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Monday, October 5, 2020

Damone Roberts Brow Gain and Tinted Eyebrow Gels

Mix and Match: 5 Tinted Eyebrow Gels
Mix and Match: Five Damone Roberts Tinted Brow Gels!

A perfect way to tint your brows with a hint of color to give lighter brows depth or soften darker brows, add volume to your brow hairs, and hold them in place without fad for the duration of your day… all in one step! There is a smaller brush for expert precision and definition. This product brings to you the same grooming qualities as our Clear Eyebrow Gel without flake and is fragrance free.

*Cruelty Free

I received complimentary product.

Brow Gain (For Lashes Too) "Youth in a Tube"

It's a proven fact that fuller eyebrows make one appear more youthful... Now experience youth in a tube with Damone Roberts Brow Gain (For Lashes Too)! 

Real hair loss happens when stem cells stay asleep. Damone Roberts Brow Gain (For Lashes Too) wakes up the hair stem cells to generate a new growth phase of the hairs. This product unlocks hair beauty with advanced hair therapy while conditioning and moisturizing the hairs.

Great for lashes too! Improves elasticity directly from within as it moisturizes, hydrates and stimulates hair growth. Promotes thicker, fuller and more luscious lashes!

*Made in the USA

*FREE US Shipping


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