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Sunday, October 29, 2023

The Gardens of Byzantium J.F. Hughes Review

The Gardens of Byzantium J.F. Hughes

The year is 622 A.D., and the Persian and Byzantine empires have been fighting a war in the deserts since before she was born...

Asana's life has been one of turmoil and change. Every year found her uprooted and brought to another foreign land to live an austere life in a garrison with her father, an officer in the Persian Army. But the middle of a war is no place for such a gentle soul.

Before long, she is swept away from her family and forced to flee on the back of her beloved horse. Fate leads her into the hands of a handsome and mysterious Roman soldier who sequesters her in a beautiful palace in the heart of Constantinople, the capital of the Byzantine empire.

She begins to fall for him, and at last it seems as though she may have found an oasis of happiness in her war-torn world. That is, until news of a Persian army marching toward the city upends her life again, setting in motion an unstoppable chain of events that bring the story to its breathtaking and tragic conclusion...

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I received a complimentary ARC. 

Cassandra’s Review-  

Was it fated love or loss, the feel and peril of war or the start of something more heroic? 

The characters are strong and well written. The storyline will drag you in and the hope of romance budding will keep you hooked. It’s a mixed emotional experience that older readers or history buffs  will enjoy.  It’s a 175 pages of heart and companionship with challenges blending seamlessly in the binding. 

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