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Thursday, June 10, 2021

The Modern Diaper Bag That Puts Moms First @yuumacollection

 Beautiful and easy to use💙

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Having a child by no means should be the end of style and fashion. Today’s moms are demanding sophisticated, functional, and eco-friendly products that go with their lifestyles. YUUMA premium vegan diaper bags are at the top of the list for these moms.

Designer, lifestyle influencer, and mompreneur Donnya Negera is spreading the word that “life does not end once motherhood starts” through her fashion-forward bag designs that have caught the eye of a growing community of mamas.

About YUUMA:
YUUMA designs stylish and functional diaper bags for the modern-day mom. The brand’s name originates from a Nigerian tribe and means mother in a respectful tone. YUUMA is based out of Louisiana, and is currently a favorite on the Northshore! The brand emphasizes how important mothers are by giving its audience words of affirmation through its community on social media. 
Vegan Leather Bib - Cinnamon
 Total: $15.00

Vegan Leather Changing Mat - Cinnamon
Total: $18.00

YUUMA Original - Cinnamon - Cinnamon
Total: $145.94

I received complimentary product.

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