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Rose Hip Oil by Yumi Beautiful Review

COLD-PRESSED, PREMIUM BOTANICAL OIL - Pure, Organic Rose Hip Oil from the Southern Andes Mountains of Chile.
HYDRATES, LIFTS & PLUMPS - Rosehip Oil is a godsend, making skin appear younger and more luminous.
DON'T BE FOOLED. Bigger isn't better! Once opened, rose hip oil oxidizes quickly. Keep refrigerated.
LIGHT & EASILY ABSORBED - Soothe dry, damaged, sensitive skin. Firm and tone. Stimulate collagen
 The Rosehip oil  absorbs into your skin to help keep your skin hydrated and elastic, minimizing the appearance of flaws.
* Bring vitality to dehydrated, sensitive and mature skin.
* Reduce the appearance of scars, stretch marks and fine lines over time.
* Perfect for environmental stressors that can lead to wrinkles.
* Awesome as a spot treatment for discoloration.
Cassandra's review- If you have stretch marks or scars this will help.  I was unaware of having to keep this in the fridge at a temperature control.   I did not see dramatic results with this, but it does help in a few treatments.  There is a smell to the oil but it is not harsh.  It really does absorb quickly and can be used on your hair and nails.  

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True Synergy - Yacon Syrup Review

Pure yacon syrup assists in weight loss and slimming waist sizes, regulating blood sugar, and increasing daily fiber intake
The syrup, distilled from the Peruvian tuber yacon -- contains up to 50 percent fructooligosacharides, or FOS. FOS, classified as a prebiotic, is a non-caloric sweetener and also a fiber source.
According to a 2009 Scientific study, daily intake of yacon syrup produced a significant decrease in body weight, waist circumference and body mass index.
Yacon syrup Speeds up the metabolism to combat excess fat and regulates the hunger hormone, making you feel full longer.
Low-Glycemic Sweetener

Cassandra's Review- The syrup taste really good!  You can take it plain or use it on pancakes or in place of syrup but I would not take more than the recommend dosage per day. 

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Youphoria Yoga Towels Review

-EXTENDS MAT LIFE AND REDUCES RISK OF BACTERIA - No one wants the daunting task of washing their yoga mat after each session. These machine washable yoga towels add a hygienic layer between you and your mat, reducing the risk of harmful bacteria spreading to your skin and saving you time on cleaning your mat.

-SUPER ABSORBENT & QUICK DRYING - Youphoria Yoga Microfiber Towel outperforms ordinary cotton or polyester towels. Made with ultra lightweight, moisture wicking microfiber.

-NON-SLIP & SKID-LESS - Your mat can turn into one dangerous Slip 'N Slide if you don't use a towel specially designed to grip to your mat. You will be able hold advanced poses longer with peace of mind that your towel will stay in place for the duration of your Yoga experience.

-PERFECT SIZE - These towels are sized perfectly (24" x 68") to fit on top of your yoga mat. However, our yoga towels aren't just suggested for hot yoga enthusiasts, they can be used for a variety of different activities such as: Basic yoga, gym workouts, beach days, pool days, you name it!

-WORLD CLASS SERVICE - We believe that you, the customer, should make the final call on product performance. Each one of our customers has a yoga specialist who will help answer questions, provide yoga towel care instructions, and make sure you are 100% satisfied! Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority!

Multiple uses for this Yoga Towel:

•Hot Yoga: Soft, super-absorbent and machine washable. You can go through a yoga session with complete confidence knowing you can execute complex yoga poses and your towel will hold strong.•Basic Yoga: Have we mentioned the towel is absorbent and helps you maintain grip? No difference here! Great for Basic Yoga or Hot Yoga!

•Workout Towel: These are highly absorbent towels made from a unique blend, 100% microfiber material that are good for any situation you're in that involves sweat! You can carry this towel on your shoulder around the gym to dry you brow during an intense workout.

•Outdoor Activities: Whether it's getting together for a pick-up game of Ultimate Frisbee, or beach day, this towel can do the job with its ultra-soft, absorbent design.

Cassandra's Review-  My kids younger kids love to lay on this.  It is so super soft and perfect for not just yoga.  It is easy to care for as well.  When used on a yoga mat is does exactly what it needs to.  It is soft enough to use as a blanket for my toddlers to cuddle with. 

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The Original reCAP Mason Jars Pour Cap Review

The Original reCAP Mason Jars pour cap! Making Mason jars the perfect multi-purpose container for everyday use. Transform Mason jars into on-the-go drinks: water, tea, smoothies, and milkshakes!  Organize pantry items like grains, cereals, and rice.  Shake, Pour, & Store – everything from homemade dressings to buttons and bolts.

 Do not place in microwave. Jars not included. Not for canning.
Cassandra's review- This is a screw on lid that fits onto a mason jar.  You put it on the jar and use it to pour things.  Very convenient for people who love to use mason jars for everyday drinks and spices or even candies, really anything you can put into a mason jar that would pour out.

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Epica Clear Cotton Ball & Swab Organizer Review

Are your personal hygiene essentials buried in a drawer because the plastic bags and cardboard boxes they came in are so ugly and messy? There's a better way! The Epica Organizer is good-looking enough to live on the counter-top, keeping everything at your fingertips and making your cleansing and makeup application routines easier than ever.
2 Compartments for Cotton Balls, Swabs, Cosmetic Pads and More

The Epica Organizer is comprised of two compartments in graduated sizes, designed especially for holding cotton balls and swabs. But you can keep anything you want in these versatile containers, from makeup remover pads to razor blades. Each compartment has its own lid to keep the contents dry and dust-free.

Clear Acrylic for Style and Durability

The see-through acrylic and elegant design blend with any decor while it frees up drawer space. It's strong and break-resistant, so there are no worries about bathroom hazards. Plus, it's easy to clean with a quick swipe of soap and water. You'll wonder how you ever got along without it!

Cassandra's review- I can use this for pens and pencils, crayons, beads, and just about anything around the house.  You can use this for cotton balls and swabs as well.  It has a great amount of space. I like that the two containers are connected and that they are stylish but not breakable like a glass container that you usually find in stores.  They have separate lids and will keep your stuff safe and dirt free.

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Smart Weigh 500 x 0.01g Digital Pro Pocket Scale Review

Have you been looking for the perfect on-the-go pocket scale?
One that is lightweight, accurate, and reliable? Look no further – the Smart Weigh Digital Pocket Scale with its sleek and portable design is exactly what you have been looking for!
Tired of inaccurate weight readings? Ready for an upgrade? The Smart Weigh scale features the highest grade precision with the latest technology.
Weigh Master!
This scale will help you accomplish a wide variety of weighing needs. It will do so accurately and to perfection!
Features a unique and simple design with its stainless steel 3.94” x 3.7” platform. It is easy to operate by using the four sleek chrome buttons.

Features - the top500 is strong, accurate, fast, and user-friendly; will work great for any of your mailing, jewelry, reloading, and cooking needs
Functions - this scale can double up as a postal scale; the pcs function gives you an accurate count and the hold function will lock weight readings
Design - features a clear LCD screen lit by a bright blue backlight; will display readings in g, OZ, OZT, dwt, GN, and CT
Precision - manufactured with high precision sensors to provide the most accurate weight readings; weighs up to 500 grams in 0.01 Increments
Includes - 2 AAA batteries with a two minute auto shut off feature; the tare function will provide a net weight

Cassandras' Review- The scale is great and easy to use. It is small enough to carry around in a briefcase or purse.  The durability and accuracy makes this a must have item.  I like it for my kitchen and the kids can use it for school. 

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Gaffer Tape Review

Gaffer Tape is used by professionals working in the Arts and Entertainment Industry
Premium Grade Gaffer Tape:
-It's tough, powerful and secures cables tightly
-Holds down wires to podiums and stages
-Removes quickly and cleanly
-Leaves no gummy residue, uses high quality synthetic rubber
-Can be quickly torn into neat strips and used without other tools
-Non reflective, blends it perfectly with the background
-Does no harm to whatever the tape is applied to
-Excellent flexibility Great for around the house! Gaffer Tape has lots of other uses:
-Can also be used for bookbinding, repair tape, wrapping, bundling, protecting, protecting wires, sealing tape
-Can handle outdoor weather and a range of temperatures Gaffer Tape is a must for anyone who wants great quality tape

Cassandra's Review-  The tape is going to be so helpful for my holiday decorating and keeping my lights in place.  You can easily rips this without having to run an look for scissors and can do so in the sizes you prefer.  You can craft with this tape as well. The best part is it has no sticky residue when removed.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Now is the Time to Prepare with Master Lock Review

Master Lock Helps Consumers Prepare for Severe Weather

Company Offers Tips for Keeping People and Possessions Safe and Secure During Stormy Seasons
MILWAUKEE, WI--(Marketwired - Sep 3, 2014) - North America is home to thousands of severe weather situations every year -- from thunderstorms to tornadoes and wildfires to hurricanes. Since many of these storms strike without much warning, Master Lock encourages consumers to prepare now to ensure their families and belongings stay safe during even the most tumultuous events.
"Storms can be devastating no matter what," said Rebecca Smith of Master Lock. "But there are some simple steps families can take now -- rather than when an emergency has already occurred -- to reduce their risk of loss and aid them in the recovery process, if needed."
Master Lock offers these tips to help families prepare for severe weather:

1. Learn the language. Beginning October 22, the National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center in the U.S. will add two new threat levels to its weather outlooks for storm days at risk of producing tornadoes, hail or high winds. Risk categories will now include "enhanced" and "marginal," in addition to the existing "slight," "high" and "moderate."

In Canada, citizens can depend on Environment Canada for severe weather warnings and watches. In April, Environment Canada updated its list of alert types to more accurately describe the severity of different weather hazards.

Learn the language of your national weather advisory organization so you can prepare appropriately for severe weather.

2. Prepare in advance. Severe weather may strike without warning, so take the basic steps now to ensure your family is ready should a storm strike when you're home or away.
If you're home when weather hits, an updated emergency kit is essential. Consumers listed water and non-perishable food as the two most important items in their emergency kits, according to the 2014 Safety and Security Survey*. Store these items in a cool, dry place and replace them every six months to ensure freshness. By writing dates on containers when you store them, you'll know exactly when it's time to swap them out. Don't forget to pack for your pets, too.
In the event that severe weather hits while you're out of town, ensure that a trusted friend or neighbor has the appropriate codes to access your property if needed. A resettable combination padlock, such as the Master Lock M175XDLF Combination Padlock, is a convenient option for securing your gate or fence since it does not require a key. It also allows you to change the combination as often as you wish, including when you arrive back home for added security.

3. Create a backup plan. Personal memorabilia and family/business documents were listed as the top two items people would want to save from their homes in case of a severe weather situation. To ensure these important documents remain intact after an emergency passes, store them in a Sentry®Safe fire safe that offers protection against fire and flood. To aid with disaster recovery in real time, store digital copies of these important documents -- including insurance policies -- in a secure online storage hub like the Master Lock Vault. The Master Lock Vault is free and can be accessed 24 hours a day, via smartphone, tablet or computer, allowing for easy access in any situation.

4. Secure outdoor belongings. Storms can often be most damaging to the exterior of your home, due to either heavy winds or rain, or damaging hail or lightning. In case of inclement weather, lock up all possible outdoor belongings in a covered shed or garage, and secure the door with a padlock built to survive extreme weather situations, such as the Master Lock M115XDLF Covered Laminated Padlock. For items that can't be moved to an inside space, such as patio furniture, lock them tightly together and to another sturdy surface, if possible, with a secure cable and locking system like the Master Lock Python™ Adjustable Locking Cable. These tactics may also safe-guard your belongings against looters in the worst-case scenario if you are forced to evacuate your home.

5. Go cordless. Power outages are often associated with heavy storms. Be prepared by purchasing batteries for flashlights and weather radios and portable, external battery packs for charging cell phones when the power's out -- just be sure to keep the battery pack charged! If you lose power, remember to unplug all of your electrical appliances such as laptops, televisions and corded phones. Power surges can occur as the result of lightning and can damage plugged-in electronics and appliances. If you still have power during a lightning storm, avoid using corded (landline) telephones, as they can conduct electricity.

About Master Lock Company
The Master Lock Company is recognized around the world as the authentic, enduring name in padlocks and security products. Master Lock Company offers a broad range of innovative security and safety solutions for consumer, commercial, and industrial end-users. Master Lock Company LLC is an operating unit of Fortune Brands Home & Security, Inc., a leading consumer brands company. Headquartered in Deerfield, Ill., Fortune Brands Home & Security Inc. (NYSE: FBHS), is included in the S&P MidCap 400 Index. For more information about Master Lock visit
*According to a May 2014 Safety and Security Survey of more than 1,000 Americans conducted by Master Lock via SurveyMonkey.

I received complimentary product.

Cassandra's Review- I love the Master Lock Company, it has protected my family for years. I am confident in knowing that everything is safe and secure when using their products.  The newest locks that I has the honor of trying out are no exception.   The company just keeps on coming out with more features and better types of locks for all your security needs.  Built to last tough quality and excellent!