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Saturday, June 26, 2021

Hank Skincare

Hank Skincare (Men’s plant based skincare) https://www.hankskincare.com/

Price: $28.00 - $62.00

Hank. has created a natural, flower-based skincare line for men to introduce them to the effects of roots and flowers. Men need to take their skin care seriously with inflammation and age-fighting ingredients! Hank. uses organic and cruelty-free components merged together for your daily wellness protocols, Hank goods are your stride forward in combating stress and fatigue in addition to enhancing the skin. Our state of balance comes from connecting to nature, not toxins, and this way of thinking holds truth in everything that hank. Does!  Most of their skincare treatments use 150 mg of broad spectrum cannabis sativa hemp-extracted cannabinoid oil, which is a prolific species containing a broad range of chemical compounds. It’s high in antioxidants and adaptogens (non-toxic plants) to resist stress that is physical, chemical and biological. Packaging (and sustainable packaging efforts) Hank uses glass and aluminum containers for that reason. All can be recycled and the boxes are made of post recycled materials and are compostable/recyclable. Sustainability is part of our ethos for the brand. It’s something that is very important to the "hank." family. 

I received complimentary product.  

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