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Sunday, December 6, 2020

DEFY Performance Drink

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CBD performance drink in three delicious flavors (two of each). Find your favorite and ignite your own path to defying the everyday.

/20mg of performance-spectrum hemp extract
/Includes CBD with minor cannabinoids CBG, CBC and CBN
 0% THC
 10% coconut water for enhanced hydration
Vitamins, potassium, and electrolytes
Natural flavors and sweeteners
No artificially sourced colors
Vegan / gluten-free / dairy-free / soy-free
16-ounce bottles
DEFY’s CBD performance drinks are designed to help you DEFY your limitations™. We utilize patented technology to achieve optimal absorption and increased ingredient bioavailability. DEFY's recovery-enhancing performance spectrum hemp extract is exclusively sourced from crops grown using organic practices on licensed U.S. farms, made traceable back to the batch, and always full-panel tested by accredited third-party labs.

DEFY for the active social lifestyle®

I received complimentary product.

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