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Thursday, December 3, 2020

The Loneliness Solution by Jack Eason

 The Loneliness Solution: Finding Meaningful Connection in a Disconnected World 

by Jack Eason

Statistics show that, despite our connected world--and partly because of it--we are lonelier than ever. Social media tricks us into thinking that we are engaged in genuine friendships, except we never quite get beyond that feeling of being outside someone else's life and looking in every so often at what they choose to show the world. Instead of intimacy we get little more than what amounts to digital small talk. But there is a solution.

With plenty of good humor and practical advice, Jack Eason invites you to discover the benefits of doing life together with other brothers and sisters in Christ. Grounding his message in Scripture, Eason helps you

- learn the obstacles to real community
- reimagine what real friendship looks like
- discover a place of true belonging
- and more

If you're tired of feeling lonely, this encouraging and community-building book is just what you need.

Thanks to Revel Publishers for providing a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review- Great stories and ways to really get down to the heart of what can go on in the minds of some people using social media instead of physical life connections. 

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