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Wednesday, July 27, 2022

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Many thanks to Pure Flix for providing a sample of the product for this review. Opinions are  100% my own. 

TnT In The Morning is the highest-rated local radio program – but Tommy and Tina have to navigate the ups and downs of the radio industry while trying to trust their new program director, Jerry.

Watch what happens when a veteran radio talk show host and his cohost have to navigate the ups and downs of the radio world when their new program director takes over.

The official way to communicate the title of the show is: Live+Local (no spaces); and verbally pronounced: “Live and Local” or “Live n’ Local”

Cast List:

Dave Coulier as Tommy

Emily Pendergast as Tina

Pat Cashman as Jerry

Kendra Ann Sherrill as Lucy

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 Synopsis: Starring executive producer Dave Coulier and Emily Pendergast, get an inside look  at the Christian local radio station K-HUGG. The staff is experiencing some strange transi tions and power shifts at work, but the way they handle it with grace and comedy will be  sure to leave you laughing and inspired. 

 With guest stars: Danny Ray, Leanne Morgan, John Cooper, Colton Dixon, Anna Lind  Thomas, Anthem Lights, Whitney Miller, Dustin Nickerson, Jeff Allen, Dallas Jenkins, and  more! 

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Check out Episode 4

Rumors that the station might be sold and change their format have started to swirl, causing anxiety for Tommy and Tina.

Jerry keeps driving a wedge between Tommy and Tina and instigating trouble with his preferential treatment.

Tina’s new sponsor is a reverse mortgage company under investigation and she questions her ability to promote them. She is unable to complete the spot because she feels it is dishonest.

Lucy hits her stride as the new producer and feels more confident in the role.

“Judge Not” segment on sweaty pastor with a lesson on distractions during church services and life.

Tommy has a sponsor from Offshore Financial about U.S. currency for sale plus processing fee raising questions about sponsors scamming listeners.

Tommy and Tina get their new contracts and it causes tension. But ultimately Tommy and Lucy show their appreciation and praise for all Tina’s hard work.

Special Guest author Anna Lind Thomas

Special Guest Christian band Anthem Lights

The Themes 

Change and transitions - anxiety around change and being grounded in faith and trusting the Lord’s plan

Damage caused by rumors

Ethical concerns surrounding sponsors

Anna Lind: Everyone loves to laugh, loves to relate and loves to be seen/understood; joy and humor in motherhood

Laughter can be healing

Showing grace for those you consider distracting

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