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Saturday, November 21, 2020

Ordinary People Extraordinary God By Rick Schatz

Ordinary People Extraordinary God from Rick Schatz
Ordinary People Extraordinary God: 17 Personal Stories of Lives Transformed by the Love of God

Ordinary People Extraordinary God tells the true stories of 17 modern-day heroes who encountered God’s transforming love in their broken state and answered His call.

They may never be as renowned as biblical heroes or regarded as especially gifted by the world’s standards, but each of these ordinary, modern-day heroes contains infinite value in the eyes of God. He has transformed them by His redeeming love, gifted them for service, and used them for His glory in amazing ministries which have blessed thousands.

You, too, are one of God’s ordinary people, redeemed and transformed by the blood of Jesus. But is fear of failure and disappointing Him holding you back from living your destiny and serving in the Kingdom? If so, this book will challenge and encourage you with the reality that you are good enough and gifted enough. All it takes is a yes.

Allow the stories in Ordinary People Extraordinary God to increase your faith as you step into the transforming work of a loving God.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review- You get a good glimpse into the world of some truly remarkable people.  Just taking time to read such powerful stories is inspiring and rewarding.   You will really feel humbled and blessed with this faith based book. 

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