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Monday, June 28, 2021

Potty Train with Pinky Bear @potty_train_pinky_bear

Pinky Bear (Book & Bear)

Price: $38.00

The answer to potty training is Pinky Bear! Parents know that the struggle is real. Getting your toddler potty trained can be an ordeal that causes so much stress in the household. Pinky Bear is here to help, relieving woes and adding encouragement for both the child and parent. There really is not anything quite like it! Potty Train with Pinky Bear is the award-winning book and stuffed bear combo that I will turn to soon as my son gets ready to say goodbye to diapers. The book is written beautifully with a toddler’s attention span in mind - few words and lots of colorful illustrations. The sturdy hardcover makes it durable for the journey to big kid underwear! The book speaks directly to the child who is rewarded with a surprise for each attempt at the parent’s discretion and a visit from Pinky Bear.


I received complimentary product. 

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