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Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Genius Litter

Monitor your cat’s health with the safer and cleaner alternative to traditional clay litter. Genius Litter is made of super absorbent, odor-trapping crystals that change colors based on the health of your cat’s urine.


 Health Indicator changes colors to detect potential health issues 

Highly Absorbent crystals absorb urine in seconds, leaving no trace and no odor 

 Non-Clumping Formula means less scooping and once a month refills 

 Low-Tracking litter does not stick to paws

 Dust-Free minerals are pet and family friendly  

 Genius Litter, an innovative new lightweight color-changing litter with a health indicator that allows you to find out if your cat has issues early on. With the best odor control and less waste for the environment, each bag sold feeds 10 shelter cats, in hopes of finding them a new home. 

I received complimentary product.

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