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Sunday, November 1, 2020

Viteyes Blue Light Defender for Kids

 Natural Blue Light Protection for Kids! In a digital era, with increased reliance on digital devices for education and entertainment, our children's eyes are exposed to blue light now more than ever. Protecting your kids’ eyes can never begin too early! Viteyes® Blue Light Defender™ Kids contains the only natural defenses the eyes have to protect the macula from the harmful effects of blue light that stem from digital screens such as smartphones, tablets, televisions, computers, and even the sun. 

Plus, it helps defend against strained and tired eyes that can be caused by overexposure to blue light. Complete Protection from the front to the back of the eye With Lutein & Zeaxanthin to naturally filter blue light Plus AstaReal® astaxanthin to combat tired eyes In addition to eye health, blue light exposure can also cause decreased attention span, poor behavior, increased headache frequency, and even trouble sleeping! Viteyes® Blue Light Defender™ Kids offers the power of lutein and zeaxanthin to support healthy vision and Astareal® Astaxanthin to help eyes recover from eye strain and fatigue. Our kid’s version of the Viteyes® Blue Light Defender™ line contains a pediatric dose of all ingredients in a chocolate berry soft chew. Taken once a day, it can help defend your child’s eyes against harmful blue light.

I received complimentary product.

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