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Saturday, September 3, 2022

Check Out The Fall Reads @Zonderkidz

Beautiful Books For Fall Reading @Zonderkidz

Literary Critters: William Shakesbears Journey for Inspiration 
(General Market) by Sophie Corrigan
9780310734093; Hardcover; 
Literary Critters soars with imagination as it introduces young readers to iconic authors like William Shakesbear, Beatrix Trotter, Crane Austen, Edgar Talon Crow, Yak Kerouac, and many more while promoting the importance of reading and storytelling in a whimsical and inventive way.
Lets Learn About the Forest: A Seek-and-Find Story through Gods Creation by Katelyn VanKooten
9780310751809Board Book; 
Lets Learn About the Forest is an interactive oversized board book that encourages little ones to use their imaginations and power of discovery to find the different animals and items in the forest God created. As they do, they will also learn interesting facts about the animals and their habitats. All I Am: A Catholic Devotional for Discovering Who You Are in God by Caroline Pignat - Published by Zondervan YA
9780310751533; Hardcover
All I Am is a Catholic devotional for ages 13 and up that uses God’s biblical attributes to explore the reader’s five core needsbelonging, identity, security, ability, and purposeand show how God meets those needs. As readers learn more about the truth of who God is (loving) they gain a deeper understanding of who they are (loved).

A Mindful Moment: 5-Minute Meditations and Devotions by Irene Kraegel - Published by Zondervan YA
9780310777663; Hardcover
A Mindful Moment is a teen devotional that explores how to let go of negative emotions and restless thoughts and find the still, small voice of God deep within. 
I received complimentary Copies. 

Gods Creation: Help Tell the Story by Joanne Liu
An interactive picture book that uses bold conceptual art and easy-to-understand directions to keep little hands busy, and connects children to the story of God’s creation of the world.

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