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Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Great Products For a New Spring Look

Check out these awesome products for a cool Spring look.  


Baby Magic’s Calming Baby Bath and Calming Baby Lotion feature a relaxing lavender and chamomile scent. These spring scents will wind down your baby and help them relax into a peaceful sleep.

Blinc, the conscious cosmetics brand that makes elegant products that last through everything, today announces the re-launch of its fan-favorite Liquid Eyeliner. 

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The pioneers of tubing mascaras now offer customers the ONLY liquid eyeliner based on their iconic tubing technology. Blinc’s Liquid Eyeliner cannot run, smudge, fade, or flake. Its ultra-longwearing formula does not budge with sweat, tears, or a night’s sleep. No makeup remover is required, it comes off effortlessly with only water and gentle pressure.

“Our pioneering tubing technology has solved many problems with traditional mascaras,” says Katherine Garcia, Director of Marketing, “and now we’ve taken it a step further by infusing our technology into our Liquid Eyeliner.”

Blinc’s Liquid Eyeliner improved features include:

· Sustainable packaging. The cap and bottle are now made with 100% post-consumer recycled content & the packaging is FSC certified.

· User-friendly component design. The handle has been extended for easier eyeliner application and a precise brush tip for ultimate control.

· More product, same price. Customers enjoy 15% more of the iconic liquid eyeliner without any extra cost.

To purchase Blinc’s Liquid Eyeliner for $26, visit blincinc.com.


Clean Age

Price: Varies - Items Starting at $8.00

Don’t let your kid be the stinky one at camp, send them off with Clean Age! Started by a mom and daughter team. Clean Age meets the needs of today’s gen Z for gender-neutral personal care essentials that are all-natural and smell great. From deodorants to oral hygiene products, teens can feel comfortable in their own skin. The line of daily essentials is good for the earth and good for humans, created with top formulators in New York to ensure efficacy and pure ingredients. For instance, the dehydrated toothpaste tabs are great for conserving water. Everything is recyclable, bamboo, biodegradable, and creatively different from contenders, such as milk carton packaging for the toothpaste tabs! (Parents love it, too!)

*Also available in Fred Meyer stores in the Pacific Northwest

This black charcoal double bubble cleanser, formulated with Charcoal and Rosemary extracts, is a deeply purifying mask and cleanser in one convenient product. The gel textured formula creates rich bubbles on its own, creating a rich lather of micro bubbles that gently yet effectively remove makeup, dirt and other impurities.

As a Cleanser – apply to dry skin and allow the bubbles form. Massage in circular motions to remove makeup and impurities, then rinse off.
As a Mask – apply to dry skin and allow the bubbles to form. Massage in circular motions. Wait and allow the bubbles to form evenly over the entire face again, then massage in circular motions. Repeat this 2-3 times then rinse off.

An effective peel off mask that helps draw out dirt and impurities, leaving skin clean and refreshed with a signature blend of Charcoal and Witch Hazel.

NET 2.82 FL. OZ. / 80 ML 

Try Summer’s Eve Sheer Floral Cleansing Cloths­ to freshen up while on the go! The Cleansing Cloths remove odor causing bacteria, are pH-balanced, free from dyes and parabens and feature clinically tested safe scents.

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