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Sunday, April 30, 2023

Spring Reads @zonderkidz @faithgateway For Kids

The Unexpected Light of Thomas Alva Edison
By: Raymond Arroyo, Kristina Gehrmann

From New York Times bestselling author and news anchor Raymond Arroyo comes the first book in the Turnabout Tales series—a picture book biography of one of America’s most famous inventors, Thomas Alva Edison, and a story about how a small spark can create a big light.

No one thought much of young Thomas Alva Edison. He couldn’t focus at school and caused trouble around the house. But where others saw a distracted and mischievous boy, his mother saw imagination and curiosity. At only seven years old, Al, as he was called as a young child, was educated by his mother at home, who understood his potential could be unlocked with non-conventional learning, allowing him freedom to explore, dream, and be inquisitive. Those early years of encouragement and loving guidance shaped Al’s future and formed the man who would apply those valuable lessons to inventing the phonograph, the motion picture camera, the light bulb, and more.

50 God-Empowered Women of the Bible
by Sarah Parker Rubio

Girls are beautifully and wonderfully made in God’s image. This comprehensive collection of stories focused on 50 women of the Bible shows how God worked in their lives and continues to have a plan and a purpose for his beloved daughters today.

In a world that too often tells girls that they are not enough, Her Story, Her Strength uses biblical retellings and reflections that include the historical context behind each story?to remind young women that they have a God who loves them deeply and empowers them to live and love like he does. For any girl ages 8 and up who is asking questions about her worth, identity, and place in the world and church, this colorful and engaging book provides a positive, loving, and scriptural lens that helps them interpret the messages they receive from their peers, media, and society.

Girls who read Her Story, Her Strength will:come to a profound, unshakable understanding of God’s love for them and their value in his eyes.
see how they reflect God’s image both innately and through the actions, words, and attitudes they choose each day.
learn about biblical characters and events in a way designed specifically for them.

In addition, Her Story, Her Strength:features readers’ favorite women of the Bible as well as many less-well-known characters, showing God’s consistent presence in the lives of women throughout Scripture.
is divided into short sections that are both comprehensive and accessible, making it a wonderful tool for school or church lessons as well as family devotions or personal reflection.
emphasizes how each woman reflects the image of her Creator, demonstrating the immense value God places on women and girls and pointing them back to him—all from a position rooted in biblical values.
includes beautiful, full-color illustrations that help bring each woman to life.

My Epic, Doodletastic Bible Storybook
60 Bible Stories to Read, Color, and Draw
by Bob Hartman
Illustrated by Gareth Williams

Get out your coloring tools and pencils! You can draw and doodle along to this fun and interactive illustrated Bible storybook that takes children ages 6-12 through 60 stories from the Old and New Testaments.

In the My Epic Doodletastic Bible Storybook, kids will love following the arrows zipping across the pages, pausing to read the callout boxes with jokes and questions and using their creativity to color in the line-drawn illustrations. The unique format will also guide them through the Bible, helping readers see the parallels and links within the stories, all while drawing attention to wider biblical themes and showing how everything is connected—and that God is the author of it all.

My Epic Doodletastic Bible Storybook is perfect for:read-aloud, emergent and independent readers, as well as reluctant readers
children who love to express their creativity through art
Easter baskets and stocking stuffers
Sunday school classes, homeschool lessons, road trips, and a quiet activity during church services

With over 250 pages and 60 Bible stories that cover Genesis to Revelation, My Epic Doodletastic Bible Storybook includes all your favorite biblical characters as well as important stories and people that may be less familiar. Give your kids the opportunity to engage with stories from the Bible in a whole new way with My Epic Doodletastic Bible Storybook!
The Beginner's Bible Let's Learn to Pray: Talk to God about Anything and Everything

Start children on the path to a fulfilling, lifelong prayer habit. The Beginner’s Bible Let’s Learn to Pray offers young children an interactive introduction to prayer, showing them they can talk to God about anything and everything.

Featuring helpful examples from classic Bible stories, children will learn the basics of prayer, including why we pray and how to pray. With fun prompts, accessible questions, and bright, colorful illustrations, children will be eager to talk to God about their daily experiences, and will learn how to listen to his still, small voice.

The Beginner’s Bible Let’s Learn to Pray:Is part of The Beginner’s Bible® brand, the bestselling Bible storybook brand of our time, impacting 25 million families for over 30 years
Is an interactive prayer book, perfect for children ages 4-8
Introduces readers to the foundations of prayer in simple, accessible language
Encourages children to regularly talk and listen to God
Features vibrant, three-dimensional art

Turtle Finds His Talent: A Slide-and-Find Book: Discovering How God Made You Special
9780310751694; Board Book

Children ages 2-6 will love this adorable and interactive board book that encourages them to embrace their unique gifts and talents. Little ones will also learn throughout the story that God made each of us to be different, and our differences are what make us special.

Allie the bunny can hop up and down, Lincoln the fox can run fast, Joey the giraffe can reach high up into the sky … but what can Tanner the turtle do? Feeling embarrassed by his lack of talent, Tanner pulls himself into his shell to hide. But when he emerges, he’s surprised to see his animal friends are amazed by what he can do.

Turtle Finds His Talent:Has child-friendly content that is meaningful and speaks to a child’s inquisitive mind, with features that encourage imagination and play
Includes a fun, interactive pull tab feature that allows toddlers and preschoolers ages 2-6 to help Tanner hide and come out of his shell
Is durable, and the perfect size for little hands
Is ideal for cozy lap reading and story time with children and grandchildren

I received complimentary copies of these cute, colorful and fun books.

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