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No More! The Complete Guide to Preventing, Ending, and Responding to Sexual Violence Review

No More! The Complete Guide to Preventing, Ending, and Responding to Sexual Violence can be ordered from Gravity 
If you want to learn how to keep yourself and your children forever safe from the lifelong consequences caused by sexual violence, then Not Me! 

The Complete Guide to Preventing, Ending, and Responding to Sexual Vio-
lence is a book for you. Within its pages lies a wealth of straight-talk about rape, rapists, and pedophiles. Culling over 20 years of experience working with sexual predators, the author goes right to the hard facts and teaches you everything you need to know about preventing sexual violence, stopping an attack and responding to a rape outcry. After absorbing this material, not only will you have the ability to spot a potential predator, but you may just discover that someone has been grooming your child for abuse right in front of you. 

While some books offer suggestions and safety “tips,” this all-in-one guide shows you how to prevent attack. You'll learn: 

•How to prevent rape by a stranger

•What to do if you are abducted

•How to prevent domestic partner rape

•How to safely leave an abusive relationship

•15 characteristics of a domestic partner rapist

•How to prevent acquaintance/date rape

•Everything about date rape drugs

•How to prevent rape on campus

•How to stop a stalker

•How to use instinct to detect and evade an attacker

•The ploys pedophiles use

•How to teach safety to kids 

•How to “read” a child to detect abuse

•How to respond to a missing child—Quick response guide

•What a child must do if abducted

•How to respond to a rape outcry

•The effects of trauma—a guide to trauma disorders

•How to help men/boys that experience sexual violence

•How to use the sex offender registry in your state, and much more

A comprehensive, practical reference guide to the prevention of sexual violence. 

9 powerful chapters covering the essentials of rape prevention • The 15 behavioral characteristics and warning signs of the intimate partner rapist • Methods rapists use to choose and subdue strangers • How to escape abduction • Ploys pedophiles use to abuse • Babysitter safety • Detecting abuse • Preventing acquaintance rape • How to utilize your fight or flight responses to evade attack • How to prevent sexual victimization on campus • In-depth national resource guide • Hundreds of prevention strategies.  

And much, much more. 

This is an all in one guide, like no other. 

C. Edward Brost is an outspoken advocate for the Prevention of domestic and Sexual violence.  He is the founder of The National Center On Abuse, as well as the Creator and Editor of Rape Prevention Magazine––a quarterly news magazine dedicated to the eradication of child abuse and sexual violence in America.

I have received a complimentary ARC of this book.

Cassandra's Review-  The book is a must have for anyone male or female in any stage of life.  I do teach even my younger children about this type of topic, however I do vary the talks depending on age level appropriateness.   I am very big on self defense as I was a survivor of attacks even as a child. I wish I had something like this at that time.  People do not realize it but some females can even get violated by a spouse.  I mean abuse has so many different levels and it can be so intense.  I can not wait for this book to be put on the shelves and I hope that local libraries will carry it as well. The author did an amazing job of capturing every element needed to prevent and learn. Even though there is so much information out there, this book will get you on track to safety. If you or someone you know is at risk or you see red flags, do pick up a copy of this book.

  No More! The Complete Guide to Preventing, Ending, and Responding to Sexual Violence can be ordered from Gravity 

Communications, POB 512 Mentone, IN 46539. The price is $19.95 plus $4.00 processing & handling for the first 

book. For more details or to order online visit Bulk rate discounts available.

Blue crystal drop necklace Review + Giveaway

Swarovski Elements Crystal in sky blue. Very stylish!
Simple and elegant on rhodium plated chain.
Great for adding a little sparkle to any outfit.
Great as a gift.
Length of the chain: 16"-18"
Alice Hollywood

Cassandra's Review- This piece is very nice. It is lightweight and elegant.  The chain if not too fragile but I would not be rough with it.  The crystal is eye catching and a delight to wear. The blue shape and overall design makes this a must have item and great gift for the holidays.

Giveaway ends- 11-09-2014

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Framesi Color Lover Smooth Shine Shampoo & Conditioner Review + Giveaway

Framesi Color Lover Smooth Shine Shampoo (16.9 Oz)

Sulfate free formula protects hair color up to 95% more
Calms frizz
Adds shine and smoothness
Protects from humidity

Tame your frizz and smooth your flyaways with the new Framesi Color Lover Smooth Shine Shampoo. Infused with Quinoa, Natural Oils, Aloe Vera and nutrients, this sulfate free formula is gently cleansing and won't strip your hair color.

Framesi Color Lover Smooth Shine Conditioner (16.9 Oz)
Ultra rich smoothing conditioner
Resists humidity
Leaves hair silky and smooth
Protects hair color up to 95% Longer

Say goodbye to flyaways and so long to the frizz with the new Framesi Color Lover Smooth shine Conditioner. Formulated with natural proteins, coconut oil and nutrients, this this deep conditioning formula will leave your hair silky and smooth.

Cassandra's review- The shampoo and conditioner have an amazing smell.  I love how they lather and rinse.  Using them together is like a spa treatment for your hair and scalp.  The 16.9 oz bottles will last a long time as you do not need more than a quarter size amount of each per use. I let my hair air dry and was so excited to see the added shine when using these products.

Giveaway ends  11-9-2014

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Abco Tech USB Travel Wall Charger Review + Giveaway

Abco Tech 31W/6.2A 4-Port Rapid Charging Station / USB Travel Wall Charger

Full-speed charge

The way the technology works is by distributing the perfect charge to each device individually
and simultaneously, automatically recognizing what you have plugged in. Once the battery is full,
charging will automatically stop for that specific device.
Even if you have completely different devices plugged in; each one will receive an OEM quality charge;
which is the best possible in terms of speed and effectiveness.

The technology is so advanced; it will give a different OEM level charge to your devices.

Ideal for easy sharing in office/family

Ideal for shared use in your office or family, it serves more convenience with a cable
of considerable length securing easier placement. Equipped with 4 USB ports, it permits the
charging of up to 4 devices all at the same time yet without any apparent drag on the charging speed.

Universal compatibility and superb performance its universal compatibility, an unmistakable bonus, dispels even the slightest doubts about whether
it is right for your devices. It is characterized by outstanding reliability and superb performance made
possible by the unique synergy of exquisite craftsmanship, ingenious design and durable construction.


-Input: 100-240V 50/60Hz.
-Output: DC 5V/6.2A Max ( 4-PORT USB output)
-Size: 2.8 x 2.3x 1.2in
-Weight: 230g

Cassandra's Review- This lightweight quad port wall charger will give you a steady and fast charge. It fits right into the normal wall outlet. You can use this and know that your accessories are going to be safe. This provides a stable charge for up to four devices.  Perfect for the kids who use a lot of tech gear. I think this is also a great holiday gift.

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Basily 4 heart shaped stainless steel reusable chilling stones Review + Giveaway


Utilizing the new age Eco-friendly technology and high grade stainless steel Basily is able to provide
a superior quality chilling stone, unlike any other type on the market.

Chilling Stones is the aficionado's choice for chilling a drink. It eliminates the effects of melting ice on your favorite beverage.
And, being Stainless Steel, these heart-shaped stones will provide the same chill as a regular ice cube Or you can use it as a conversation starter at your next party.
Simply keep the Chilling Stones in your freezer until you are ready to chill your favorite drink, alcoholic or otherwise.

Basily Heart shaped stainless steel chilling stones...

Look great and won't scratch your decanter or glass

Contain a non-toxic chilling gel in the center, which allows for minimum freezing time (1-2 hrs.) and longer cooling time.

100% eco-friendly, odorless, tasteless

Will never rust or wear with time

Can be used in the dishwasher and will keep their brilliant color forever.

Come with a drawstring pouch for easy convenient storage

How to Use:
Rinse before first usage then place in your freezer until the heart stones are frozen. When ready, add
stones to your glass. Fill the glass with enough liquid to cover the stones. Let the drink sit for a few minutes to allow the stones to
chill your drink. After use, simply rinse and allow the stones to dry before returning them to your freezer. Never chew or attempt to eat.

Cassandra's review-  I have never seen a product like this before my review.  I kept thinking about people saying scotch on the rocks and it would make me smile.  The stainless steel ice cube stays so cold that I would not recommend holding it for a long time if they are frozen.  You can take the hottest of liquid and add one or two of these and it is just amazing how fast it will cool without heating up the cube, but I would recommend not putting them in boiling water as I am sure it will absorb the heat.  Obviously you would not want this to hit your teeth so do be careful when drinking with these in your glass.  I think they make a really cool gift.

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White Mulberry Tea Review + Giveaway

Pure White Mulberry Loose Leaf Tea – Sugar Controller – As featured on TV where it was hailed as ”the next health food sensation” and a “superfood.”

Earth Design Pure White Mulberry Leaf Tea is grown on small farms in a pesticide-free environment in the highlands of Thailand – a region renowned for its pure air, water and soil. Our tea is produced by the same supplier seen on TV.

White Mulberry trees are native to China, but are cultivated throughout the world. The leaves are the sole food source of the Silkworm. White Mulberry leaf tea has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for hundreds of years. It was also widely used in Turkey and Greece.

Why is White Mulberry a “Superfood”?

It promotes cardiovascular health by regulating blood sugar levels

Lowers cholesterol levels

Helps prevent fat formation by dramatically slowing the absorption of sugars into the bloodstream

Helps prevent heart disease and delays the onset of diabetes

Reduces high blood pressure

A powerful antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals in the body that may postpone aging

Boosts your immune system and energy levels

Helps suppress appetite, regulates digestion and supports weight loss

It’s caffeine free

Modern Chinese medicine recommends White Mulberry tea to counter symptoms of the common cold or flu such as sore throat, headache and cough.

Chinese doctors most often recommend White Mulberry tea as a diabetes tea.

Scientific research suggests that White Mulberry leaf tea helps regulate blood sugar levels and support weight loss. The White Mulberry leaves contain a substance called 1-deoxynojirimycin (DNJ) which inhibitsthe action of stomach enzymesresponsible for processing fats and sugars.The result is a lower absorption of fats and sugars into the bloodstream.

Suggested Use

It is recommended to drink White Mulberry Leaf Tea with meals especially meals high in sugar. Add one teaspoon to 250ml of boiling water and leave to simmer for five to ten minutes.

Cautions: This supplement may increase the effects of blood-sugar lowering medications (e.g. insulin and oral hypoglycemic agents) and side-effects of cholesterol-lowering medications. Those taking prescription antidepressants and sedatives should use with caution and first seek the advice of a physician. Avoid use if pregnant, lactating or with known hypersensitivity to white mulberry."

Pure White Mulberry Tea leaves

Place one tablespoon of Mulberry leaf into an 8 oz. cup. Bring water to a rolling boil and pour over the tea leaves. Cover cup and steep for 5-10 minutes. For best results, drink tea 30 minutes before meals. Keep out of reach of children.

Cassandra's Review-  I have never had this flavor of tea before. It is a great first experience for me.  The color is more of a green tea and yet the taste has a flavor that I can not describe as accurately as I want to but it is not super strong or harsh in any way.  Now I also did not realize that this contains whole leaves and a few stems, It can be brewed in a basket or you can use an herb grinder and brew it through a coffee filter or even make it in a coffee machine.  I would recommend trying this if you're looking for a new and exotic flavor of tea.

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Amigabit PowerBooster Review + Giveaway

Your computer should be regarded more like a pet than a piece of equipment. After all, if you neglect your PC's health, it will start to become sluggish, slow to respond to commands, and is prone to crashes and outright system failure. In order to maximize the lifespan of your computer, you may try Amigabit PowerBooster!
Amigabit PowerBooster is a collection of over 20 utilities all designed to make your PC's performance as good as new. With Amigabit PowerBooster, you'll be able to achieve faster PC performance and browsing speeds, while also enjoying measurably shorter bootup and backup times. No more lagging, no more crashes - just increased reliability leading to a much longer lifespan. And all of that saves you big bucks in the long run!
Just one click separates you and a fully cleaned, repaired, and optimized system. With your choice of quick or deep scans, Amigabit PowerBooster can uncover problems, such as broken or invalid files, that make your computer work harder unnecessarily. What's more, registry utilities included with Amigabit PowerBooster help not only to remove invalid entries, but also defrag your registry for faster response times. Combined with equivalent defrag and clean tools for your hard drive, and you'll begin to see just how beneficial running Amigabit PowerBooster on your system can be.
If you've lived with your PC for a long time, chances are good that you have a number of programs that automatically start with Windows that you don't even use anymore. Thanks toAmigabit PowerBooster, you can now streamline your startup programs to boot up faster, not to mention actively manage memory usage, and even schedule your computer to shut down at a specific time! Lastly, you'll appreciate the ability to clean up all traces of your activities, allowing you to safeguard your identity during all of your online adventures.

Amigabit aims to provide leading computer maintenance and data recovery software on Microsoft Windows computers for companies and individuals to make life easier and better.

Cassandra's review- With this program your getting the very best in PC optimization.  It is very easy to navigate and the actual software will not slow down your PC as most do when installed.  This is the perfect tool to have your computer up and running like new in no time.

Giveaway ends 11-1-2014

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Weather to Wear Review

iPhone Screenshot 1
This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad
Category: Weather
Updated: 13 June 2014
Version: 2.0
Size: 3.1 MB
Language: English
Developer: Gareth Goddard
© Gareth Goddard
Rated 4+

Compatibility: Requires iOS 5.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimised for iPhone 5.A free app that tells you when its too windy outside to wear a skirt or dress,  free 5 day forecast! All you need to do is enter your location or select it via gps and you'll be told how windy it is and if you'll be flashing the world unexpectedly

iPhone Screenshot 2
Cassandra's Review- This app is simple and easy to use. Your getting accurate information in a fun way.  Although some might think this not suitable for children based on the icons chosen.

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