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Saturday, November 21, 2020


Award-Winning Composers and World-Class Musicians Bring Three Tributes CD to Life

Release Date: 
Jan 22, 2021
in memory of Henry and Florence Freeman
Composers: Kevin PutsAndrea ClearfieldGunther Schuller
Performers: Gloria JustenSandy YamamotoJohn LargessAmy Levine TsangPeter LloydGilbert KalishIgor SzwecEmma KummrowEllen TrainerLori BarnetMiles B DavisKimberly TrolierDorothy FreemanAllison HerzSophie LabinerJohn DulikWilliam KerriganJames FreemanRobert Freeman

Perfect for anyone who appreciates the euphonious sounds of a chamber orchestra, Three Tributes is a music CD (and accompanying booklet) featuring three magnificent original scores from award-winning composers performed by world-class musicians. The works were commissioned by musicians and brothers James and Robert Freeman.

I received a complimentary CD.

Cassandra's Review-  I am so relaxed and invigorated by the blends of styles and excellent selections. Each feature is powerful and will easily create joy with passion. 

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