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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

ManukaGuard Kid’s Nasal Spray


ManukaGuard Kid’s Nasal Sprays

A natural alternative to cleanse and moisturize their children’s nasal passages safely and effectively. 

The cleansing and moisturizing action of Medical Grade Mānuka honey is documented in peer-reviewed, published research. ManukaGuard’s Nasal Sprays are formulated to deliver the optimal amount of honey in a fine mist. 

Traceable from the hive to your home, these bees extract sweet nectar from Leptospermum plants and contain unique healing properties not found in other honeys. Purified using a proprietary process, the honey is cleansed of any impurities that are not a naturally occurring part of the honey. The purification process strengthens the active fractions in the honey, further improving on mother natures’ work, providing quality control and safety.  

Also available at CVS


Medical-Grade Mānuka honey MGO 400, saline solution, vegetable glycerin, natural fruit and plant extracts, citric and ascorbic acids (Vitamin C), and purified water.

I received complimentary product.

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