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Monday, September 16, 2019

Bonjour, Breast Cancer I'm Still Smiling by Princess Diane Von Brainisfried Review

Bonjour Breast Cancer, I'm Still Smiling book cover

Can You Turn Breast Cancer into a Positive Experience?

Yes! And Bonjour, Breast Cancer--I'm Still Smiling! shows you how. Written with a deliciously humorous tone, Princess Diane von Brainisfried (aka the award-winning writer Diane Young Uniman) shares a king's ransom of practical advice and wisdom to find positivity in the face of the challenges posed by breast cancer and everything that goes with it.

This essential guide to beating the breast cancer blues combines von Brainisfried's own insights with research-based positive psychology strategies, along with wisdom from Socrates, Cherokee legends, and her own Jewish great-grandmother. You'll reclaim your happiness mojo as she shows you how to go from fear and despair to positivity and optimism.

From diagnosis to chemo, baldness, double mastectomy, radiation--and 3-D nipple tattoos--you will find encouragement and empowerment for your own journey. This is the closest thing to holding your hand through your breast cancer experience that you can get . . . without actually holding hands.

Some of the secrets inside:

Create blessings out of bad news without needing a magic wand.
Comfort your family and other two-legged animals in your kingdom.
Tame fear when it is acting like a monkey and going bananas.
Find the pluses popping up everywhere like mushrooms after a spring rain.
You Can Turn Breast Cancer Lemons into Royal Lemonade, and Bonjour Breast Cancer Will Show You How!

To learn more, please visit www.princessdianevonbrainisfried.com

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review-  FIrst of all high five Princess Diane von Brainsfried because I love you and I am so blessed by you.  The book was thoughtful real and amazing.  I can not get enough of the journey and laughs along the way.  Stay blessed you are truly amazing.  

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