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Thursday, November 18, 2021

Lindie Lou Adventure Series by Jeanne Bender

Flying High, Flying on an Airplane for the Very First Time (Lindie Lou Adventure, #1)

Lindie Lou is an adorable puppy who loves an adventure. She is named after her father, Lynwood Lou Peek-a-boo because they both have huge front paws. But, Lindie Lou looks just like her mother, Molly. They both have soft brown fur, long floppy ears, and big green eyes. Her owners, Joe and Sherry promised the puppy who looks the most like Molly to a family member who lives in the Emerald City.

Lindie Lou’s adventures take her outside for the first time, to a museum with a ten-story slide, on a puppy play date with children from a local shelter, and on an airplane for the very first time. Come along for the ride while Lindie Lou learns life lessons, discovers what it’s like to find a best friend, flies above the clouds with a wise dog named Max, and arrives in the Emerald City.

“I can promise you this Lindie Lou,” said Max. “Your life has only just begun little one.”

I received complimentary copies.

The Lindie Lou Adventure Series, based on award-winning author Jeanne Bender's adventures with her real pup, Lindie Lou, is a great introduction to chapter books for children ages 5 to 9. This truly delightful series seamlessly blends common early childhood experiences, problem solving and adventure through encouraging, relatable stories. 


Bender’s fifth book in the series, Lindie Lou On Ice: Exploring the Arctic with a Polar Bear Cub (Pina Publishing; November 2021; Hardcover: 978-1-943493-27-2), with art by Kate Willows, inspires young readers to go on an exciting expedition with puppy Lindie Lou as she embarks on her biggest adventure yet: heading to the Arctic Circle in Svalbard to study the Northern Lights and solar winds with a team of scientists! Along the way, Lindie Lou meets family, makes new friends, explores the Arctic, learns about science, and develops new relationship skills and responsible decision making. This vibrantly illustrated book is also available in paperback and e-book. 


Bender has lovingly and painstakingly created this series to captivate and invigorate young readers, from kindergarten through fourth grade. Each Lindie Lou book encourages reading advancement by helping young readers transition from picture books to chapter books, with 50-60 colorful illustrations and easy-to-read, dynamic fonts. The series is designed to appeal to young readers and those with learning difficulties; features Multiple Social Emotional Lessons (SEL); is on the book distributor's "safe reading list"; has a Lexile rating of 570, Letter “M”; and has a 5-Star Amazon rating. 


The Lindie Lou Adventure Series takes children on delightful journeys filled with positive messages, life lessons, and motivation delivered through vibrant illustrations and easy-to-understand language intended to inspire the next generation of kind, compassionate and happy youth as they embark on their individual life adventures. Each book in the series includes videos, games, coloring pages and educational materials. Visit the author’s website at https://lindielou.com/index.html


Book 1: FLYING HIGH - Takes place in St. Louis, MO

Book 2: UP IN SPACE - Takes place in Seattle, WA

Book 3: HARVEST TIME - Takes place in Des Moines, IA

Book 4: BIG CITY MAGIC - Takes place in New York City, NY

Book 5: ON ICE - Publishing December 2021 - Takes place in Svalbard, Norway


Jeanne Bender, author of the Lindie Lou Adventure Series, has traveled the world with her Cocker-Spaniel, Lindie Lou. Their many shared adventures were the inspiration behind the series. Bender studied writing in Seattle and at Oxford University in the United Kingdom, and is passionate about animals and children's literacy. Bender's series was piloted in elementary schools with students in grades 


Cassandra’s Review- The series is super cute and fun for young readers. With puppy power and informative topics that will help kids learn to deal in situations. 

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