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Monday, April 19, 2021

Reality Bites by Gordon Hutchison

Reality (Can Be Okay, but Mostly It) Bites: Original aphorisms and other philosophical fragments with teeth 
by Gordon Hutchison

Everyone knows reality can really bite. Now you can bite back with this original collection of 400 aphorisms, laugh-out-loud one-liners, and other intellectually and linguistically titillating nuggets that zero in on homo sapiens being himself in politics, s*x, love, marriage, family, economics, youth, old age, and more. From thought-provoking to downright irreverent, these seductive verbal twists and turns offer insights, entertainment, and, if you're frustrated with the mess the world is in, the comfort of knowing you're not alone. So if you need help connecting with an audience, sounding smarter to your friends, or just making it through another day, this is a resource you can really sink your teeth into.

I received a complimentary copy.

Casandra's Review- A good compilation of mixed thoughts and quirk. You can easily read a few passages whenever you need a mood boost. 

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