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Check out MOMZY #spon #ad

How does MOMZY work? #spon #ad

I was just browsing the MOMZY site and think that it is a great concept. Basically, it is like a social network/shopping adventure in one! I think other moms would really enjoy connecting with other moms. You can find just what you're looking for using the search or category filter, plus a little extra all while following some great moms to see what kinds of products they find online for their family. Who knows - maybe you will be the lead mom that sends all the great products out to the network.
To get started on I copied their FAQ section.

I received compensation for this post.

How does MOMZY work?

Search, Shop, Save, Share, and Socialize - with time left over to nap!

Follow Moms You Trust
Find the best mom-approved strollers, baby gifts, kid toys and more. Click "follow" to see other moms' great finds and discover new stores you can shop and find what's trending all in one place.


Where did you find all those cute, unique products that I see on MOMZY?

We are all about giving credit where credit is due. Everything that you see on MOMZY has been posted by a member of MOMZY’s growing community, which consists of moms (and some dads), just like you!

Where do I begin?

Take a look at what’s Trending or follow other moms, stores and Bundles. Check out your feed (not to be confused with your kid’s grilled cheese that you are finishing), start saving products that you like and create your own personal Bundles of products!

How do I post a product to MOMZY?

If you’ve pinned before, then you can post! Post any product from any online store to MOMZY using our desktop browser bookmarklet. You can also post on MOMZY for iPhone and iPad, or the +Post to MOMZY button at the top of this page (it’s just as cool as the last time you saw a plus symbol – although that one involved urine).

How can I access and follow MOMZY?

Shop when you want and where you want using your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. You can also follow MOMZY on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Google+.

What is the best way to share a product with a particular friend?

You can TAG A Mom with any product you see! Simply tag her in the comment section of a product by typing @ and then the MOMZY username or full Facebook name of the friend with whom you wish to share. ie. @momzymom

Can I create a registry on MOMZY?
You bet! Click on the heart icon and save it to your Bundles as a registry then send it out via email or favorite social media site.

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BalBao Baby Shopping Cart Cover Giveaway

BalBao Baby Shopping Cart Cover Giveaway Hosted by Stylish Momme Co-hosted by: The Minister's Wife Stamps & Saves Sponsored by BalBoa Baby

"A Legacy of Design Excellence" BalBoa Baby® is the result of a collaboration between Shirley Pepeys (the founder of Noel Joanna Inc.), her son, Noel Pepys, and Dr. William Sears. BalBoa Baby® creates unique, fashionable, products using "luxurious fabrics and distinctive prints." BalBoa Baby® products are innovative, fashionable and functional; they're always looking to make "parent's lives easier, their babies happier, and to give them both opportunities to bond and experience life together. Cuddle your baby."
If you'd like to read a review of BalBoa Baby's shopping cart cover, head on over to read Stylish Momme's review.
Feel free to add your own text here or no-index.
Enter below using the Giveaway Tools to enter for your chance to win a shopping cart cover from BalBoa Baby!
Terms & Disclosures
  • This giveaway will run from December 30th, 2014 at 1AM CST through January 13th, 2015 at 11:59PM CST. This giveaway is open to U.S. residents, aged 18 and up.
  • The winner will be notified by e-mail and will have 48 hours to claim their prize or a new winner will be drawn. The winner will be announced within 24 hours on Stylish Momme's facebook page after the winner has claimed their prize.
  • This giveaway is not associated with Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media.
  • All participating bloggers are not responsible for prize fulfillment. All participating bloggers were not compensated - other than the host, who received a shopping cart cover to facilitate a review.
  • All entries are optional.
  • Void where prohibited by law.

Feast of Fates by Christian A. Brown Blog Tour and Giveaway

Feast of Fates
Four Feasts Till Darkness
Book One
Christian A. Brown

Genre: Fantasy Romance

Date of Publication: September 9, 2014

ISBN: 978-1495907586
Number of pages: 540

Word Count: 212K

Cover Artist: Brian Garabrant

Book Description:

"I am a new woman. A new creature. I am myself, and yet so different."

Magic and destiny collide in Christian A. Brown's breathtaking debut novel, Feast of Fates.

Together known as the Sisters Three, Eean, the hand of fate, Elemech, the reader of fate, and Ealasyd, the spinner of fate, foresee a war between the Immortal Kings--and only one girl who can stop it.

Morigan lives a quiet life as the handmaiden to a fatherly old sorcerer named Thackery. But when she crosses paths with Caenith, a not wholly mortal man, her world changes forever. Their meeting sparks long buried magical powers deep within Morigan. As she attempts to understand her newfound abilities, unbidden visions begin to plague her--visions that show a devastating madness descending on one of the Immortal Kings who rules the land.

With Morigan growing more powerful each day, the leaders of the realm soon realize that this young woman could hold the key to their destruction. Suddenly, Morigan finds herself beset by enemies, and she must master her mysterious gifts if she is to survive.

Available at Amazon and Createspace

Excerpt from Chapter 2

It was quite a jog from King’s Crown to Fates Row, the modest, middle-class district where Caenith lived on the outskirts of the Faire of Fates, and Morigan took an earthbound carriage for part of the trip. She wasn’t a spendthrift and saved almost all of what she worked for, as Mifanwae had taught, but the urge to see the smith again was a weight as heavy as stone, drawing her in his direction. Her unburdening to Thule and his approval emboldened her further, for he was a father and friend—the only one she had, lonely as that might seem—and his opinions were valued. Never did she forget the cautious side of his encouragement, however, of his unusual but apt warnings of a wolf. The more she dwelled on the idea, the more she found that a wolf was a fitting match for Caenith’s character: wild, noble, and dangerous.
Once settled with her fare, she was deposited amid squat white houses and tall white shops, with roofs that glittered in the early evening light and streets filled with weary working folk headed home for the day or into noisy taverns, of which more than a few were around. Caenith’s house, she remembered, was in quieter environs a few blocks ahead. She stayed off the road and along the path, asking strangers to pardon her as she strode at a hastened pace.
Slow down. Get a hold of your wits or lose your knickers, like Thule said. I’m paraphrasing, but still, she warned herself. She didn’t know much about men. She had kissed a few, groped some of the hardness that they kept behind their trousers, but wasn’t impressed by much of it. In recent years, she had given up on courtship entirely, for men weren’t interested in courtship with handmaidens living in less respectable neighborhoods, even though she was sure that they had other uses in mind for her. Perhaps that was what intrigued her about Caenith so much, his biding patience or surety. She knew that he desired her in a ravenous way, and yet she felt none of the frantic insistence that her other suitors had expressed toward her. None of that childlike need.
You say that, but let’s see how he behaves tonight. This whole thing is silly. You’re acting as if you know this man when you spent maybe an hourglass with him. Therein was the rub: that for a stranger, it seemed as if she knew him so intimately. Or felt as if she grasped the most fundamental aspects of him: honor, bestial pride, and the beauty and destruction of a wild rapid. All that remained was to mine out the details. Why do I trust you? Of all the men I have met, only Thule has earned that right through burying my mother’s body with me, through sheltering me when I was alone. What right have you to command my trust as you do, Caenith? What right?
She proceeded down the lane with a fury in her step, her riding cloak billowing, her dark skirt sweeping the ground like a black ghost. She was a startling vision to those who saw her, and they moved out of her way as if she was a mad but exquisite queen. A few roughnecks, red in the cheeks and leering from a tavern porch, did not heed her stormy expression and whistled at her from their chairs. Pigs! she hissed with such righteous indignation that the fools pouted into their ales, feeling as if the Everfair Queen herself had shamed them. Night was hungry for the day, and sterling lamplights, their starry magik trapped in hanging glass spheres, were winking on alongside the lane. She arrived at Caenith’s run-down property even angrier from the catcalls, stomped up the stairs, and went to knock on the door. It was wrenched open before her knuckles touched the wood. There was the smith.
Some civility had found its way into his comportment this evening, though he wore it awkwardly, like an animal stuffed into clothing, and haphazardly, as if he had just dressed himself and not with great success. His highwayman’s shirt was a mess: its laces loose, a sleeve up, the other down, and the hem half tucked into trousers. The boots she recalled from yesterday. He wore a plain ebony ribbon in his hair, which was pulled back from his face. While he had certainly made the effort to be more trimmed than yesterday, she could only call him shorn, not shaved—she didn’t think he could ever be stripped to less than stubble. Still, he was no less disarming or enticing with his cologne of steel, sweat, and the deeper aromas of woods and silky fur, and what portions of his sinewy strength burst against his clothing took the remainder of her focus. She found herself completely drained of her anger and fumbling for words.
“I…I am sorry. You seem as if you are dressed and on your way out.”
Caenith stared but did not speak. Distantly and with sorrow, he remembered the Daughters of the Moon, victims of the New Age, with their milky skin and coats of nettles, raven feathers and black leaves: garments with haunting similarities to the lacy bodice and sweeping train that Morigan wore. She was as magikal as these phantoms of the past, but paler and prettier still, and her bust and cheeks were flushed from rushing. He could taste the salty-sweet sweat of her on his palate and hear the pounding of her blood as a rousing tribal drum in his ears.
“I was waiting for you,” he said.
Morigan looked around suspiciously. “You…you were?”
“I—” Smelled you down the street and hurried to make myself presentable. “I felt that you would return today, that the winds would bear your sweetness my way, and I see that Geadhain has granted my wish.”
“I see. How very…strange,” replied Morigan.
Caenith welcomed her with a grin; his canines were unusually long, they glimmered in the lamplight. “Cups! I have been working on cups! Come inside, dear fawn.”
Cups? And there’s that “fawn” talk again. I think he’s some manner of a lunatic, thought Morigan, and against what little sense prevailed in the company of this man, she went into Caenith’s shop. Inside was brighter than she remembered, and small lamps had been lit in vases on the floor. She had to blink to understand them, these twining metal flowers, their petals opened and stigmas made of flame. She stopped to admire one, seeing the wick inside the fire, amazed that this was not magik, but more of the smith’s work, impossibly detailed and manufactured by enormous fingers.
“Resilience and beauty,” said Caenith, breathing over her neck. “The strength of steel and the beauty—and power—of fire. I was inspired to create them this morning. The metal’s song was clear with how it was to be made. Do you like them?”
“Yes, they’re…lovely.”
“I agree,” muttered Caenith, and he placed a hand upon her back, leading her farther into his den. “Cups,” he promised, but said no more.

About the Author:

Christian A. Brown has written creatively since the age of six. After spending most of his career in the health and fitness industry, Brown quit his job to care for his mother when she was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma in 2010.

Having dabbled with the novel that would eventually become Feast of Fates for over a decade, Brown was finally able to finish the project. His mother, who was able to read a beginning version of the novel before she passed away, has since imbued the story with deeper sentiments of loss, love, and meaning. He is proud to now share the finished product with the world.

Tour giveaway

5 signed copies of FoF (Launch Edition) shipped anywhere within US/ Canada.

Quilts of Love | MASTERPIECE MARRIAGE – Kindle Giveaway!

I received a complimentary copy. 

About the book: 

He wants to save his business. She wants to be a professor. But are they asking for more than they can really have?

After a flood damages the looms at Zenus Dane's Philadelphia textile mill and the bank demands loan payment, Zenus turns to his aunt for help repurposing his textiles. Trouble is . . . his aunt has already been hired by the lovely yet secretive Englishwoman Mary Varrs.

Eager to acquire his aunt's quilt patterns, Zenus attends the summer Quilting Bee, a social event his aunt has uniquely designed with the secret purpose of finding Zenus a wife. However Zenus only has eyes for Mary, but Mary has no such desire for him.

Though his aunt is determined to design a masterpiece marriage, both Zenus and Mary will have to overcome their stubborn ways. Can he realize that love requires stepping out of his routine? And will she recognize that following her heart doesn't mean sacrificing her ambition?

Learn more about this book and the series at the Quilts of Love website.

Cassandra's review-  The book is well written and the characters really stand out.  The story is easy to enjoy and the ending is worth getting to.  

About the Author:

Gina Welborn is the author of several novels and novellas, including The Heiress's Courtship. She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers; the president of Faith, Hope and Love; and a founding member of She lives in Cache, Oklahoma, with her pastor husband and their five children. Visit her online at
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Rachel Hauck Fires Up the Romance with “A Brush with Love” Kindle Giveaway!

"Fire" up the romance in the new year with Rachel Hauck's newest book, A Brush with Love, by entering her Kindle Fire giveaway! And be sure to catch a sneak peek of the soon-to-be-released How to Catch a Prince!
 One grand prize winner will receive:
  • A Kindle Fire
  • A Brush with Love by Rachel Hauck
Enter today by clicking the icon below. But hurry, the giveaway only runs for a week, 12/30 – 1/5. Winner will be announced January 6th on Rachel's blog.

Tryon NC Awesome Prize Pack Giveaway #ExploreTryonNC

Tryon Clock Tower- Tryon North Carolina- Photo courtesy of Explore Tryon 
Explore Tryon is celebrating the  start of 2015 with a unique promotional giveaway.  Downtown Tryon retailers and restaurants were very generous this year with donations of scarves, pottery, gift certificates, candles, jams & jellies, and jewelry! 
Morris Lights- Photo courtesy of Explore Tryon
Perfectly located as a base for all that Western NC has to offer, the Village of Tryon is close to Asheville, the Biltmore Estate & the Blue Ridge Parkway.  I've passed the sign for Tryon numerous times on my way to Charlotte, but had no idea such a charming jewel was just a few miles down the road. 
Mary & Morris - Tryon NC Photo Courtesy of Explore Tryon
Tryon has two quaint B&Bs – the award-winning Pine Crest Inn and the Melrose Inn.  With the recent 2014 opening of the Tryon International Equestrian Center and Resort, Tryon continues to offer an eclectic mix of music, art and entertainment.  Tryon remains the friendliest town in the south.
Sly Fox Boutique- Tryon NC  Photo courtesy of Explore Tryon 
Sly Fox- Tryon NC

Mary &  Morris - Tryon NC Photo courtesy of Explore Tryon
Harmon Field-Tryon NC Photo courtesy of Explore Tryon
Lavender Bistro-Judith & JP Debeuf- Tryon NC Photo courtesy of Explore Tryon
Morris- Tryon NC Photo courtesy of Explore Tryon 

The “Explore Tryon Gift Box” giveaway will go to one (1) lucky reader.   Estimated value of the gift box is over $150.  More details about the giveaway and participating stores will be posted on You can visit the Explore Tryon Website and find all you need to know to plan a stay in Tryon! You can also find a ton of information on the Explore Tryon Facebook page so make sure you check it out, and while you are there, why not like their page! 
Participating retailers and restaurants: Lavender Bistro- $30 Gift Certificate Huckleberry's (Tryon)- $20 Gift Certificate 
Winner will get one (1) 
The Nest Artisian Market- Garden Gnome Treasure Fig Jam
Winner Gets One (1) 
Sly Fox- "Raspberry Sangria" natural soy wax candle from Highway 9 Candle Company  The Bookshelf- $10 Gift Certificate Mary & Morris- Exclusive "Out on the Town" Morris the Horse coloring book & Morris the Horse magnetic notepad.  Daniel Dry Goods- Hand Crafted Earrings 
Winner gets one (1)
Joycelyn Davis Art Gallery and Tryon Backdoor Distillery- Pottery Jug and Porcelain Heart. Skyuka Fine Art- Richard Christian Nelson notecards 
Winner will receive one (1)
Panache Boutique- Scarf Happy New Year! We hope all your hopes and dreams come true in 2015! 

Lexi's Pathetic Fictional Love Life Book Blast Giveaway $50 Amazon Gift Card or Paypal Cash

  Lexi's Pathetic Fictional Love LifeLexi's Pathetic Fictional Love Life Lexi Middleton has been socially invisible to her classmates, but starting her junior year, that’s going to change. First, she’s determined to hook a boyfriend, ensuring dates with flowers and possible kisses on the doorstep. Second, she wants to be a writer for the school paper, even though it freaks her out to think of everyone judging her by her punctuation and metaphors. High school is difficult enough—keeping up her grades, dealing with increasing sibling rivalry, and trying to stay out of the way of her personal nemesis, Amberlee—but when Lexi catches the eye of her long-time crush, she also becomes the focus of mean-girl tactics. Caught between who she was and who she wants to be, Lexi must decide how to confront a bully, and choose who to let into her heart.
Purchase from
add to goodreads   Lexis
  Jo NoelleAuthor Jo Noelle Jo Noelle grew up in Colorado and Utah but also spent time in Idaho and California. She has two adult children and three small kids. She teaches teachers and students about reading and writing, grows freakishly large tomatoes, enjoys cooking especially for desserts, builds furniture, sews beautiful dresses, and likes to go hiking in the nearby mountains. Oh, and by the way, she’s two people— Canda Mortensen and Deanna Henderson, a mother/daughter writing team. They began writing separately several years ago but found the process much more fun when they started collaborating. They are debut authors, with Lexi’s Pathetic Fictional Love Life as their first completed work. Other titles include Newbie and Damnation. Deanna attended college before marrying and starting her family. Canda received a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education, a Reading Specialist endorsement, and a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership. Her day job focuses on teaching teachers and children about literacy.
  50_Amazon_Paypal   Book Blast Giveaway $50 Amazon Gift Card or Paypal Cash Ends 1/18/14 Open only to those who can legally enter, receive and use an Gift Code or Paypal Cash. Winning Entry will be verified prior to prize being awarded. No purchase necessary. You must be 18 or older to enter or have your parent enter for you. The winner will be chosen by rafflecopter and announced here as well as emailed and will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. This giveaway is in no way associated with Facebook, Twitter, Rafflecopter or any other entity unless otherwise specified. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Giveaway was organized by Kathy from I Am A Reader and sponsored by the author. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW. a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Four Great CDs Review and Bundle Pack Giveaway

I received complimentary copies of the following CD's from Mile High Productions.

Joseph Eid
Americana-Folk Singer/Songwriter Joseph Eid has announced the recent release of his first full studio album, Human. Recommended if you like the Avett Brothers and Ray Lamontagne, Eid has been garnering considerable buzz with his music, recently being named as one of the 100 Hottest Live Unsigned Artists of 2012 and 2013 by Music Connection Magazine.

The album’s title track "Human", displays the pastoral beauty, delicate guitar work, and intricate but relatable lyrics that have become Eid’s trademark. “Human” seamlessly blends sharp, melodic pop lyricism with traditional folk sensibilities evoking folk troubadours both past and present.

The album’s first single “Ready Now”, is propelled by a driving rhythm section , lush instrumentation and an instantly unforgettable hook. “Ready Now,” has surpassed over 20,000 views on YouTube and is the depiction of an animated version of Eid. The song tells a love story in which the man is confused about his beloved one. The storyline is lively presented by Eid’s gentle and narrative voice in the verse parts, and the passionate vocal harmony in the chorus increased the whole song’s intensity and meaning. The use of varied orchestra instruments also added a layer of dramatic effects to the song, giving it a more complicated and intriguing sensation.

Originally born in Liberia to Lebanese parents, Joseph Eid grew up in the suburbs of New York.  He was raised in a strict and traditional home where the arts were only supported as a hobby and never as a career.  During his college years, Eid studied psychology and pre-med but all the while, he was always dreaming about a potential career in music.  After his first semester at med school, the dream got too big to hold and Joseph made the bold choice of dropping out and moving to New York City to pursue music and follow his dream.  He joined a band, picked up a guitar, and the songs poured out like rain.  His journey led him to Los Angeles in 2007 where he started playing regularly at open mikes and showcases.  Shortly after, he began working with world-renowned guitarist/songwriter David Lamar, honing his songwriting at weekly showcases at the Stone Bar, leading the prolific singer/songwriter to write over 30 new songs as well as record his debut EP Cardiac Output.

Known as a dynamic solo performer, Joseph Eid has brought his cathartic one-man live show to many of Los Angeles’ premier music venues, including stints at Room 5 and El Cid.  He has held residencies at the following Hollywood venues:  The Stone Bar, Crane’s Hollywood Tavern, Room 5, and Bar Lubitsch.

Eid recently released a music video of “Something Real,” which is based on a personal experience that also happens to be universal with communication via technology and social media. A visually simple yet emotionally complex music video, “Something Real,” is meant as a commentary on our constant need to be plugged in and how this has changed the way we communicate as well as taken away the value and the weight of words and human connection.  This idea is demonstrated in the video as Eid sings to and tries to connect with lifeless, robotic people. The twist at the end of the video illustrates that no one is immune to the digital disease — including Eid.

Another piece of exciting news for the folk and country lovers is that Eid’s going to release a brand new video for the single “Hit me up” from the album “Human”. This particular song maintained his emotional and well-polished singing and song writing style, and at the same time experimented with country style guitar fill-ins. Every Eid’s video released so far, from the animated himself in ‘Ready now’ to the robotic crowd in ‘Something Real’, had shown an interesting, real-life related story and life lesson. This coming video of his would definitely be worth waiting for.

Cassandra's Review - With a voice that will keep you stimulated. Joseph's music is upbeat and classy. I really enjoyed listening to this CD.

Roxanna - Here With Me
The highly anticipated music video for Roxanna’s hit single, “Here With Me” is available now. The sultry love ballad is a true story stemming from her parents’ unceasing love and the prequel to her breakout single, “Unforgotten.” The song features Grammy award winning trumpeter, Chris Botti, and the video will star Soap heartthrob, James Scott as the leading man. This is the 2nd single off of Roxanna’s debut album, Exotica, a soulful testimony to the trials and tribulations of love, forgiveness, and healing.

“Here With Me,” is a narration of Roxanna’s parents’ relationship, in addition to her own experiences with falling in love. When they first met, Roxanna’s father presented her mother with rose and a beautiful poetry book. When her mother passed away, Roxanna inherited the poetry book and the first bookmarked page she opened was the song “Here With Me.” With a few alterations and the help of Chris Botti, this beautiful creation was born. Roxanna is thrilled to be sharing this meaningful project with the world, “I knew I wanted something classy and romantic and James Scott was the perfect fit. We then brought in director, Samuel Gonzales Jr. who was really able to bring life to my vision.”

“Here With Me” is releasing on the heels of her wildly successful 90 minute Public Television special, ROXANNA: EXOTICA LIVE, which premiered Saturday, November 15th in the Detroit metro area, Central and Western Canada. The segment was taped at the Cathedral-like venue, Vibiana, in Los Angeles and guest stars Jon Secada.

Her hope for people who watch the video is that they understand it is a narration of honest, true love.

About Roxanna:

From an early age, Iranian-born singer/songwriter Roxanna knew that music was a far-reaching instrument of strength and hope. Originally turning to music as an escape from childhood-strife, Roxanna’s ultimate musical journey was fueled by a quest for serenity, hope for healing, and overcoming love’s deepest heartbreaks.

Settling in Toronto in the 1980s, Roxanna enrolled at Winston Churchill Collegiate where the budding star’s passion for music deepened as she focused on music classes and joined choir. Following undergraduate school, Roxanna’s philanthropic personality led her to attend nursing school at Seneca College where she earned her RN degree.

Over the course of her nursing career, Roxanna’s life changing experiences with her patients, along with her unwavering passion for music, empowered Roxanna to seek more. “I knew my music could be useful in this world. Pursuing my dream as a singer was the happiest moment in my life,” she adds. At last, the Canadian-based sensation caught her big break after contacting legendary producer, Mark Portmann and performing Christina Aguilera’s “Lift Me Up.”

Solidifying and incessant bond, the sultry songstress has now teamed up with Portmann for her debut album, Exotica, on which she infuses the influences of pop royalty, like Aguilera, with a sensual Spanish-flare as heard by Julio Iglesias. Seeking to bring “passion back to contemporary music,” Roxanna’s aspiration to share music’s unquestioned power of healing, intertwined with her undaunted ability to sing from the heart prove to be a prevalent theme of passion and raw realness.

Exotica is highlighted by Roxanna’s hit Latin-infused single, “Unforgotten,” as well as love ballads “Close Your Eyes” and “Hello.” Eager to share her journey with the world, the flourishing songbird says, “I can’t wait to share my songs as a testament that time has a way of healing everything. When you find the strength to make a change, love and forgiveness and healing are around the corner.”

Confident that she has found her calling, Roxanna continues to captivate the hearts, bodies, and souls of industry megastars and everyday music-lovers alike. Whether it’s nurturing a broken heart or fostering empowerment, her music and her story remain a genuine testimony of truth.

Listen to the song "Hello"
Cassandra's review- With a super strong voice that will bless your ears, this artist had me relaxed and eager to hear every song.  The song Hello however is a cover type from a super famous artist and I would have preferred if she chose not to remake it as it is best as an original.  However at the same time it is nice to reintroduce the classics to new ears.
Bunny Sigler
(Los Angeles, CA): Living legend Walter "Bunny" Sigler continues to share songs that prove his passion for music goes well beyond his beloved soul songs. Bunny’s songwriting for tracks like Instant Funk's "I Got My Mind Made Up", Patti Labelle's "Somebody Loves You Baby", The Whispers' "Bingo", Jackie Moore's "Sweet Charlie Babe" and The O'Jays "Sunshine" are what put him on the musical map. Not only is Bunny skilled with the pen, but he is also a world-renowned singer bringing his warm, powerhouse vocals to the holiday season. His holiday album, When You're In Love At Christmas Time, showcases Sigler's musical gift to make any song jingle with a commanding soulful flare.

This soul-stirring album features twelve classic Christmas tracks like "Ave Maria", "White Christmas" and the single, "Little Drummer Boy" with a brand new remix premiering this month online. One of Bunny’s favorite holiday tunes, "Little Drummer Boy" showcases his laid-back and soulful sound. Bunny's rendition brings to mind an oversized chair, a roaring fire and eggnog in hand. Sigler knows how to set the scene musically for a great Christmas holiday celebration.

"O Holy Night", another popular track, finds Sigler delivering his signature vocal style on the sacred song. "I've been singing 'O Holy Night' all my life", Sigler says. "I knew that if I ever planned to record a Christmas song, it would be 'O Holy Night,'" he shares. Each song is perfectly executed and sure to have all its listeners in the holiday spirit.

This Philadelphia native began his singing career in churches all over the metropolitan area with songs like "O Lord My God" and "The Lord's Prayer". When You’re In Love At Christmas Time shows that it's more than just the music that captivates his heart; it's a testimony of his relationship with Jesus Christ. "I'm in this for real," says Sigler. "Although I've sung urban music, I never stopped singing sacred music. For me, it's all about ministry."

Bunny Sigler is a rare breed of pure talent. His the holiday album When You're In Love At Christmas Time will be penned as a timeless Christmas classic and it will certainly be a repeat album for many seasons to come.

Cassandra's Review- I am most excited to bring you this CD.  Bunny Sigler is amazing and his voice is smooth.  I had a great time listening to his music and getting into the holiday spirit.
Margo Rey
Los Angeles, CA (November 11, 2014) — Seven-time Billboard charting singer/songwriter Margo Rey will be re-releasing her Christmas EP, This Holiday Night including the original title track along with unforgettable classics, “Toy Land” and “Silent Night”. Rey will also be releasing a “Es Navidad,” a Spanish version of “This Holiday Night.” After her most recent single “Colours”, an emotional and inspirational song about overcoming obstacles, Rey returns with this holiday release just in time for the season.
Margo Rey
Born in Acapulco, Mexico, Rey puts a unique, Latin touch to this 2014 single of “This Holiday Night” – a Top 5 Holiday classic that has continued to dominate and have major chart success on AC radio. Following her album release of Habit and successfully battling breast cancer for a second time in 2013, Margo never stopped pursuing her music. Margo Rey recently became the National Ambassador for non-profit organization Brides Against Breast Cancer providing her top 20 Billboard charting song, “Let The Rain”, co-written by legendary John Oates as their theme song.

The Indie Music Digest says, “Her musical/vocal style is cut from the cloth of Celine Dion, Bonnie Raitt and Shania Twain.” – but I will add she can go toe to toe with any of them vocally.

Working in the music business since she was only eleven years old, Margo continues to provide an array of her signature rich vocals with smooth tunes and funky beats with every release.

Cassandra's Review-  Margo Rey has an  amazing and angelic voice that makes this CD a great! Not only is she a remarkable artist but her music will fill your heart and home,

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