adding this compact sewing kit into your bag before leaving home. This handy sewing kit gives you the tools to make simple repairs on your own and perfect for little craft projects at home or at school.

You'll find these top quality sewing supplies stored in a durable black zipper case:
* A 60" fuss free retractable push button tape measure
* A stainless steel Travel Scissors with safety cover
* A Seam Ripper with safety cover to pick out stitches
* A sturdy Needle Threader to thread a needle fast and easy
* A neat Needle Compact with 15 sharp needles for different fabrics. To retrieve the needles, simply rotate the needle compact to the corresponding needle slot and remove the needles
* 12 Spools of Sewing Thread in various colors
* A Metal Thimble to protect your fingers from the pointy ends of needles.
* 3 Safety Pins, 3 Shirt Buttons, 3 pairs of Snap Fasteners and 2 Bead Pins - These will come in handy to mend a tear in a hurry

I received complimentary product.

Cassandra's review- I love to sew. This is a great little emergency kit and I can store it in the car or house. It has a nice selection of products and the case zips well. There is a little spot for everything, so you can always change or refill products as needed from the local dollar store.

CanYouHandlebar Products Review

CanYouHandlebar Initiative Beard Oil 1 OZ Flask

CanYouHandlebar is the first and original Beard Oil Flask. The benefits of a stainless steel flask of beard oils include the ability to pocket-carry your oil wherever you go, never having to worry about broken glass in your dopp kit, and of course the fact that we made the manliest of grooming products even manlier. This is a beard oil that inspires me to put in the hard work and the hours to build something worth having. This is a more brisk scent and is made from a stack of brisk citrus. Initiative Beard Oil, made with olive oil, grapeseed oil, apricot oil, jojoba, argan, vitamin E and essential oils, is blended and bottled by hand.

I received all of the products complimentary.

Cassandra's review- This oil is great for the beard and skin. It works and does not have an unappealing scent. The absorption into the hair is done in a way that it does not drip or look like an oily mess. I know that I have a man with a beard that is enjoying this product immensely. The only problem is that the flask can leak, so you have to be really careful how it is stored.

This beard oil brush was specifically selected to work with Beard Dry Oil (Beard Balms) cans as well as traditional beard oils. Each brush is branded with the CanYouHandlebar Question Mark. The base of the brush is wood and the bristles are horse hair. The bristles penetrate through most beards to provide a gentle massage, while ensuring that the oils cover the hairs completely and make it all the way to the hair underneath, so that your chiseled jawline receives the nourishment it needs.

Cassandra's Review- Right from the tin this has a distinct scent almost like a permanent marker. The bristles stay intact and the top is easy to grip. This works with oils and wax. I was able to gift it to a male that really enjoys the way it helps to apply the product and is easy to clean.

CanYouHandlebar is the first and original Beard Oil Flask. The benefits of a stainless steel flask of beard oils include the ability to pocket-carry your oil wherever you go, never having to worry about broken glass in your dopp kit, and of course the fact that we made the manliest of grooming products even manlier. This unscented beard oil is built to provide health and shine to your beard without adding any additional scent. This makes Temperance Beard Oil a perfect beard oil for those that hunt, those with allergies (or are around those with allergies), those that don't want their beard oil to compete with their cologne, or anyone else that for whatever reason simply wants a craft made beard oil without a scent. The virtue of Temperance is knowing when less is more. The base oil was designed with excellent ingredients to help your beard look great and maintain its health. Beard oils are blended and bottled by hand and are made with olive oil, grapeseed oil, apricot oil, jojoba, argan and vitamin E. The attention to detail extends to the labeling which is both waterproof and oil-proof.

Cassandra's Review- This oil is great for the beard and skin. It works and does not have an unappealing scent. The absorption into the hair is done in a way that it does not drip or look like an oily mess. I know that I have a man with a beard that is enjoying this product immensely and will want more in the future.

This extra-strength wax was designed to help your moustache look great and maintain its health. Made from quality ingredients, including local wax (from Michigan bees), USP lanolin, castor oil, coconut oil, shea butter and vitamin E. The batches are made by hand, inspected by hand and packaged by hand. The attention to detail extends to the labeling which is both waterproof and oil-proof. Do you like to curl your moustache and not have to worry about it drooping during the day? This is your wax. This wax smells great and contains no artificial dyes or fragrances. It provides one ounce of the extra hold you need when you are willing to spend a little more time upfront to achieve the hold. Some guys use it every day, but every guy should have it for when maximum hold is required!

Warm the wax in your pocket or (with the lid on) under hot water. Scoop a little bit out and massage between your index fingers and thumbs. Apply from the indie toward the curls. Once worked all the way into the mustache, without clumps, comb the mustache out with a Kent Mustache comb and shape the curls.

Cassandra's Review- A wax that any man can depend on for a strong hold and massively amazing scent.

Are you a laid back gentleman that would prefer to encourage your hairs rather than resort to the use of force? This is your wax. This wax smells great and contains no artificial dyes or fragrances. It provides one ounce of the hold you need and the ease of use that a daily wax must have. This wax was designed to help your mustache look great and maintain its health. Made from quality, natural ingredients, including local wax (from Michigan bees), USP lanolin, castor oil, coconut oil, shea butter and vitamin E. The batches are made by hand, inspected by hand and packaged by hand. The attention to detail extends to the labeling which is both waterproof and oil-proof.

Cassandra's Review- The wax has a pleasing scent. It can hold a light beard in place. I like how handsome and neat the beard looks when this is applied to male.

Lashiq Natural Eyelash Growth Serum Review

LASHIQ Natural Eyelash Enhancer is all you need if you want to if you want to have fuller, thicker and healthier eyelashes and/or bolder brows.

✔ NATURAL & EFFECTIVE: The ONLY 100% Natural Eyelash Growth Stimulator that is clinically proven to increase eyelash density up to 82% in just 4 weeks. No SLS (Sulfates). No Parabens. No Chemical Preservatives.
✔ EASY TO APPLY & GREAT VALUE: LASHIQ is a very easy to apply eyelash stimulator serum. It needs only once daily usage in the evening before bedtime.
✔ PROPRIETARY FORMULA: LASHIQ contains a robust formula of handpicked ingredients designed to transform thin and short eyelashes into luscious eyelashes in one month. It has Biotin, Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7, Retinyl Palmitate, Pumpkin Seed

Here is why you need to get LASHIQ today:
- It not only enhances the natural growth of your eyelashes and brows, but also nourish them.
- It promises quick results; with your eyelashes growing in only a few weeks time
- NO need to worried about SLS, Parabens and Chemical Preservatives.
- Easy to use

MADE IN THE USA in a state of the art FDA registered facility

I received complimentary product.

Cassandra's review- I have just started trying this product and the results are not going to be seen overnight.  As this will take time to really be effective, I can however describe that this goes on thin, not really chunky and does not gum up my eyelashes. It does not have a nasty scent and did not cause any eyelid irritation or redness. It is as easy as putting on mascara unless of course you have a problem doing so.  

Anti Snore Nose Clip Product Review

Anti Snore Nose Clips - Decrease Snoring - Breathe Easier - Reduce Sleep Apnea - Travel Case

SLEEP LIKE A BABY: During sleep the muscles in the back of your throat relax. When this happens, the air can only pass through with some difficulty thus creating a slight vibration we know as snoring. The nose clips will aid in preventing this by putting pressure on the septum and widening of the nasal passages. It fits gently into nostrils, holding them wider apart and making breathing easier and quieter.
SAFE, CONVENIENT, REUSABLE: Adhesive-free design does not irritate skin or cause a rash as with nasal strips. It does not bother the nose hairs. It is a drug-free relief suitable for long-term use. Simple to use. Comfortable to wear. Initially it may cause a tickling sensation. It may take 5 -10 days to get completely adapt.
COMFORT FIT: Designed according to the natural shape of your nostrils for comfort and fit. Made with soft FDA-compliant materials, BPA- and Phthalate-free. Strengthen nasal respiratory functions, change the bad habit of breathing through the mouth while sleep, and prevent the upper respiratory tract being infected.
MULTI FUNCTION: Gently opens up nasal passages from within for easier breathing. Helps relieve nasal congestion; achieve clearer breathing for deviated septum; reduce snoring and dry mouth. Some of our customers have reported have less re flux and decreased episodes of sleep apnea. Built in magnets provide magnetic therapy according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

I received complimentary product.

Cassandra's Review-  If your not used to putting things in your nose this can take a bit of time to get used to.  However it does work and I felt more rested upon waking. It is not a super big product, but it felt a little weird, but I did not have a nosebleed or any damage.

IntelliGLASS Hardened Glass Screen Protector Review and Giveaway

intelliGLASS is our new line of screen protectors here at intelliARMOR that are crafted with a unique layering process that combines the following;

An advanced silicone base layer that adheres to your phone or tablet’s screen easily and without bubbles  - all while leaving no residue.

An ultra-hardened REAL glass layer that has been specially treated to have greater scratch resistance than steel.  (try to scratch it with a set of car keys and you’ll see what we mean).

An oil and smudge resistant outer layer that repels fingerprints and makes cleaning your phone’s surface a snap.

I received complimentary product.
Cassandra's Review- The protector is made of the highest quality. I was able to apply it with ease and it also removes without damaging the device. I love how carefully it is packaged and arrived without a scratch on it.

OZ Naturals Retinol Serum Review

OZ Naturals Retinol Serum - The BEST Anti Wrinkle, Anti Aging Serum For Your Face Contains Clinical Strength 2.5% Retinol + Astaxanthin + Vitamin E - The ONLY Retinol Product That Contains Astaxanthin - This Intense Wrinkle Correcting Serum Will Give You The Dramatic Results You've Been Looking For Even For Sensitive Skin - Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed!

MADE IN THE USA in a state of the art FDA registered facility - OZ Naturals formulates the most effective anti-aging products on the market - OZ Naturals products work & they work extremely well -

I received complimentary product.

Cassandra's Review- A wonderful product that absorbs well into my skin while providing me with great results and not a bunch of grime or bad reactions.

La Beauté Pure Anti-Aging Serum Vitamin C Review

2-in-1 Clinical Strength Anti Aging Serum 1oz: Super High dose of Hyaluronic Acid Serum at 11%-vegan, moisturizer maverick, plumps up, repairs, regenerates, lifts, firms, to reveal a more youthful glow.
Firming Power: Ground breaking stable VITAMIN C (SODIUM ASCORBYL PHOSPHATE)-water soluble in a salt form - easily converted to Absorbic Acid by the skin's enzymes, hydrates, reduces fine lines & wrinkles, pore size & discolorations. Topical Vit C: STAY C50 - Special patent tackles free radicals that can age skin without causing breakouts or irritations, stimulates collagen production, reverses DNA damage, fights hyperpigmentation, and lightens discolorations.
The two powerful serums of Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid repair and lighten dark spots.
Our Beauty Products are free of parabens, alcohol, fragrance, dye, GMO's, sulphates, petrochemicals, or phthalates (98% Natural, 72% organic). Not tested on animals.

I received complimentary product.

Cassandra's Review-  I like the feel and consistency of this product. It goes on nicely and has a scent this is not unpleasant. It absorbs well and dries without any grime feeling.  I did not experience any break outs or skin rashes while trying.

Salsa Dance Workout DVD Review

The passion, excitement, and rhythm of salsa dance, mixed with an exhilarating and fun workout, SalsaCrazy presents, for the first time ever, your favorite dance workout, a Salsa Dance Workout!
A different style of video than SalsaCrazy's best-selling step-by-step, dance instructional videos (also available on, the salsa workout is simply several common, real club style salsa dance movements and patterns practiced to stellar salsa music for the purpose of getting a great cardio workout that is extremely fun while being a great exercise routine.

This is it, Salsa Crazy brings you the ultimate mix of Dance and Fitness, with SalsaCrazy s fantastic and fun salsa dance workout. There s no dance experience and no partner required. In fact, you ll learn all the fantastic dance moves, and have them broken down step by step, before we dance them to music. With world class salsa music, and real salsa dance moves, this fun and energetic DVD will quickly become your favorite workout. Designed so that everyone can experience the benefits of a great workout, while learning how to salsa dance.

This 2 hour DVD has a great stretching and warm-up session, followed by breakdowns of both Beginning and Intermediate Salsa Dance moves, that are then danced to some of the finest salsa dance music in the world. All this, and you ll be ready to hit the nightlife scene too, because you ll be learning real Salsa Dance moves, not some generic aerobic workout danced to Latin music. This is the real thing and the real deal.

I received complimentary product.

Cassandra's Review-   The DVD is easy to understand and it is really fun trying to learn how to dance the Salsa!

The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast By Kristen Feola Review

The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast is an inspiring resource for Christians who want to pursue a more intimate relationship with God through the 21-day commitment to prayer and fasting known as the Daniel Fast. As you deny yourself certain foods such as sugars, processed ingredients, and solid fats you will not only embrace healthier eating habits, you ll also discover a greater awareness of God s presence. Author Kristen Feola explains the Daniel Fast in easy-to-understand language, provides 21 thought-provoking devotionals for each day of the fast, and shares more than 100 tasty, easy-to-make recipes that follow fasting guidelines. In a conversational style, Feola helps you structure the fast so you can spend less time thinking about what to eat and more time focusing on God. You will also discover that to fast means to feast on the only thing that truly nourishes?God s powerful Word. 

About the Author

Kristen Feola is the author of the best-selling book, The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast, an encouraging and engaging resource for individuals, small groups, and churches participating in the Daniel Fast. Her blog,, inspires thousands of people around the world. Kristen is a frequent contributor to Pentecostal Evangel magazine, and her writing has appeared in a variety of Christian and health-related publications. She has worked as a personal trainer, fitness instructor, and nutritional consultant. Kristen lives in Springfield, Missouri, with her husband and two daughters.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from book look bloggers.

Cassandra's Review-  The book has great recipes that are geared toward having a successful fast without starving to death. Even though I do not personally fast, I do know people who will literally starve themselves for days to make a prayer point.  I would recommend this book for them especially so that they know that it is OK to eat and can do so properly during their spiritual time.  The author also includes some great insight and facts they may help to guide during the process. 

Lisa Acerbo Blog Tour for Remote and 25 Amazon GC Giveaway


Lisa Acerbo

Genre: Science Fiction, romance

Publisher: Etopia Press

ISBN:  978-1-941692-34-9

Number of pages: 207
Word Count: 71,000

Book Description:

When technology fulfills every dream, reality becomes a nightmare.
Below the streets of New State, the undergrounders fight to remain free of the technological control of the world above. Every night, Yara risks her life fighting New State’s deadliest weapons, the drones. Half human and half machine, their living half tortured until everything human is gone, the drones have only one objective. Kill. And they do it with exacting precision.
Yara is good at her job and committed to her raids on New State. Until one of those raids brings her face-to-face with Joshua, a New State citizen who doesn’t quite fit her preconceived expectations. After a couple of awkward encounters, he shows her the meaning of hooking up—a computer simulation that allows people to live out their fantasies—without the complication of emotional entanglements or physical reality. But what Yara feels for Joshua is very real. And it’s punishable by law.
As she and Joshua grow closer, she convinces him to leave New State for her underground cause. But as the unrest between New State and the underground escalates, and the drones move in to destroy her world, nothing goes as planned. Families are arrested, loyalties are strained, and Yara’s forced to choose between her people and her feelings. The wrong choice could mean the end of her people, and reality could slip away—forever...

Available at   Etopia Press     Amazon    BN

“Hi,” he called out.
Yara’s heart hammered, and adrenaline coursed through her limbs. She turned to run.
“Wait,” the stranger whispered. “I won’t turn you in. I’m out here too.” He obviously didn’t realize that Yara was a rebel. He might not know it yet, but he would soon. Still, he didn’t sound dangerous. Maybe Yara could take care of him. She had never had to kill anyone totally human, but she had trained to do so. At this point, she didn’t think she would need to. The skinny boy didn’t look like a real threat, either.
She turned back toward him and attempted what she hoped was a look of death and destruction.
Instead of being scared, he smiled at her and brushed the hair out of his eyes. Even in the shadowy street, Yara could see the color was a beautiful emerald green. She had a hard time looking away, until his voice jarred her back to reality.
“I’m Joshua15111,” he said robotically. “What are you doing out here?”
“I could ask you the same thing.”
“Enjoying the night sky,” he replied, each word clipped and succinct. Unable to make prolonged eye contact, he looked toward the stars.
“Aren’t you supposed to be hooked up to an alternate universe, enjoying battle, boobs, or whatever perverted fantasy you want to conquer tonight?” Yara asked, and then instantly regretted her words.
“Hey, it’s not like that. You know how it is.” For the first time, his voice took on a more humanistic quality. He sounded peeved.
She grunted in response. She didn’t know anything of the sort.
Joshua15111 looked at her briefly, quizzically. “Wait, do you know that? Are you one of them? The rebels?”
Oh no. “What rebels?”
“Are you for real? Everyone knows about the rebels. You must be one. Are you a rebel? That’s so cool.”
Me and my big mouth. Fear finally overtook her. Vague ideas about running away from or fighting the stranger flitted by, but Yara’s feet felt like concrete blocks. She wasn’t even sure she’d be able to form a coherent sentence if he asked her something about the underground.

About the Author:

Lisa Acerbo is a high school teacher and holds an EdD in Educational Leadership. She lives in Connecticut with her husband, daughters, three cats, and horse. She is the author of Apocalipstick and has contributed to local newspapers, news and travel blogs including The Patch and Hollywood Scriptwriter.

Twitter @Apocalipstick_

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