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Earth Mama Angel Baby Giveaway

Earth Mama Angel Baby Giveaway

Hosted by: Stylish Momme Co-hosted by: Tales from a Southern Mom & Bubby's Mommy Earth Mama Angel Baby provides organic products for babies and young children. To read more about Earth Mama Angel Baby and to read Stylish Momme's review, click here.

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Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Amateur Executioner: Enoch Hale Meets Sherlock Holmes by Dan Andriacco Review

London, 1920: Boston-bred Enoch Hale, working as a reporter for the Central News Syndicate, arrives on the scene shortly after a music hall escape artist is found hanging from the ceiling in his dressing room. What at first appears to be a suicide turns out to be murder . . . the first of several using the same modus operandi. What's the connecting factor among all the victims? Or isn't there one? That's what the dogged journalist Hale aims to find out. Covering the Hangman Murders brings him into contact with a diverse cast of witnesses and interview subjects that include Winston Churchill, William Butler Yeats, George Bernard Shaw, Alfred Hitchcock, and Ezra Pound. Hale, whose best friend in London is the chain-smoking poet and banker T.S. (Tom) Eliot even makes a pilgrimage to the Sussex Downs to get an opinion on the case from the great detective Sherlock Holmes. The trip is in vain, but he eventually does meet Holmes in a most surprising encounter. Through it all there is another mystery, which perhaps goes to the mystery of the human heart. What is the lovely music hall singer Sadie Briggs concealing from Hale - just her past or also her present?

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Dan Andriacco

A former journalist and reviewer of mystery books, Dr. Dan Andriacco has been a member of The Tankerville Club, a scion society of the Baker Street Irregulars, since 1980. His goal in writing mysteries and critical works about the field (including Sherlock Holmes) is to entertain; he strives to be fun and funny, and reviews indicate that he has accomplished this.

Dan's doctorate degree is in ministry, which is reflected in the subject matter of his first two books. In his day job, Dan has been communications director of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati since 1997. Dan and his wife, Ann Brauer Andriacco, have three grown children and five grandchildren. They enjoy traveling, an endless source of experiences that are reflected in Dan's writing.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review- The author has done a magnificent job with this story.  The book is not only written in such a way that I wanted to spend all my time with it, but also had a wonderfully good ending that was worth the read. 

Sherlock Holmes and the Dead Boer at Scotney Castle by Tim Symonds Review

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In 'Sherlock Holmes and The Dead Boer at Scotney Castle' the great consulting detective comes up against the rich and powerful Kipling League. Dr Watson recounts the extraordinary events which took place on a spacious early summer day in the Sussex and Kent countryside in 1904. None of the earlier stories chronicling the adventures of Sherlock Holmes compares to the strange circumstances which determined Watson to take up his pen to relate this extraordinary adventure against Holmes' express wishes.

I received a complimentary copy. 

Cassandra's Review- I had mixed feelings about this book because the characters are written complex and the story itself is intensely worded such that it is a bit hard to get into, but at the same time it does have a good storyline. I think that the  author put to much focus on making the descriptions and words appear vivid but ended up overdoing it a bit. 

The Sign of Fear: The Adventures of Mrs.Watson by Molly Carr

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The adventures of Mrs.Watson with a supporting cast including Sherlock Holmes, Dr.Watson and Moriarty.

About the Author
Retired Biologist who's very keen on all aspects of Sherlock Holmes and his friend Doctor Watson, likes travelling abroad, meeting friends and researching any number of subjects. A film buff, especially keen on Max Ophuls and Fritz Lang.Favourite comics Laurel and Hardy. An avid reader of all genres, member of three societies connected with Holmes, as well as The Friends of Doctor Watson, and not to be confused with someone of the same name who writes books on cholesterol! Have written three books about Holmes, "The Sign of Fear", "A Study in Crimson" and "In Search of Doctor Watson." Work in Progress: "The Noble Spinster."

I received a complimentary copy.  

Cassandra's Review- The book is tough to judge in that it is funny but paints Dr. Watson in a way that will make it seem he is more daft.  It is a good read. 

The Detective and the Woman: A Novel of Sherlock Holmes by Amy Thomas Review

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Irene Adler, American opera singer and the one woman who outsmarted Sherlock Holmes, finds herself a widow at thirty-two, wealthy but emotionally broken. At the same time, Sherlock Holmes finds himself unable to return to England after faking his death at Reichenbach Falls and is drawn into an investigation of two men with designs on a woman they call Miss A, who is none other than Irene Adler herself. The Detective and The Woman throw their lot in together to uncover a dangerous plot with implications that stretch across the Atlantic. In the process, they meet legendary inventor Thomas Edison and experience life in Florida at the turn of the 20th century.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review- The book takes a bit of reading into before things become more in focus. The middle is more exciting and I had a good feeling that mystery really was afoot.  

No Police Like Holmes by Dan Andriacco Review

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The Investigating Arthur Conan Doyle and Sherlock Holmes Colloquium and donation of the third largest private collection of Sherlockiana in the world were supposed to produce a weekend of great publicity for tiny St. Benignus college in Erin, Ohio. But when theft and murder come to campus, college public relations director Jeff Cody finds himself knee-deep in Sherlockian suspects, besieged by an aggressive reporter he loves but no longer dates, and competing with his eccentric brother-in-law, Sebastian McCabe, to solve the crimes first. The mess worsens when Jeff and his ex-girlfriend, Lynda Teal, themselves fall under suspicion of murder - and with good reason, for they have something to hide. This satirical romp takes Sherlock Holmes seriously, but not Holmesians. A witty and engaging spoof sure to delight not only the deerstalker set but mystery fans in general.

Cassandra's Review-  A fantastic mystery that is sure to keep you satisfied.  The author did a great job of keeping me up until the very last page. 

Dan Andriacco
A former journalist and reviewer of mystery books, Dr. Dan Andriacco has been a member of The Tankerville Club, a scion society of the Baker Street Irregulars, since 1980. His goal in writing mysteries and critical works about the field (including Sherlock Holmes) is to entertain; he strives to be fun and funny, and reviews indicate that he has accomplished this.

Dan's doctorate degree is in ministry, which is reflected in the subject matter of his first two books. In his day job, Dan has been communications director of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati since 1997. Dan and his wife, Ann Brauer Andriacco, have three grown children and five grandchildren. They enjoy traveling, an endless source of experiences that are reflected in Dan's writing.

I received a complimentary copy.

The Amazing Airship Adventure: The Macdougall Twins with Sherlock Holmes Book 1 by Derrick Belanger Review

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From the bestselling team of Derrick Belanger and Brian Belanger comes a fun filled mystery adventure for kids of all ages. It is London, 1897, and a pleasant dinner with a very special friend, Sherlock Holmes, is shattered by a terrific explosion that plunges 10 year old twin detectives, Emma and Jimmy MacDougall, into an adventure that threatens all they know and love. A mad man, possessing a remarkable airship the size of two circus elephants, threatens not only the famous 221B Baker Street house, but all of England, even the world! The great Sherlock Holmes cannot solve this mystery alone. It is up to the MacDougall twins, to use their wits and amazing detective skills, to find the hidden airship and foil the plans of the Mad Airship Bomber!

Cassandra's Review-  A wonderful short adventure filled with fun.

Derrick Belanger
Derrick Belanger, M.A.T.
Derrick Belanger is an author and educator most noted for his books and lectures on Sherlock Holmes and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Both volumes of his two volume anthology A Study in Terror: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Revolutionary Stories of Fear and the Supernatural were #1 best sellers on the UK Sherlock Holmes book list, and his MacDougall Twins with Sherlock Holmes chapter book, Attack of the Violet Vampire! was also a #1 best selling new release in the UK. Mr. Belanger's academic work has been published in The Colorado Reading Journal and Gifted Child Today. A former instructor at Washington State University, and a current middle school Language Arts teacher at Century Middle School in the Adams 12 School District, Derrick lives in Broomfield, Colorado with his wife Abigail Gosselin and their two daughters, Rhea and Phoebe. Find him at 

I received a complimentary copy.

Shades of Doon By Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon Review


After cheating death, Veronica Welling is determined to savor every moment in her idyllic kingdom with both her true love and best friend by her side at last. At the same time, Mackenna Reid is enthusiastically building her new life and a theater with her prince. But just as their dreams of happiness are within reach, the world Vee and Kenna have chosen is ripped away, leaving them to face their most horrific challenge yet—their old lives.

Thrust out of Doon, the best friends are confronted with tormentors from their past and no way to return to their adopted land. When the MacCrae brothers rush to their rescue, the girls' situation turns from nightmare to modern-day fairy tale. But their happiness could be short lived: unbeknownst to them, someone in their closest circle is aiding the witch of Doon in her bid to destroy the kingdom once and for all.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review-  I did not read books one and two and feel that it hurt book 3 for me.  This is not a good standalone and really needs to be read in a series.  The ending is not going to be as exciting and left me feeling a bit let down.  Hopefully for the people who enjoy this series there will be a book 4.  As for me, I have had enough. 

God Bless Our Fall By Hannah Hall Review

Book Description

Little ones will love seeing all of God's blessings of fall!

Parents and children will want to cuddle up together again and again to hear the sweet rhyming story and see the snuggly animal families happy in their fall activities. Pumpkin patches, apple harvests, leaves that change color, hayrides, warm beverages, cozy clothes-God Bless Our Fall highlights all the wonderful things families get to enjoy together when the air turns crisp and cool.

The fifth installment of the bestselling God BlessTM series, God Bless Our Fall features the same talented writer and illustrator combo from God Bless You and Good Night,God Bless Our Easter, and God Bless Our Christmas. This padded board book with a beautiful orange, gold, and crimson color palette will be sure to catch the eye of Mom and Grandma. They'll love using it to introduce fun fall traditions to their little ones and guide them in giving thanks for God's blessings of the season.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review-  Super cute and fun to read out loud with my family.   The book is perfect to start off the fall season with the kids! The illustrations are really nice as well. 

Invincible: Piercing the Veil, Book 2 by C.A. Gray Review

Peter Stewart is a dead ringer for the legendary King Arthur, and because of that, everyone in Carlion believes that he is the Child of the Prophecy, destined to destroy the Shadow Lord. But Peter doesn’t want to be a hero; all he wants to be is left alone. 

Lily Portman also fits the prophecy. Having spent her entire life as an orphan and a misfit, Lily would love nothing more than to be the Child of the Prophecy, so she envies Peter… but she’s also developing a crush on him. And it seems to her that he couldn’t care less. 

Isdemus and the Watchers believe that it is only a matter of time before Peter’s twin brother Kane betrays them all and frees the Shadow Lord.  The winner of the war to come depends on who has the legendary Philosopher's Stone—the only problem is, it has been lost since the days of Arthur.  With the help of a skeptical anthropologist, the Watchers attempt to decode the ancient treasure maps that lead them to the heart of Egypt and the dawn of time. Meanwhile, Lily and Peter discover that Peter holds the real key to the mystery... but will they be too late?

Cassandra' Review- This book can be read as a standalone, but has more of a connection when book one is read as well.  A great fantasy with characters that are sure to have you wanting to pick up book 3.  

C.A. Gray
C.A. Gray is a Naturopathic Medical Doctor (NMD), with a primary care practice in Tucson, Arizona. She has always been captivated by the power of a good story, fictional or otherwise, which is probably why she loves holistic medicine: a patient's physical health is invariably intertwined with his or her life story, and she believes that the one can only be understood in context with the other.

Her favorite fictional tales have always been epic battles of good versus evil, with a strong tendency towards parable. An idealist herself, she has always been convinced that these stories have something deeply true to tell us about the human condition, and that is why we love them so much... or at least that's why she does.

She still wants to be everything when she grows up. She moonlights as a college chemistry teacher (she has a degree in biochemistry, with minors in Spanish and Creative Writing), does theater when she gets the chance, sings, plays piano, was once a personal trainer and in coffee shop management. She is blessed with exceptionally supportive family and friends, and thanks God for them every single day.

I received a complimentary copy.

Martha Stewart's Appetizers by Martha Stewart Review

Today’s style of entertaining calls for fuss-free party foods that are easy to make and just as delicious as ever. With more than 200 recipes for tasty pre-dinner bites, substantial small plates, special-occasion finger foods, and quick snacks to enjoy with drinks, Martha Stewart’s Appetizers is the new go-to guide for any type of get-together. 

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review- Fancy recipes that are tasty to read about. Although most of the ingredients are never readily available in my home and are rather expensive. The directions are clear and easy to understand. 

Elwood Bigfoot: Wanted: Birdie Friends! by Jill Esbaum Review

Elwood Bigfoot is big, clumsy, LOUD . . . and lonely. He loves birdies, but no matter what he tries – acting like a birdie, throwing them a party, even building them a theme park – making friends with them is impossible.
Or is it?

From the Author 

I’ve always loved to read. Books, magazines, the backs of cereal boxes – you name it. Reading lets me step into someone else’s shoes for a time, meet new friends, even explore worlds very different from my own.

I love writing for many of the same reasons. And it’s fun, but not easy. Like mastering the saxophone or kicking field goals, writing takes practice, practice, and more practice - or as I prefer to think of it, unlimited do-overs!

I received a complimentary copy. 

Cassandra's Review- I really enjoy the message written in the story, it is perfect for kids going back to school and trying to make friends. 

Monster Trouble! by Lane Fredrickson, Michael Robertson

Monster Trouble!

Nothing frightens Winifred Schnitzel—but she DOES need her sleep, and the neighborhood monsters WON'T let her be! Every night they sneak in, growling and belching and making a ruckus. Winifred constructs clever traps, but nothing stops these crafty creatures. What's a girl to do? (Hint: Monsters HATE kisses!) The delightfully sweet ending will have every kid—and little monster—begging for an encore.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review- The little girl has a big problem, but kissing is the answer in this very cute, short read. 

Mind Your Monsters by Catherine Bailey, Oriol Vidal Review

Mind Your Monsters

Vampires and werewolves and zombies—oh my! It's a monster invasion, and the stinky-smelling creatures are destroying Wally's peaceful little town. They scare the kids, knock over the lampposts, and make a mess of everything. And no one can stop them—until, fed up, Wally says . . . the magic word, "PLEASE." Learning good manners has never been as monstrously fun!

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review- Who knew monsters were so friendly.  This is a very short and cute book that is perfect for your little monster.  

The Color Monster: A Pop-Up Book of Feelings by Anna Llenas Review

The Color Monster: A Pop-Up Book of Feelings

We teach toddlers to identify colors, numbers, shapes, and letters—but what about their feelings? By illustrating such common emotions as happiness, sadness, anger, fear, and calm, this sensitive book gently encourages young children to open up with parents, teachers, and daycare providers. And kids will LOVE the bright illustrations and amazing 3-D pop-ups on every page!

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review- The pop ups are colorful and the kids were thrilled with the color.  The book is a great way to connect and pick up on a very important topic. 

Dining with...Monsters!: A Disgusting Way to Count to 10! by Agnese Baruzzi Review

What do hungry monsters like to eat? 1 spider swallowed whole, 2 leaping frogs, and 3 entire whales for the ogre with gigantic claws and scales! And for Mr. One-Eye, four mice are very nice. Kids will enjoy this fun feast of a counting book, with 10 colorful creatures and their meals of grasshoppers, scorpions, owls, and prickly porcupines. Foldout pages and simple, humorous rhyming text make this a delight to read aloud.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review- This very short foldout book is both colorful and full of fun.  The kids loved reading and rereading this with me and it is great to hear them counting. 

Nichole Nordeman THE UNMAKING Review and Giveaway

 About the new album The Unmaking:
"Before things in our lives can be resurrected and given new life, certain things must die.  Before beauty blooms in spring, roots must do the hard work under the hard frozen soil of winter.  Before you renovate and re-build, you tear down the parts of the structure that are weak or damaged or dangerous.  Before we make, we must unmake."  Nichole Nordeman

Cassandra's Review- Very nice rhythm and this artist has a genuinely unique voice that helps to break up the flow in which the songs would sound like others out today.  The lyrics are heartfelt and easy to bond with.  

About Nichole Nordeman:
Nichole Nordeman is a recording artist and songwriter for Sparrow/EMI CMG, with numerous number-one and top ten singles to her credit and cumulative CD sales of over one million.  A two-time Gospel Music Association winner for Female Vocalist of the Year, she has won a total of nine Dove Awards, including the best-selling album, Music Inspired by The Story.  Her best-known songs include "Holy", "Legacy", "Brave", "This Mystery", "Why", and "What If".  She lives with her family in Tulsa, OK.  






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Hair Warrior Review

If the heat and sun are taking a toll on your hair, then you need to try Hair Warrior. Hair Warrior adds hydration and protection to your hair during physical activity and fitness. Apply it prior to yoga, running, hiking, or working out and Hair Warrior will work with your body heat to smooth, protect and condition each strand – preventing damage and strengthening your hair. Works on ALL hair types! Hair Warrior is cruelty-free, tested only on humans and solar-manufactured in the USA. Comes in a travel size for $4 or 6 ounce tube for $24. Hair Warrior is sold at gyms and yoga studios nationwide and also online at

I received complimentary product.

Cassandra's Review-  Very easy to apply and did not cause my hair to feel weighed down. It works great during a run or even while sitting in the sun. I did not have any problem with rash or breakouts and it absorbs without making a mess. 

Beltaway and BeltaPouch Review

 Beltaway: This easily adjustable belt lies flat under your clothes and is virtually undetectable. No lumps or bumps under your shirt! Beltaway fits comfortably above or below the waist ensuring that what you wear stays right where you want it to making it a true undercover fashion necessity. Beltaway comes in a variety of colors for women and men plus there are two buckle designs to choose from and two widths (1” and 1.5”). Beltaway is $19.95 at and Amazon.

BeltaPouch: Go for a run, walk, hike or bike ride completely hands-free with the BeltaPouch. This soft pouch is so much more fashionable than the 90’s throwback fanny pack! BeltaPouch slides onto a Beltaway belt or most other belts and fits comfortably around your hips or waist. This wearable pouch can store your keys, phone, ID, Ipod, medical supplies and more. Comes in black or navy blue. Check it out online at

I received complimentary product. 

Cassandra's Review-  The two products work together.  The Velcro is very strong and the belt can adjust to fit a wider waistline.  It is easy to wear and did not feel uncomfortable or super bulky. 

LoveBug Probiotics YEAST IS A BEAST


Patented Time-Release Delivery Technology, with Cran-Gyn and D-Mannose. 30 Day Supply. 10 Billion CFU/tablet

From the Site

You know that thing that your mother didn’t tell you about? The thing that you don’t even mention to your girlfriends? Yeah, that thing. Or things. The things that you consider a downside of being a woman that’s worse than monthly cramps… You guessed right, we’re talking about yeast infections and urinary tract infections. What if there was a way to treat them (chronic or otherwise) that was not only natural, but could also help prevent future occurrences? What if there was a way to treat and prevent not only UTIs and yeast infections, but also something that could help with acne, bloating, and mood swings?

Turns out, there is! Yeast is A Beast’s proprietary formula is comprised of 5 strains of Lactobacillus, which is every girl’s bacterial best friend, as well as Cran-Gyn™ and Vitamin C. The strains of Lactobacillus help safeguard against infections of the yeast and urinary tract varieties. Lactobacilli shield the vagina by producing lactic acid, which in turn lowers the pH of the vagina making it slightly acidic and inhospitable to pathogens. Cran-Gyn™ promotes urinary tract health naturally by making it harder for bad bacteria and yeasts to adhere to the urinary tract. Cran-Gyn™ contains cranberry extract and D-mannose (a naturally occurring sugar extracted from Birch trees), which works to inhibit E-coli related urinary tract issues, among other benefits.

I received complimentary product.

Yeast infections
When the yeast called Candida albicans grows out of control and there is not enough good bacteria in the vagina like Lactobacillus to keep it in check, that’s when we get the dreaded yeast infection. Its symptoms include burning, itching, redness, swelling of the vagina, pain, soreness and discharge. You might be at risk for developing yeast infections if you are pregnant, diabetic, your blood sugar is not under control, take oral contraception with high doses of estrogen, or recently took antibiotics or steroids.*

Urinary tract infections are shockingly common among women and occur when bacteria that is unfriendly and unwelcome enters your urinary tract. The litany of unpleasant symptoms range from pain while urinating, the incessant urge to urinate, and pressure in your lower belly all the way to fatigue and even fever. UTIs are usually treated with antibiotics, which kill all bacteria “scorched-earth” style, including the good bacteria that help you fight off infections. Taking LoveBug’s Yeast Is A Beast will help restore the good bacteria that work with your immune system to help prevent future occurrences.*

This is the big one. A healthy gut – filled with good bacteria that balance out the bad and work with virtually every organ system in your body to keep you fit inside and out – often means healthy weight. In fact, restoring good bacteria to your gut might improve your metabolism and help your body process what you eat without turning it into fat. Taking Yeast Is A Beast along with a healthy diet free of processed foods and sugars is an excellent way to improve your health.*

Candida is a yeast fungus. A staggering amount of people living in the United States, who not only eat the Standard American Diet, but who are also overprescribed antibiotics, corticosteroids, and oral contraception experience an overgrowth of this naturally occurring yeast. Unfortunately, candida yeast thrives on sugar, which, as we all know, is abundant in the modern American diet. A balanced gut filled with good bacteria help to keep this yeast under control.*

You might be thinking, isn’t bacteria what causes acne? Well, that’s not necessarily true. There are many causes of acne, the most common being hormonal imbalances, lack of a proper diet, and lack of a strong enough immune system to fight off bacterial causes of acne. The good bacteria in Yeast Is A Beast will rehabilitate your immune system so it will keep bad bacteria like the acne-causing Propiobacterium in check.*

Mood changes
Mood swings, irritability, restlessness, brain fog, and even the inability to concentrate can be caused by a weakened immune system triggering a psychological response. There is increasing evidence that brain chemistry is directly linked to intestinal flora, and an imbalance, or lack of good bacteria, can impact psychological issues such as depression and anxiety.*

The Lies by Christina Benjamin blog tour and $50 Giveaway

The Geneva Project – Lies (vol.3) by Christina Benjamin





Promo: New release. Third book in the award-wining YA fantasy fiction series, The Geneva Project

Can you live a life of LIES? That’s exactly what Geneva finds herself doing to protect everyone she loves. While Geneva and her friends embark on a dangerous mission to fulfill her destiny, the dark forces that seek her powers are closing in, putting everyone she cares about at risk. Geneva must lie about who she is, what she knows and her true feelings. Are all these lies worth it or will she go too far and lose everything she’s been fighting for?

About the Author:
Christina Benjamin is the Award-Winning Author of the Young Adult series The Geneva Project.

Her debut novel, Truth, has won multiple awards, including the 2014 FAPA Gold Medal for YA fiction.

Benjamin’s writing hooks fans of mega-hit YA fiction like Harry Potter and The Hunger Games, and offers them a new series to obsess over. She paints a vivid world, where magic and imagination run wild in her epic tale of adventure, courage and friendship.

Benjamin studied English at the University of Central Florida. She’s dedicated to giving back to the community and speaking at schools to inspire creativity in young writers.

Social Media Links:

Excerpt from book:
Chapter 1
We marched forward out of the protective tree line of the forest and into the open field; a wall of bodies, hands clasped moving with purpose toward the Troian Center. Even though we had the protection of Remi’s invisibility power, I still felt tense and exposed. My heart pounded with uncertainty as a cool wind rushed past and we picked up speed. I could barely feel the strange sensation of lightness that being invisible provided. My skin tingled, but it felt more like nerves than magic. The last time I’d been invisible the sensation had felt much more intense, which had me worried that maybe it wasn’t working right. The possibility that Remi wasn’t strong enough to stretch his power over all of us made me shutter with uneasiness. This was more people than he’d ever tried to share his power with before .

The Giveaway:

$50 Amazon Gift Card a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, August 28, 2015

Gorgon: WhipEye Chronicles (Book 2) by Geoffrey Saign Review

WhipEye  2015 International Book Awards
Gorgon  Book 2, WhipEye Chronicles 

Samantha and Jake have two days to save their poisoned parents, and only Gorgon—the cruel and scheming leader of Amazon Lessers—can help them. But Gorgon is planning to destroy KiraKu, and he pits Sam against Jake. Worse, Sam feels controlled by the supernatural staff, WhipEye, and Jake gains a dangerous weapon. Can their friendship survive its greatest test? Can Sam and Jake stop a war and save their parents? Mysterious creatures, dragons, and Gorgon force them into a life or death adventure that some will not survive… 
…a story about love, nature, wildlife, intuition, and trusting yourself… 

Cassandra's Review-  I want to start out by saying that being able to read book one first made the second book even more enjoyable, so you may want to check them out in order.  The author takes you into the story and holds you tightly until the very last page.  It is a great blend of fantasy and action that any age would enjoy.  

Geoffrey C. Saign

Geoffrey Saign can often be found looking for interesting critters, and magic, while swimming, snorkeling, sailing, or hiking in the woods. His passion for nature and wildlife led to his nationally endorsed book, Green Essentials: What You Need to Know About the Environment, as well as his books African Cats and Great Apes. He has a background in biology, assisted in field research with hummingbirds and humpback whales, and sailed as far away as Australia. With more than twenty years of experience working in special education, he has taught adults and children everything from sailing to novel writing. He won the Shabo Award in 2010. He lives in St. Paul, Minnesota.

I received a complimentary copy of this book.

Storm By Jo Raven Cover Reveal

Title: Storm 
Author; Jo Raven 
Genre: Contemporary Romance 

Raylin is on the run. Her father’s associates will stop at nothing to claim the money he owes them—including killing her. A last ditch ticket to Florida, a temporary house to hide in and no future to look forward to. That is, until she meets Storm, a tattooed bad boy who is housesitting down the beach and doing repairs for the summer.

A perfect place, a perfect pair of strong arms, a spot of calm in which to hide for a while—or is it? Drop-dead gorgeous, kind, and hot in bed, Storm may not be what he seems.
Who is the real Storm, and what is he hiding? Raylin had better find out before the bullets begin to fly.

Standalone novel. No cliffhanger.
*Warning: this book contains graphic language, sex, and violence. Mature readers only. Not intended for young readers.*

This is Book 1 of the Sex and Bullets series - a spin-off of the Inked Brotherhood series. 
Next is: Hawk (Sex and Bullets, #2)

Jo Raven writes New Adult steamy contemporary romance. She loves sexy bad boys and strong-willed heroines, and divides her time between writing and reading. When not cooking up plots, she putters in her cluttered kitchen and dreams of traveling to India and Japan.

✯Don’t want to miss any of Jo’s offers and promotions you can sign up for her newsletter HERE

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ROSE, (Wildflowers Of Montana) Blog Tour

Title: ROSE, (Wildflowers Of Montana)
Author: Vanessa Vale 

Rose Lenox has grown up to be more comfortable on the back of a horse than wearing ribbons and bows like her seven adopted sisters. For years working the land was enough, but lately Rose finds herself wishing for something different. She wants her own ranch and freedom from her overwhelming and unorthodox family. Rose is determined to strike out on her own and forge her own path.

Lenox neighbor, Chance Goodman, has watched Rose grow from a spitfire of a girl to a beautiful and fiery woman. For years he's waited patiently and watched her struggle to find her place in the world. When she leaves the Lenox ranch alone, determined to abandon her former life and to say good-bye to him, he knows the time has come to claim her. Letting her walk away isn't an option. Chance knows exactly what she needs...and he's going to give it to her.

Follow the eight Lenox sisters through this historical erotic series that's as big and bold as the Montana Sky. The Wildflowers of Montana begins with Rose and her hot, Alpha cowboy.

#1 Amazon Bestseller in Erotic Western and Historical Erotica
Who doesn't love the romance of the old West? Vanessa Vale takes the sensual appeal of rugged cowboys a step further with her bestselling books set in the Montana Territory. They are much more than just sexy historical westerns. By introducing sexual taboos into this otherwise traditional romantic setting, Vanessa has won the loyalty of a fan base that never knows quite what to expect with each new series.
"Montana Maidens" was the first to push the envelope with strong BDSM themes. "Montana Men" followed suit with softer themes but lots of deliciously graphic sex. "The Bridgewater Series" showcases ménage relationships because sometimes one hot cowboy isn't enough. No-holds-barred, graphic descriptions, strong storytelling, engaging characters and breathtaking landscapes all combine to make very naughty reads.
And as a resident of Wild Wild West, Vanessa Vale finds plenty of inspiration for her work, for who doesn't love a handsome cowboy?

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